69 bands I'd love to see live part 1 (ordered randomly)


Ago 23 2011, 2:54

1.Tera Melos
3.Anything with Zach Hill
4.Mount Eerie
5.Why? (saw Yoni Wolf)
6.Giraffes? Giraffes!
7.Russian Circles
8.Paul Baribeau √√
9.Nana Grizol (Missed 'em)
10.La Dispute
11.Defeater (Missed 'em)
12.Aesop Rock
13.O'Death (Missed 'em x2)
14.Red Medicine √√ (RIP)
15.Chalk Talk √ (and Pachangacha!)
16.This Town Needs Guns
17.Deer Tick (Missed 'em)
18.Fang Island (Missed 'em)
19.Victor! Fix The Sun (RIP)
20.Captain Hollow √√√
21.The Tallest Man on Earth
22.The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
23.Good Luck
24.Joanna Newsom
25.If These Trees Could Talk
26.Listener (Missed 'em)
27.El Ten Eleven (Missed 'em)
28.Hop Along, Queen Ansleis (now Hop Along) √
29.The Milkman's Union
30.Maps & Atlases (Missed 'em)
31.Lightning Bolt
32.Andrew Jackson Jihad
33.Made Out of Babies (or Battle of Mice or anything with Julie Christmas I guess)
34.The Mercury Program
35.Monster Machismo (RIP)
36.Mouse on the Keys
37.Shipping News (or Similar "90s Math rock" that I could manage to see and/or are still around) (saw Slint!)
38. Frontier Ruckus
40.Harvey Milk
41.Red Fang (Missed 'em)
42.Kvelertak (Missed 'em)
45.Daïtro (on hiatus)
46.Julian Koster (Missed 'em)
47.Men As Trees (Locktender now)
48.The Saddest Landscape
49.Colour Revolt
53.We Were Promised Jetpacks
54.Doomtree (or Cecil Otter at least)(Missed Dessa)
55.Adam & Naive
56.Camp Island
57.Big Kids
58.Awkward I
59.The Books (saw Zammuto)
61.Ramshackle Glory
63.Tigers Jaw
64.Thin Lizzy (but not without Phil Lynott...so, yeah)
65.O Pioneers!!!
66.Piglet (RIP)
67.Touché Amoré
68.Crystal Castles
69.Does It Offend You, Yeah?

There you go.

All you lucky bastards who have see these bands before are probably like, man that kid doesn't get out much.

Maine is a hell of a thing.


  • RanDaniel

    hey this is Daniel from Camp Island, you're from Maine? we'd love to come to Maine, where should we play?

    Set 1 2011, 1:48
  • randomnation13

    I am! There's a few venues in Portland, Maine that are always looking for sick talent. The Space Gallery http://space538.org/index.php is a nice place to perform. Geno's, Asylum, Slainte, and the Empire (most of those being 21+ bahs and such). There was also the Aphodian which was just like an independently run venue that hosted acts like Nana Grizol and Rosetta but I don't know what happened to them. The Oak and the Ax I'm not too familiar with but are have some sweet shows coming up from local acts as well as Mount Eerie http://theoakandtheax.blogspot.com/. If you're looking for just like a house show there's the rough draft house on Poland Street roughdraftrec@gmail.com that has been really tight as of late and run by some real cool cats. I'm not a booker, I wish I was, but I am not. Hope I could help! - friends call me New Keith

    Set 2 2011, 5:20
  • RanDaniel

    cool beans! thanks for the tips, we are definitely into house shows, I will look into that place for sure and let you know if it works out, thanks!

    Set 13 2011, 2:52
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