• For 'a tha' - Scotfolk I and II

    Gen 22 2008, 14:29

    This summer I made a mixed CD for myself, mostly for when I was cooking. I need my music! I brought it with me to Germany for my summer trip, and had lots of positive feedback on it, having to copy it several times over. The second one came about as a Christmas gift, and a copy is in my kitchen CD player right now. There is a wee café in Germany where these can be heard, so all ye Germans - stay alert ;)

    SCOTFOLK I For a' tha'

    This CD mainly features a couple of bands: 5 Hand Reel and Silly Wizard. The singers of these two bands, Dick Gaughan and Andy M Stewart are both featured with solo songs as well, as they went on to have successful solo careers after the demise of the bands.

    Band - Song - Album

    1. 5 Hand Reel - Satan will appear (Bunch of Fives)
    2. Silly Wizard - My love's in Germany (Silly Wizard, re-released on Early Years)
    3. 5 Hand Reel - Lay ye doon (Bunch of Fives)
    4. Silly Wizard - Donald McGillavry / O'Neill's Cavalry March live (Live Wizardry)
    5. Catriona - The rightful king (The Rightfull King)
    6. Dick Gaughan - Your daughters and your sons live (From a German radio broadcast, but also available on Live in Edinburg)
    7. 5 Hand Reel - A Man's a Man for a' that (For a' that)
    8. 5 Hand Reel - The Cruel Brother (For a' that)
    9. Silly Wizard - The Queen of Argyll live (Live Wizardry)
    10. 5 Hand Reel - The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter (5 Hand Reel)
    11. Dick Gaughan - Johnny miner (Kist O'Gold)
    12. Andy M Stewart & Manus Lunny - Haughs o'Cromdale (At it again)
    13. Bedlam Bards - Black Leather Band I picked this one up after a tip from Morgenstern.
    14. 5 Hand Reel - When A Man's In Love (5 Hand Reel)
    15. The Tannahill Weavers - Instrumental. Sadly I never wrote down which instrumental it was, so I have no idea which one it is.
    16. 5 Hand Reel - Wee wee German lairdie (5 Hand Reel)
    17. Silly Wizard - Golden, golden live (Live Wizardry)
    18. Dick Gaughan The Pound A Week Rise (Gaughan)

    After having copied this mix quite a few times, I set out to make Scotfolk II as a Christmas present for a couple of friends. Quite a lot of research went into this one, for instance watching Phil Cunningham's (previously of Silly Wizard) brilliant series on Scottish music (on BBC Scotland).

    Scotfolk II

    Most of the artist are Scottish, with the rather obvious exception of Joan Baez (actually I think her dad was Scottish).

    1. Julie Fowlis - Hùg air a' Bhonaid Mhòir (Cuilidh)
    2. Dick Gaughan - Both Sides The Tweed (Handful of Earth)
    3. 5 Hand Reel - The Beef-Can Close (Earl O'Moray)
    4. Andy M Stewart & Manus Lunny - Tae the weaver's gin ye go (At it again)
    5. Dick Gaughan - The bonnie banks o'Fordie (No more forever)
    6. The Proclaimers - Throw the R Away (This is the story)
    7. Silly Wizard - Donald McGillavry/O'Neill's Cavalry March (So many partings)
    8. 5 Hand Reel - Land o'the Leal
    9. The Waterboys - The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (2nd Version) (Room to roam)
    10. Old Blind Dogs - Tae the begging I will go (The World's room)
    11. Joan Baez - Johnny I hardly knew yeh (From a live bootleg)
    12. 5 Hand Reel - Freedom Come-All-Ye (Earl O'Moray)
    13. Julie Fowlis - Puirt-a-beul Set (Cuilidh)
    14. Silly Wizard - Wi' My Dog And Gun (So many partings)
    15. 5 Hand Reel - Both Sides Of The Forth (5 Hand Reel / The Collection)
    16. Dick Gaughan - Cam ye ower frae France
    17. Andy M Stewart - Is there for honest poverty (Songs of Robert Burns)
    18. Waterboys - Islandman (Room to roam)

    So that's it. I would have to put a lot of time and effort into it, should I make a third one. I know there are some Big Names that are missing, and that's due to me NOT LIKING them. These are highly personalised CDs, so why would I include things I don't enjoy? There are still lots of artists that I would like to include, but haven't been able to either buy or download songs from.

    Speaking of which: Many of these albums are out of print (most of the 5 Hand Reel ones, the Catriona one, several of the Dick Gaughan ones etc). If anyone is desperate enough... drop me a line! ;)
  • Gardening CD

    Giu 8 2007, 13:45

    Aaaaaanother absolutely useless journal thingie, this time with the tracklist to my newly created gardening CD. I'm quite pleased with it, to be honest, though I prolly shouldn't have included In Extremo, but I just love the uillean pipes.

    Indeed a lot of loud songs. Fast songs. Quite a lot of hidden punk, heavy guitars and certainly "let's forget that it's effing warm and just get on with it and remove that weed" kind of songs. I've tested it. It works.

