KALX Playlist 20110828 2100 ~ 2400


Nov 16 2011, 7:47

This Will Destroy You: Killed the Lord, Left for the New World
Stephin Merritt: Take Ecstacy With Me
ADULT.: Lost Love
Da Cruz: Boom Boom Boom
Basteroid: Sympathy for Disruption
Burial: Street Halo
faith & the muse: Fade and Remain
The Shroud: Red Over White
Vespertina: Devil's Dance
Jewlia Eisenberg: Bed / Cafe
McClain Family: Fair and Tender Ladies
Ganawa: Sidi Ghurami / Sidi Hamuda
Terakaft: Talikoba
Barons of Tang: Blood Wedding
Simone Bultiauw: Chantons ma mie
Laura Nyro: Stoned Soul Picnic [* req]
Tara Priya: Wounded
Liu Yun: Wishing He'll Come
Yang Xiaohui: Three Sighs
Guitar: Girl With the Freckles that Sounded Like Two Bells
Kui Dong: Miniatures V ~ Vii
Stephan Mathieu: Schwarzschild Radius
Flossie & The Unicorns: Oh Won't You Be Our Houseguest
The Humble Fawn: Waterton Lakes National Park
YAEL NAIM & David Donatien: Puppet
Marissa Nadler: Puppet Master
Ola Belle Reed: High on the Mountain
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter: Reckless Burning
Gamelan Sekar Jaya: Jaran Dauh
Les Phones: La Dance des Fourmis / Megalithe
Farben: Farben Says Love Oh Love

... streamed and broadcast live on 90.7 FM KALX Berkeley by the Native Disinformant


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