"Mr Right" explanation


Nov 22 2009, 18:02

"My girlfriend's boyfriend" shows that he's actually singing about himself. The first verse reveals that he's not much; he has no cash and no education, but he has love.

Second paragraph, he still talks about himself in the third person perspective. He's saying he loves her and what they have; "He knows he's lucky he met someone like you". In "He knew, the only wish he wanted came true" he's referring to the wish of love.

During the choruses he shifts from indirectly speaking to direct speaking; "Maybe I'm your Mr. Right" (soulmate, "the one"). He continues the idea of how seemingly unattractive he is when he says "Maybe I'm a shot in the dark (taking a somewhat unhopeful chance in him) and "i'm the worst for you". That same line is a play on words: "You could be the best for me when I'm the worst for you." "You're the morning light" means she's hope, his significant love, or the person who will bring a lot of happiness to his life.

In short, he's singing with a lighthearted tone about how he's flawed, but they're a perfect match anyway. Ultimately, a song is however you perceive it, though. Art is open to various perspectives.

As for the video, basically, it's about two relationships. One, a girl doesn't appreciate his guy; he buys her things but she doesn't acknoweldge it with gratitude (Table scene with friends, opening scene when they're at the store), she's always texting someone else, acting aloof (occurs throughout the video). Then, there's the opposite couple: a guy and a girl who're completely happy (they're consistently smiling and flirting). How this relates to the song, I don't see it. Yet, music videos frequently don't link to the videos anyway, especially ARTTM's.

Mr. Right


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