    - Tracklist -
    1. Letzte Instanz - Sie kommen
    2. Die Ärzte - Screi nach Liebe
    3. Fiddler's Green - Folk's not dead!
    4. Oomph! - Augen auf!
    5. Apocalyptica (feat that tiny thing that looks like a walking shrubbery) - Life burns!
    6. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
    7. Gogol Bordello - Think locally, fuck globally
    8. Coppelius - To my creator
    9. Flogging Molly - What's left of the flag
    10. jbo - Gänseblümchen
    11. Megaherz - Miststück
    12. In Extremo - Liam (German version)
    13. Alice Cooper - Poison
    14. The Pogues - Bottle of smoke
    15. Rammstein - Der Meister
    16. Grenztanz - Tauf mich!

    I also have a cooking CD, which consists of nothing but traditional Scottish folk (ok, with the one exception of Catriona, but at least the song is Scottish.)

    Variation. The spice of life.
  • Top 15-stuff [procrastinating]

    Mag 22 2007, 8:44

    Nicked from SoccerZocker:

    Copy the top 15 artists from your last.fm page. Then write the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and your current favorite song.

    1 Letzte Instanz
    First song: Zarter Engel (masked as Subway to Sally on Kazaa waaaay back)
    Fall-in-lurve song: Sonne
    Current fave: Sie kommen

    2 Wolfsheim
    First song: I honestly have no idea. Kein Zurück perhaps?
    Fall-in-lurve song: The sparrows and the nightingales
    Current fave: Tender days (Indian mix) (From the Elias single)

    3 Subway To Sally
    First song: Die Schlacht
    Fall-in-lurve song: Dunno. Something off Herzblut :) Perhaps the entire album.
    Current fave: Kruzifix (acoustic or not, but live!)

    4 Konstantin Wecker
    First song: Liebeslied (16 Nov 2006, 10:53 according to last.fm)
    Fall-in-lurve song: Willy
    Current fave: Was tat man den Mädchen

    5 Comuvnics
    First song: Not sure here! Either Get out of me or Twins (Radio Edit)
    Fall-in-lurve song: Dreaming
    Current fave: Can't really say I have one right now

    6 The Pogues
    First song: We're talking more than 15 years ago, I have no bloody idea!
    Fall-in-lurve song: Again, I really have no idea. The Pogues were always there, but it could possibly have been something from If I Should Fall From Grace With God
    Current fave: 'Bottle of smoke'. Or 'Thousands are sailing', live with Mr C on vocals. Or 'Repeal...' or 'Rainy night in Soho' or 'Young Ned of the Hill' or or or.

    7 Eric Fish
    First song: I think it must've been Minne on a very bad quality bootleg
    Fall-in-lurve-song: Probably Minne, but I just don't know anymore.
    Current live fave: 'Zweitbester Sommer' or 'Alle oder keiner' or 'Satt zu essen'
    Favourite studio recording: 'Es kommt der Tag'

    8 Fiddler's Green
    First song: Tangerine (on <a href="http://www.radiogoethe.de/">Radio Goethe</a>)
    Fall-in-lurve song: Tangerine
    Current fave: Tangerine? Yes, Tangerine! :D

    9 Chamber (Chamber - L'Orchestre de Chambre Noir
    First song: The truth about Snow-White
    Fall-in-lurve song: The album 'Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales'
    Current fave: The truth about Snow-White

    10 Apocalyptica
    First song: Whichever song they opened their set with on the Rammstein support concert in London
    Fall-in-lurve song: In the hall of the mountain king (live in London)
    Current fave: Fight fire with fire

    11 5 Hand Reel
    First song: No idea. I first heard them 15 or so years ago! I kept singing McGinty's Meal and Ale for years before I found the cassette again
    Fall-in-lurve song: Again, no idea. I don't think I'm good at this! *laffs*
    Current fave: Satan will appear

    12 Skyclad
    First song: Inequality Street
    Fall-in-lurve song: Come on Eileen (feat Subway to Sally)
    Current fave: The sinful ensemble

    13 Wecker & Wader
    First song: Bella Ciao (Live) (17 Nov 2006, 08:23)
    Fall-in-lurve song: Sage nein!
    Current fave: Vaterland

    14 The Levellers
    First song: Dunno *shrug*
    Fall-in-lurve song: What a beautiful day
    Current fave: Just the one

    15 Thanateros
    First song: Not sure? At least I know where/when! In Annette's car, going to Spilles in Düsseldorf for the first time. Miriam put on 'Circle of Life' and I didn't particularly want to actually arrive at Spilles.
    Fall-in-lurve song: Again not sure, but Gayatri was the theme song of my first Wacken experience. GREAT :)
    Current fave: Templehouse / Drowsy Maggie

    Yea. I didn't do too well there, did I? With the Pogues and 5 Hand Reel it is simply far too long ago, some bands were acquired tastes, like the Levellers, others were instant love of the whole concept (Thanateros) and instant adopting of the band, its members and everything surrounding it followed.

