• In This Moment/Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osbourne

    Nov 29 2007, 22:53

    Wed 28 Nov – Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie

    We arrived late, but managed to catch the end of In This Moment. I think that they might have potential, but Brink was overplayed by the rest of the ensemble.

    Rob Zombie took the stage next. As usual, his performance was well choreographed. He always brings a dynamic energy to his live performances (and it doesn't hurt that he's still pretty hot). He even came down into the crowd and stood on our friend's chair in the third row, which was amazing. He played for a full hour, but I wish he had more time.

    Ozzy Osbourne was unsurprisingly quite a letdown after Zombie. He was better than I expected, but, frankly I was quite bored. He stumbled a bit through his performance, and I think I might have known more words than he did. He also sprayed the crowd with soapy water near the beginning of his set several times, which was quite annoying as the desert is rather chilly at night. Zakk Wylde has a twenty minute solo, which was phenomenal to see, and definitely the highlight of Ozzy's portion of the show.

    Overall, I would say that Zombie stole the show and the rest was more like filler than content.