• New WIP track

    Ott 9 2008, 22:18

    Howdy howdy.
    I've just added a new track to my WIP album. It's called Dawn, and as the album suggests is a work in progress. (Even the name is). I've taken a bit more of a chilled-out angle with this, just dipping my toes in different ideas to see what happens. I'm quite pleased with it personally, but I feel it stops just too soon...

    Let me know what you think... More piano? Less piano? Extended? Need a beat? Deeper drones?

    Anyway - Enjoy, or don't, whatever ;D
  • New music uploaded

    Feb 2 2008, 0:21

    I've just uploaded 3 'WIP' tracks to my artist section, (random_monkey)

    The tracks are called 'Rain Today', 'Drifting' and 'Eventual Epiphany'. However, just like the songs themselves, the titles are WIP too.

    They follow a similar laid-back/chillout approach to my other stuff that's up there, but I feel these are ... well, better.

    They're probably my 3 favourite of the ones I'm working on. (I say 'working on'. I've found myself with very little time lately, but hopefully I'll get some motivation if these are well received)

    Anyway, enjoy :)
  • Free to Download!

    Lug 18 2007, 13:56

    Howdy howdy people...

    I've put my album, Welcome Solitude, up for free download so you can download all the tracks and put them in your playlist or your player, or whatever...

    The album is mostly ambient-style, perhaps a little more upbeat than it should be to afford the 'ambient' title, but it certainly has influences from that genre. So if you enjoy that type of music (Chillout in general really), then you should get on with this :)

    I'm currently working on a 2nd album which I intend to have up fairly soon. I've got 3 tracks which are very close to being finished, I just need to polish them up a bit more first.
    I'll probably put them on here as a taster after I've done that. Something to wet your appetite while I work on the rest of them, hehe

  • Unusual Chillout Music

    Giu 23 2007, 9:31

    I've been adding songs to my 'playlist', which I have titled Unusual Chillout Music. I woke up at 4.30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I've been listening to soft songs so that I don't hurt my fragile morning-brain.

    Anyway, I thought I'd write a little about each one here.

    1) Califone - Bottles and Bones (Shade & Sympathy)
    My mate was doing his usual browsing through myspace, profile hopping. I was getting quite annoyed at the blips of music that kept popping up until this one came on. He skipped past it, clearly not to his taste, but I made him go back just so I could note down who it was.
    Perhaps not the most fitting song to go with the rest of these, but I felt it deserved a mention, and I've not had time to fully discover the rest of their music to be including any different tracks.
    Their music seems to have taken many forms over their releases, with normal albums such as 'Roomsound', (The one this track is on), and the more experimental ones such as Deceleration One... But well worth a listen

    2) Gregory and the Hawk - Boats and Birds
    My friend sent me this track about a year ago, adamant that I would love it to bits. Though when I first heard the name 'Gregory and the Hawk', I couldn't help but be a little put off. Yeah, yeah, the whole 'Judge a book' argument does hold, but there are so many bands out there with odd names like this that don't have that 'special' factor. Either way, I was proven wrong and it was a beautiful song. At 2:56, it's just FAR FAR FAR too short. There are 2 'versions' of it, the demo and the EP version. The EP seems to have a clearer sound than the demo, which makes sense, but the demo album is softer and easier to listen to, so for me it's my favourite. Fortunately, because it's such a cool song, it doesn't matter too much... But you should check it out, because it's nice :)

    3) Emiliana Torrini - Serenade
    I stumbled across Emiliana Torrini about 5 years ago. A friend (Infamous for his taste in Hardcore music, oddly) sent me one of her songs. Granted, it was a mix, but it was still pretty chilled. I gathered up what music she had available and absorbed myself, (Fingertips being a particular favourite). When her newest album was released, Fisherman's Woman, I took a listen and was more "Oh... hmm" than in love with it. It was a lot softer and traditional than her other stuff, more minimalist. However, I have since listened some more and it is up there with the best of them. Serenade is the last song on the track, and carries a beautiful sound to finish off the album. If you like minimalist music with female vocals, you'll love this song.

    4) Imogen Heap - Can't Take It In
    I first listened to Imogen Heap about a year ago, maybe a bit longer... Though I'd heard the name quite a while, especially as she was gaining popularity just before I investigated. I was just being my usual ignorant self up until that point, and kept confusing her with Uriah Heap... a terrible, terrible mistake, I know. I shan't link to them, to save me from a little more embarassment. Anyway, she's got so many wonderful songs that it would be very easy to pick a good handful that would quite happily fit in this playlist. I chose this particular one because it was in between her uptempo songs and her slow ones. A sort of compromise, if you will...
    That is, if you like this one, you'll probably love all her other stuff (And Frou Frou), but they're both quite popular now anyway, so boo me.