    (Edit away a couple of annoying typos there.)
  • Folk's not dead!

    Apr 19 2007, 1:24

    Right. I haven't done one of these in aaaages and it seems that the charts for last week are radically different to the few previous weeks, so here we go.

    NP: The Cruel Brother

    #1 Fiddler's Green
    Folk's not dead!!! A nice li'l quote from the latest Fiddlers album, which I sort of quite like, but still sort of don't like all that much. I can't really make my mind up about it. It's folkier, it's punkier... and there are some great songs on it. I suspect it has something to do with me not liking the voice of the new bloke, but that can't be all. Albi does most of the singing, which is a good thing, as he has a lovely voice. "Another sky", was my top played FG album last week, which I suspect is mostly because it holds a lot of great memories and I miss Germany.

    #2 The Pogues

    Quite simply my favourite folkpunk band and one of my fave bands, like evah. They are amazing. Simply amazing. A bunch of old guys who still know how to bring a whole venue to the verge of erupting; everyone dancing and cheering and when you think they'll just never stop moshing, the Pogues take the tempo down, play a beautiful (and tragic!) ballad and the bloke who just elbowed you in the side suddenly has his arm around your shoulders and sings along.

    #3 5 Hand Reel

    Ah, the Scots! One of the first folk bands to blend rock into their sound, albeit not the rowdy and in-yer-face kind of rock. I have such a teenie crush on the whole Scottish accent... Too bad the band died a long time ago :( They did the best version I know of "Haughs o'Cromdale".

    I had a wee obsession with "The cruel brother", the song topping my list for the week with 11 plays. That is, however, an outright lie. It annoys me that I am downright unable to sing the song in the same manner that Dick Gaughan does. It has nothing to do with vocal range, more with his 'ornamental style' or whatever I should call it.

    #4 Subway To Sally

    Not long now... not long at all! Rostock MAU club 29/04 - here we come! Keep your seatbelts on, we'll be ready for a night of boozing and partying. Uhm, yes. The music. Lovely. Loooovely.

    #5 Georg Friedrich Händel

    I have finally ripped some of my classical music to mp3, namely the Messiah as performed by the Sixteen Choir and Ensemble, with (amongst others) Lynne Dawson as a solo artist. Lynne Dawson is my favourite soprano, she is a joy to listen to. I need some oomph! in my classical music, not just some bloke playing the piano (I detest "Für Elise"). The Messiah has a lot of oomph and has been played more than indicated here on my last.fm, as I do listen to it whilst cooking.

    #6 Konstantin Wecker

    I'm not quite over the Wecker stage yet, but it is fading.

    #7 Letzte Instanz

    Another band that gets frequent plays on my WinAmp, as well on my discman. I've been listening a bit to "Ins Licht" whilst playing snooker, actually. It's good for emptying the mind and just potting without thinking too much.

    #8 Silly Wizard

    Another Scottish trad folk band. Many songs that are today considered as (Irish!) traditionals were in fact originally written by Silly Wizard, the most known of which would probably be Queen of Argyll.

    I just checked - their first album (Silly Wizard) was released the year before I was born :o
  • Last week: Genug ist halt nicht genug

    Dic 2 2006, 22:01

    My charts are entirely dominated by one artist this time. In fact, 5 of the top 10 artists represent my number one:

    1 Konstantin Wecker 181
    I've discovered a new artist :D Wheeee! Konstantin Wecker (homepage link) is one of Germany's best known Liedermacher (singer/songwriter), with piano as his main instrument. In addition, his voice is indeed a unique and powerful instrument. For those who know me a little, this comment should not come as a surprise; I will most often pick a band / singer for the voice. Wecker released his first album in 1974, and has released about 40 or so CDs (including bests ofs and many live albums) since, so there is a lot of material to listen to... and with Soulseek I get to listen to the records before I actually shell out money for them.

    Which is very good in this case. It seems that mr Wecker is a lot more fond of jazz that I am, something that isn't really very hard, and so he has had a phase of extreme jazz influences, which I do NOT enjoy. I've come to despise any instrument made of brass.

    What I do like: his political songs I enjoy a lot. Especially when he gets all agitated and loud! and slams the piano like it is the poor piano's fault. Willy 1-5, Sage nein!, Vaterland, Questa Nouva, Bella Ciao (Italian *sighs*), Frieden im Land... there are probably lots of them that I still haven't heard (I will most probably pick up his record of political songs). I mostly agree wholeheartedly with him.

    I quite prefer the earlier stuff, but post-sadopoetic phase, thankyouverymuch. I also seem to have picked up some perverse fondness for the songs sung in Bavarian. And the kitchy ones - "San koana Geign da" being an example of both; I brauch mein Kitsch, jawohl! He's got a very impressive back catalogue that I look forwards to exploring more!

