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Gen 3 2010, 3:16

I like the fact that Adam Young is getting money and acknowledgment. He owns a grand musicianship and deserves it. That's always good. But now it's on Kids Bop 17? My little cousin listens to Owl City? It's a little, just a little bothersome. There's something about liking underground music that makes it feel like it's yours. Underground has its own culture, its own feel. Now, Owl City rocketed into the radio, and I mean really rocketed. It happened VERY sudden. /shrug. I don't know. Can't really explain how I feel about this.

Then there's the idea of selling out. There will ALWAYS be accusations of selling out from a band's fanbase when they get bigger. Truly, if you're going to call a band out for selling out, you better do your homework first. Selling out means compromising your musical integrity for cash. Selling out is NOT changing your band's sound, which, unfortunately, is what selling out is most often misperceived as. Think about it. If you're in a band, you produce music that reflects your life. Now, if you write a record now, do you think it'll be the same record you wrote two years ago? Is your entire band in the SAME place in life, with the SAME characters and mentalities, as they were two years ago? No. People grow. Circumstances change. People are constantly influenced by different things. Just because the sound changes, doesn't mean the band has sold out.


  • EmilyRawrr

    I know this is old:P but i agree with you :D

    Apr 11 2010, 6:42
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