    5) パール兄弟 – Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi
    This track, by the 'Pearl Brothers', I first heard on the anime 'Welcome to the NHK!'... which, I'm afraid to say, seemed to be the path I was slipping into as my playlist progressed. Not a lot really to say about this song, since it's in Japanese I have no idea what they're saying, but as I find with a lot of music, that's not important to me. It's a nice acoustic song, but sounds a tad depressing... They're probably singing about something really sad, but I'll let it in because it /could/ be about something wonderful. like ice-cream.

    6) MINAKO "mooki" OBATA – The World Of Midnight
    Another song from an anime. This time it's from 'Black Lagoon' - wonderful, but wanting more! Perhaps not perfectly fitting with the rest of the music, but we started with a song I said the same about so we may aswell end (for now) with one. No instruments in this song, just vocals, and very nice ones. I suppose I feel more for the song since I've seen it used in the anime... I do have a habit of doing that. So perhaps if you don't enjoy this song the first time you hear it, you should watch the anime ;P

    And so that's it for now. Please, if you have any suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to put them forward, I'd love to add some music to this and discover some more along the same lines!

    On a side note, the following songs get an honourable mention. They're great songs, just not quite fitting for what I wanted to do here...

    Grandadbob - Hide Me
    The Delgados - The Light Before We Land
    Joanna Newsom - Peach, Plum, Pear
    Regina Spektor - Carbon Monoxide
  • New artist layouts

    Nov 1 2006, 0:59

    Wow... it sure does... suck

    It's almost as if the design has gone backwards by mistake. I mean, were they having so much trouble fitting everything on that they just decided to make everything bigger than it already was, and then slap it on the page to see how it landed?

    Oh, and seems they've enabled downloads again, so you can grab some from my artist page.
    I'd link to it, but I can't remember how to, and they've deleted the automatic buttons now


    So much anti-progression.
  • My Birthday

    Lug 15 2006, 13:52

    Howdy howdy
    'tis my 23rd birthday today, and I got no music, only DVDs (I didn't ask for any music, so go figure)

    Anyway, I appear to be in a chillout-y kind of mood, but not trip-hop or ambient.

    I'm listening to Handsome Boy Modeling School right now, aaaand I don't know, I had an idea of what I was wanting to say

    I guess I'm in the mood for summer-chillout music
    Any suggestions?
  • My neighbour matches suck.

    Mar 27 2006, 21:30

    Everyone else appears to have matches of 40 to maybe even 60 on their neighbours, but the highest in mine is 16... I agree that I have a mixed taste in music, but there's got to be atleast /some/ user out there that shares a similar mixed taste like that of mine.

    Way to make me feel bleh, last.fm engine thing. :<
  • CD now at CD Baby

    Feb 24 2006, 21:40

    I've now set myself up on CD Baby so I don't handle the sales from my house. It means I can have a fancier layout on my music page on my website ;)

    The price has gone up to $10 now though (due to the site taking a cut), so well done to those who dived in before-hand ;P

    The link to the CD is available from the random_monkey artist page
  • Music with lyrics

    Feb 4 2006, 1:43

    I was getting fed up of my music not having any lyrics. After listening to a few other artists today (I Am X only, really), I noticed how he used his lyrics to really add loads more to the song. Sure, there's a lot more going on in the background in comparison with mine, but lyrics are a start.

    Anyway, I've put together a small space-like instrumental tonight, and shall attempt to add lyrics tomorrow.

    (If you have any lyric suggestions, then please feel free to share with me)

    Space-connected would be a bonus, and I've got a neat 5-syllable chorus line (with each syllable held) which will need filling.

    I guess that will be the main feature of the song though...
  • Selling time!

    Gen 25 2006, 20:12

    Hehe, ok, I could've just appended this to the last journal, but what the hell

    My music is now for sale from my website (Unfortunately, paypal are all "Hurg, you must sign up to this, that and the other" to have a shopping basket, so at the moment it's just going on an email basis. (And then paying through paypal))

    Anyway, if you follow this link:
    You'll be able to click "Buy!", which will take you to the right page for the info and such.

    It says it's a quid - that's before the p+p
    So, cheers folksen!