    One more song I need to mention: Susi. Holla die Waldfee ;-) That is a nice song. But WHY did he have to re-do it? It was re-recorded for "Gamsig" (1996), under the new title "Heit no". Where the song sounded sincere and honest back in '74, in '96 it sounded like he was out to get laid by the front row groupies. Or, an alternate explanation, he had something in his throat that he needed to moan out. I know, I know, people who listen a lot to music will normally hang on to the first version they heard of a song, and I did hear "Susi" first, but there is still no need to moan like a porn actor. Oops. Sorry there, Konni, but that's hardly a secret anyway. I do like the new version of "Girasoli" ("Wir zwoa"), but the text has changed so much that it's a new song for me at least. Not that I understand Italian, mind you.

    If anyone has managed to read this far - I am truly impressed. I will probably never in my life happen upon someone else who likes Konstantin Wecker, so bear over with me. Or scroll.

    2 Subway To Sally 139

    Not even the release of new material from Subway to Sally actually managed to keep them two weeks in a row on my top list. I am nearly ashamed of myself, but can't help it. I love them to bits, I do, and the Nackt DVD is a brilliant piece of work! It's just that this Wecker guy seems to steal a lot of WinAmp time.

    3 Wecker & Wader 40

    Was für eine Nacht...! is a live CD from a concert given by Hannes Wader and Konstantin Wecker together. I'd really like to have seen this. I hope they repeat it again sometime. Where Hannes Wader is a rather quiet gentleman, just standing there and playing and singing, telling his well-thought-out jokes and thelike - Wecker is not. Quiet, that is. I have no idea whether he's a gentleman. Somehow the opposites blend perfectly and the only thing that annoys me with this CD is Wader's version of "Es ist an der Zeit". Eric Fish does it a lot better, despite Wader being the one to translate the song ("No man's land") in the first place. Eric just lives the song in the way I thought only Eric could, but I've since discovered that Wecker has the same ability. It sounds like the audience had a good time, and I would really have liked to see some photos from "Der Fachmann", though I'm not sure they could compete with the "Kopfkino" I've got.

    4 Hannes Wader - Konstantin Wecker 26

    Same as 3, badly tagged mp3-files. Sorry!

    5 Mey Wader Wecker 24

    This is the live CD of a concert by Reinhard Mey, Hannes Wader and Konstantin Wecker, played on Wader's 60th birthday. It is nice. I'm not too fond of Reinhard Mey (in fact I try not to waste my time by listening to him), but he doesn't really bother me too much when I skip his solo songs.

    6 Eric Fish 8

    What would a week without some fish be? I've always been told that one should have fish at least once a week.

    6 Kurt Demmler 8

    Hehehehe. What to say about Kurt... difficult! He was one of the most active Liedermacher / songwriters in the DDR and wrote for most of the big bands as well as for himself. I do like some of his stuff, which amazes me. I did actually listen to "Manchmal kommt er wie ein Tourist" without spontaneously combusting in the process.

    8 Hannes Wader 7

    Sometimes I like listening to Wader's "Singt Arbeiterlieder" for the nostalgia. I grew up with very left-wing radical parents and can thus sing along to most of the songs - in Norwegian. "Die Moorsoldaten" is a damned good song.

    9 R.E.M. 5

    I always sort of want to listen more to them, but hardly ever get around to it. I like them a lot, I do. I have quite a few CDs and tapes, but... am just not in that phase right now.

    9 Hannes Wader & Konstantin Wecker 5

    See 3 and 4.

    The rest of my list is basically filled with misc singer/songwriters and some punk and folk.
  • Last week. In a few words: UND DER SCHREI!

    Nov 20 2006, 9:31

    Comments to last week's charts, wherein Maija once again has much love for SUBWAY TO SALLY! and rediscovers her love of political singer/songwriters, stumbles over Bavarian and does a slight u-bend up to the northern shores of Sweden. (Intro a la Gert Nygårdshaug, whom I am currently reading, and who is indeed my favourite author.)

    1 Subway To Sally

    Subway to Sally are back where they belong! On the top of my list, that is. I'm in love all over again. The Nackt DVD/CD is really everything I wanted it to be (ok, the extra material is sort of quite lame at times, but still Tobi and Simi are funny chaps, and that sequence of Eric wanting to "beglück" Tobi is hilarious). Böses Erwachen is nothing short of amazingly good! The music, the voice!, the atmosphere. Goosebumps! I want to see the concert IRL again! And this time around I'd be the first one to get up, even though I hate doing stuff like that.

    2 Letzte Instanz

    They definitely belong in the upper part of the list! I'm looking a lot forwards to the new album, and with a release date in late February I will be doing a lot of looking-forwards-to-ing, hoping it will beat Ins Licht and not have those dull and boring songs at the end. It seems that, with time, Ins Licht and Live are my favourite CDs, though I love Kalter Glanz for it being harder. Brachialromantik has suffered the same fate as Subway to Sally's 1994, which is that it is folky and charming, but in the end it gets boring. I'll listen to them once in a while, but concentrate more on the later stuff.

    3 Wolfsheim

    My Wolfsheim-fancy did not last at all as long as previous fancies, like Letzte Instanz. Had another bout of listening to "Tender Days (Indian Mix)", which I for some reason love to pieces.

    4 The Pogues

    The Pogues, ladies and gentlemen! are an amazing bunch of old guys that really know how to rock a scene. I listened my way through the live cd, which kicks arse, and some "rare and unreleased" tracks, like the demos for "Hell's Ditch" and "Waiting for Herb". The thing with Pogues demos are that they are really worth listening to: they are heaps different from the finished songs, sometimes combining several of the finished ones in one track etc.

    5 Comuvnics

    My wake-up-music the days where I'm feeling particularly fragile. And in the mornings, I am often feling particularly fragile and sorry for myself.

    6 Joan Baez

    One of the few female singers that I have listened a lot through over the years. I wish I could sing like her! And play the guitar too. The latter I could of course do something about, but I will forever remain an alto. Joan Baez has some really beautiful and stunning tracks, and I think I only like Dylan-songs as interpreted by ms Baez. Apparently they had a thing, lord knows, I don't care - as long as I can listen to "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts"! I've also been listening a bit to the Sacco and Vanzetti OST, which is really very good. "All the words are taken from letters from Vanzetti", in Joan's own words. Very moving.

    6 Hoola Bandoola Band

    Another favourite from the past! Sweden's most-selling leftie band of the seventies. Back when I still wore diapers, in other words. I did actually see them live on their reunion tour just before Afzelius died, and I am very happy about having seen them/him live. Though it is a long time since I subscribed to all the correct views, I still agree with the core here. Songs like "Dalai Lama", "Keops pyramid" and "Bläckfisken" etc are still as valid now as then! And "Garanterad Individuell" too - just swap some names ;-)

    8 Konstantin Wecker

    The singer/songwriters are invading my list! But that's ok. I like them :D Konstantin Wecker seems to have it; this undefinable something that a performer needs in order to go out there and spellbind an audience without much further ado. Und ick find Bayerisch goldig ;) Willy is a great song, also because it's a song that keeps evolving, changing to fit the current political agenda.

    9 Björn Afzelius

    Swedish singer/songwriter / rock artist, starting out as a member of the Hoola Bandoola Band and a truly caring human. Too bad his biggest hit was a cover of "Tusen bitar" and that he will be remembered by most people for this song, when he made so many other songs that are a lot better!

    10 Hannes Wader

    I haven't quite gotten an overview of the German Liedermacher scene yet, but I think Hannes Wader is the Grand Old Man. He's got funny songs - and political songs. While the funny songs are indeed funny, I prefer the political ones. I did find an album called "Hannes Wader singt Arbeiterlieder" and had some fun in singing along in Norwegian. They all seem to be translated... I also found what appears to be a recording of Hannes Wader and Eric Bogle doing An der Zeit / Green fields of France together, which was a very nice find, as well as some Wader/Wecker collaborations. Bella Ciao in German (Wader) and Italian (Wecker) is particularly nice.

    On the topic of singer/songwriter / liedermacher / visesangere: There were other contestants too. Basically I've gone through the list of what Eric Fish does solo and looked up the originals, and other songs by the originators. So I have also been listening to Mey Wader Wecker - the collaboration as documented on a double CD of the three. Then there's Kurt Demmler, but I have a somewhat problematic relationship to Herrn Demmler. I'm not sure that I want to hear his original version of "Manchmal kommt er wie ein Tourist" at all. Other Germans: Gerhard Schöne, Franz Josef Degenhardt, Gerhard Gundermann. And of course Mister Eric Fish. Of English-speaking singer/songwriters, in addition to aforementioned Joan Baez, I have listened to Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Andy M Stewart, the Sands Family (who are in fact really nice people), Eric Bogle and Pete Seeger. Norwegians and Swedes have also snuck themselves into my list: most notably Mikael Wiehe, who was my favourite artist for quite some time and Rudolf Nilsen (ok, the lyrics were by Rudolf Nilsen, the record was a collaboration between misc Norwegian artists, like Lillebjørn Nilsen).

    I will continue my exploration of these shores, as soon as my Subway to Sally-mania ceases somewhat.
  • Soundtrack of my life

    Ott 24 2006, 7:21

    Oooooh, another survey :o

    1. Opening Credits: Sprachlos (Opus No. II) - Letzte Instanz
    2. Waking Up Scene: Tender Days (Indian Mix) - Wolfsheim
    3. Dreaming About Someone/Something Scene: Maria -
    Subway To Sally, Dreaming & Arms around my soul - Comuvnics
    4. Happy Friends Scene: Knock on wood - Fiddler's Green
    4,5. Political Rally Scene (long take): Inequality Street - Skyclad, Joe Hill - Joan Baez, Bella Ciao - Chumbawamba
    5. Car Driving Scene: Kopfkino - Holly (Letzte Instanz) (Ganz ganz großes Kino) (Drinking of ouzo is mandatory)
    6. Fight/Action Scene: Die Schlacht - Subway To Sally
    7. Chase Scene: Fisheye - Apocalyptica
    8. Happy Love Scene: Krötenliebe - Subway To Sally
    9. Relaxed Scene: Blag Zhivot - Alexander Veljanov
    9,5: Party Scene: Tanz - Letzte Instanz, Tangerine - Fiddler's Green, Mephisto - Subway To Sally, Just the one - Levellers
    10. Sex Scene: Touch - Wolfsheim **purrs** Lustschmerz - Milu feat Peter Heppner *coughs*
    11. Bitter/Angry Scene: Falsche Freunde - Saltatio Mortis
    12. Breakup Scene: Find you're here - Wolfsheim or He's packing - Velvet Belly
    13. Drunk/Stoned/Drug Scene: Zweitbester Sommer - Eric Fish ;D A new starsystem has been explored - Wolfsheim
    14. Contemplation Scene: Youth and greed - Wolfsheim
    15. Regret Scene: Kein Zurück - Wolfsheim
    16. Sad/Breakdown Scene: Sandmann - Letzte Instanz
    17. Death Scene bizarre take: Always look on the bright side of life (death) - Monty Python (Let's go out with a bang, shall we?!)
    17. Death scene serious take: This time - Wolfhseim
    18. Funeral Scene: The rightfull King - Catriona, Traum vom Tod II - Subway To Sally
    19. Nostalgic Scene: Once in a lifetime - Wolfsheim (Nostalgia just screams for Wolfsheim, doesn't it?)
    20. Closing Credits: Leben... I feel you - Schiller Feat Peter Heppner, Jericho - Subway To Sally, Old man's valley - Wolfsheim
  • Top tracks last week - who / why / where / how etcetc

    Ott 16 2006, 11:49

    1 Subway To Sally – Sieben (Live & Akustisch)

    Ooooh, something new from Subway To Sally! The release of the upcoming album from the last tour, the nude one, is slowly approaching and Nuclear Blast streams this very song on their site. Of course I had to download it and listen to it over and over again. It's also in my regular CD-player... To be honest, it lacks a bit "juice". I think I prefer Subway plugged!

    2 Die Ärzte – Schrei nach Liebe

    What can I say? A classic! Nazis are only nazis because their mums and dads and girlfriends don't have enough time for them. And it gives me the opportunity to shout ARSCHLOCH!!!! without being totally random.

    3 Wolfsheim – ... Can Manage ...

    One of the first Wolfsheim songs. Oh deary me, this makes it increasingly clearer to me just why Peter Heppner collaborated with Umbra :o I prefer the tape version (Ken Manage) of the song to the album one.

    3 Wolfsheim – Übers Jahr

    Another absolute favourite of mine! The lyrics are goosebump-inducingly beautiful, the voice, the music - it all just clicks and makes up a perfect song!

    3 5 Hand Reel – Both Sides Of The Forth

    I have finally found 5 Hand Reel again! Brilliant! They were a Scottish folk band who were active back in the seventies and eighties. "Both sides of the forth" is a medley that I have been singing to myself the last few years - good to hear it from someone else again :-)

    3 Subway To Sally – Finster, Finster

    From the Edgar Allan Poe audio book / sampler "Visionen". This song is not characteristic Subway to Sally. Well, it IS not possible to mistake it for being anything else, the sound of Eric is unique, but the music is a tad uncharacteristic this time. There's a sort of "we also want to sound like Nightwish and Wizzin Zempzation"-feel to it. Opera-metalish. And Eric can't pronounce POE for the love of his socks.

    3 Catriona – The Rightful King

    From the tape "The Rightfull King", the only Catriona recording there is, this is the most beautiful track. It's a sweet little tune with a lovely musical arrangement. I also have this song by Andy Stewart (from his CD of Burns songs), but I much prefer this one, in spite of the heavy German accent.

    8 Wolfsheim – Childhood Cruel

    It has been a favourite of mine since I first heard it. Angsty and all of that - the way only Heppner can write and sing.

    8 Scala – Schrei nach Liebe

    This is somehow so so so so wrong. A Belgian girl choir performing the Ärzte classic, with their charming accents and all. The raw punkrock energy somehow got lost in translation :p

    8 Veljanov – Blag Zhivot

    Because strange languages sound GOOD! Especially sung by Alexander Veljanov.

    8 Majorstuen – Jorun Jogga

    A new find here: Majorstuen does a modern take on themes from traditional Norwegian folk on fiddles and cellos and whatnots - but with a modern approach. A few songs of it every now and then is nice, but I have no desire to listen to the whole album through.

    8 Umbra et Imago mit Peter Heppner – Lieber Gott

    Oh deary me. My "secret" is out: I'll listen to anything as long as Peter Heppner sings, even Umbra et föckings Imago, a band I cannot stand with a singer whose voice and lyrics makes me want to give up on music alltogether.

    8 Wolfsheim – Touch (Live Bizarre)

    This is one of the most sexy songs ever. Live it's either incredibly good (like here) or downright shitty (Kompendium - where Peter goes offkey so badly it hurts). This time he got it completely right *melts*

    8 5 Hand Reel – Wee wee German lairdie

    More Scottish folk love :D

    15 Wolfsheim – Once in a Lifetime

    Another angsty classic!

    15 Subway To Sally – Schlaflied

    Also an incredibly sexy song. Still not quite as good as Verloren or Touch, but enough to make me sit tight and wait for the Nackt DVD!

    15 Wolfsheim – Heroin, She Said

    This was one of the Wolfsheim-songs I didn't like much in the beginning. Not that I didn't like the lyrics, Heppner has done a very good job of writing about something not angsty or sex-related (!!), but the music just didn't do it for me. Now it does. Goes to prove the aforementioned point about the voice.

    15 Subway To Sally – Verloren

    The Sexiest song ever. It even beats Touch. WHY don't Subway do it live anymore? :'(

    15 Wolfsheim – Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town

    I discovered the album version of this :) I guess this is what it takes for me to listen to country - the songs will have to be covered by bands within other genres. The lyrics are in fact very good, I just cannot stand the country sound. As opposed to the Wolfsheim sound *grins widely*

    15 Wolfsheim – Kissing the Wall

    Another one that I just didn't like at first. It grew on me. Now I like it a lot. The demo version is in English, and I think I might prefer that one, primarily because I find bilangual lyrics annoying.
  • Amazing vocals... my current favourites

    Ott 8 2006, 10:06

    First of all I must say that I am extremely focused on the vocals in music. Extremely.

    If the vocals aren't right, I might still listen to a band occasionally. If the vocals are not to my taste (or just downright bad), I will never listen to the band, regardless of how brilliant the music is.

    It has also dawned on me that I prefer male vocals. Nothing against women, and not some subliminal penis-envying on my part; I just think men in general sound better. There are some few female vocals I like too, but I'll not get into that now. Maybe later.

    Now for the Fun List (we all love them, otherwise we'd never be here on last.fm).

    * Eric Fish (singer of Subway To Sally, previous band Catriona, misc guest appearances).
    I don't know why. There are a great many people who will never listen to Subway to Sally because of how Eric sounds. The very first time I heard StS I started laughing at his voice, but it quickly grew on me, and I have now seen Eric live and on stage about 60 times or so. I own most everything that he has ever released. I love his voice, his charisma onstage, the way he lives every song he sings. He is indeed my favourite singer. I may critisise him a lot, but still I do adore him.

    * Peter Heppner (singer of Wolfsheim, highly successful guest appearances with for instance Schiller and Joachim Witt etc.)
    What to say about herr Heppner? His voice just touches something in me. I don't particularly like synthpop or synthesisers or (s)chill-out music. I cannot stand the sound of Joachim Witt. That is all immaterial, as long as Heppner is in it, I'll listen to it and I'll even like it. I can do a short list of what I don't like: Peter with Milù ("Aus Gold" and "Lustschmerz") and Peter with Umbra et Imago "Hörst du mein Rufen". That was it. I even listen to the other Umbra songs, though Umbra ranks at the very top of my "bands I cannot stand listening to" list.

    * Alexander Veljanov (singer of Deine Lakaien with solo project, also guest appears here & there).
    I've "always" known that Veljanov has a brilliant voice; if there is such a ting as "audible velvet", Veljanov has the copyright on it. I've just ... never listened much to him. He will feature high in this weeks charts, though, and I will start buying my way through the discography soon. Ok, I have another "tick"; I need to understand what is being sung. With Veljanov I just don't care, in fact I hope he'll do more songs in Macedonian or whatever the language of "Blag Zhivot" is called.

    * Holly. He's the new singer of Letzte Instanz (on the album Ins Licht), previously the singer of Comuvnics, an EMO band from Berlin. Yes, he made me listen to emo. Of all things. Must say, though, that German suits his voice a lot better than English. Every now and then he reminds me of Michael Stipe of REM (that could of course just be the lack of hair and the strange behaviour onstage *g).

    * Chamber.
    I don't know the name of the singer... I did see him live with Eric Fish in Frankfurt once. I think he might be called Max. Anyway, he's got a lovely deep voice that I enjoy listening to over and over and over again.

    * Rainer Michalek. Yes, this list is going very obscure. Rainer sings with Eric Fish on his solo project and with Weiss. He should do some more singing, in my opinion. And just for the fun of it: does anyone else actually agree / know Rainer at all?

    * Uwe Nordwig. Obscure II. Uwe sings in Grenztanz (previously known as The Promille Boys and Evil Uwe and is the third and last singer singer/guitar player of Eric Fish' solo project. Uwe also sings in Weiss. He has a lovely deep voice, when he sings properly and doesn't attempt any "nu metal" shit. Zweitbester Sommer just doesn't sound right without Uwe!

    That was the German scene. Let's move out of Germany!

    * Michael Stipe (R.E.M). I think this was the first band that I got into on my own, back when they started getting big enough to be noticed in Europe. He is an amazing singer with a just-as-amazing voice.

    * Mikael Wiehe (of the Swedish left-wing radical band Hoola Bandoola Band). A singer/songwriter that writes brilliant lyrics and melodies thelike. Making the assumption that I would love whatever he made, I bought his last CD without listening first. Not a smart move. I've seen Mikael Wiehe in concert several times, which is always a pleasure. He has a sticker on one of his guitars: "This machine kills fascists!" Way to go!

    * Björn Afzelius (also a Hoola Bandoolist). Same as for Mikael Wiehe, except I only saw him in concert once, and somehow I like Wiehe just a tad more. Together they were dynamite! He died of cancer a few years back, though :(

    * Shane MacGowan (The Pogues, Shane MacGowan And The Popes, collaborations). The brilliant mastermind behind most of the Pogues-lyrics, Shane is a force of nature - so much more than just the sad fate seen by most people. His singing ain't pretty! but very emotionally intense. Though only "Fairytale of New York" has gone into "general music history" many of his songs are indeed believed to be punked up traditionals.

    That was it. The in my opinion most impressive singers around. Of course I could've mentionend Martin Walkyier, but his abilities as a singer weren't (past tense - he has stopped doing music) that impressive, his field was more the writing of lyrics.

    I'll of course welcome recommendations based on this list! I'm always open for something new :-)
  • Weekly top 10

    Set 24 2006, 12:38

    I thought I'd make a habit out of commenting my weekly top 10 more or less regularly, so I start now with last week's top 10:

    1 Wolfsheim (205)

    NOT a big surprise, seeing as I've been playing my Wolfsheim-folder on shuffle/repeat most of the time. Need I say that I am absolutely in love with Heppner's voice? Especially when he sings German. The stranger stuff (Upstairs!) is growing on me too, now. Top song: Übers Jahr. God, that song is so beautiful.

    2 Subway To Sally (87)

    Subway to Sally IS after all my favourite band of all times. Krötenliebe was the top StS song, a song that I really adore and that makes me happy. It would make me really really happy to a) hear it live or b) find a bootleg of it performed live

    3 Comuvnics (42)

    Comuvnics also keeps popping up on my charts, though I only have 13 songs by them. I love the voice of the singer, who also happens to be the current singer of Letzte Instanz (see 4). dreaming was the most played Comuvnics song, as it is indeed my overall most played track with soon 200 plays. I dunno, maybe the slight German accent does it :>

    4 Letzte Instanz (39)

    Letzte Instanz is responsible for most of the plays on last.fm, due to a major crush on them that lasted from November last year (when I first got my hands on their last album Ins Licht) until right before the start of summer. Top track: Geigenschüler. SCHEISSE! ;)

    5 Chamber (14)

    I am really pleased with the album that I bought at Shadowland a couple of weeks ago. Gosh, the singer has an amazing voice! And then it's the whole atmosphere of acoustic guitars, violins and cellos. The lyrics are quite nice too, though bordering on "too goth" for me. Top track: Shall I Fall. Cute little romantic song. Yes, I'm a softie.

    6 Fiddler's Green (7)

    To be honest, I mostly skip the Fiddlers-tracks these days, due to a massive overdose in 2004, when I saw them something like 40 times live and listened to them non-stop. Nothing new has come from them since 2003, so I'm waiting for "U BETTA NOT BE KIDDING ME" or whatever the new album will be called. I forgot. All songs have 1 play only.

    6 van dyk & heppner (7)

    That would be wir sind wir played 7 times. Not more? I do listen to music that isn't logged by last.fm; my discman and on the stereo, and this song happens to be in heavy rotation both places. I adore "Wir sind wir". I also have a very nice live performance of it, from Potsdam with the Babelsberg filmorchestra. Brilliant!

    6 Peter Heppner (7)

    Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim has done one solo song; Twelve, a really touching song about 12 young men and heroes. Need I mention that I love his voice? Thought not. I am UNpatiently awaiting his solo album, as he has signed a contract with Warner I think it was.

    9 Apocalyptica (6)

    Apocalyptica (I am currently listening to Nothing Else Matters) is also a band that I love with heart and soul. Something completely new, they blew me away the first time I saw them. I don't listen that much to them for the time being, but still love them. This song makes me forever think of the concert in Bielefeld, which was really emotional for some reason.

    9 Schiller mit Heppner (6)

    Schiller - though a common name - is a band, and Heppner (which those who have read so far should be familiar with by now) has done two songs with them; Leben... I Feel You (Leben: life) and Dream of you. I prefer Leben, to be honest, but I couldn't give a toss about the fact that I'm not a big fan of this kind of music.