• 0.34.3 "Eugene" Released

    Nov 13 2006, 23:33

    The 0.34.x releases come with a changed GUI that is partially SVG skinned, podcast support, bugfixes, and code cleanups throughout the code, as well as resolved crash conditions under certain circumstances (mostly in the MusicBrainz-based metadata editing). An "offline mode" in which BMP won't start up with network-dependent services enabled (Last.fm, Shoutcast/Icecast, Podcasts and, if built in, Soulseek Downloads) was added, and networking has been improved (stalling due to network timeouts is now effectively prevented).
  • 0.32.0 "We're really all sorry!" Released

    Ott 2 2006, 15:58

    We've released 0.32.0 now, rather quickly after 0.30.x. The reason is that the change to the new UI of 0.30 was so vast that a lot of problems slipped trough checking for 0.30 release, so, in a sense, 0.32 is really the "we're all sorry!" release, but also please don't take it too serious either :)

    External tuning of lastfm streams was fixed; it actually works now.

    Our builtin modified neonhttpsrc (gstreamer http stream playback source) now works correctly with neon 0.26.x

    Tip Of The Day (TM): You should try selecting multiple albums as one and using Edit Album Metadata, this way you can 'merge' an album that is e.g. Various Artists album into one album in the list using MusicBrainz metadata. Note that this does not affect the "regular" metadata at all, and is also not BMPx specific (see http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/MusicBrainzTag); each track retains it's actual artist, yet using the album artist name, BMPx can group the album together as one.
  • 0.30.3 released

    Set 26 2006, 12:50

    This version fixes potential doubled entries in the album view after editing, a database bug which could lead to incorrect track count in the GUI, a crash with the Icecast stream list when no Internet connection is available, and font size display in the popup/tooltip. Pango markup-escape was fixed for some dialogs so they don't end up being without text. The man page was updated. The playback backend now "heals" itself on errors. A progress and end time is not displayed at all in the popup's time display if the duration is not known (e.g. for HTTP streams, Last.fm). The Japanese translation was updated.
  • 0.30 released

    Set 25 2006, 9:51

    After 3 Months of work, 0.30.0 has been released.

    The Winamp 2.x skinning system was dropped. A Last.FM Player was added. Stability enhancements to the playback system were made. A lot of usability enhancements were made; D-Bus interoperability was improved and made more reliable (crash dialog when the app crashes during DBus activation.) The music library was greatly improved in stability, usability, and usage semantics. Audo CD ripping support was included. Support for Downloads via SoulSeek directly from BMP was added via MooDriver (see separate project).

    For a complete explanation, check the blog entry:
  • 0.20.2 released

    Lug 13 2006, 9:18

    From 0.20 changelog: The codebase was mostly rewritten to C++ and is using GTKmm now for the GUI. Countless bugfixes in general have been made. The library backend and frontend have been entirely redesigned. Stability of the playback backend and GUI has been greatly improved. Most translations have been updated. Shoutcast streams listing was adapted to the new Shoutcast XML API. Support of HAL for detecting optical devices as well as watching files in the library has been added.

    Fixed in 0.20.2: Crashing which occurred when retrieving the Icecast streams list was fixed. A misbehavior of the database backend when re-adding files that are already present was changed; previously, BMP ignored those files, but now it will update the database entry appropriately.

    Thanks for your support!
  • 0.14.4 released

    Mag 4 2006, 14:01

    This is a patch release in the 0.14.x series; it addresses the following issues:
    * Bugs regarding the configuration of the audio backend (and producing possible crashes) were fixed
    * Code that allows the main window to be present above the playlist window was backported from the 0.20 development code
    * Shoutcast stream listing was partially adapted to the new Shoutcast API (full access to the Shoutcast YP is currently only available in BMPx SVN trunk HEAD / 0.20)
    * Drag'n'Drop of files/folders from Konqueror (and potentially other filemanagers) to BMPx was fixed
  • 0.14.3 Released

    Mar 29 2006, 11:50

    We've released 0.14.3, which is a bugfix release in the 0.14 series. This release addresses the following issues:
    * Fix repeat mode (start from position 0, not 1)
    * Fix of window hints to be dialog for preferences/streams/library window
    * Make sure the database is closed before we release the DBus interface, which results in the fact that another instance of BMPx can't produce corruptions in the library

    The playback history code has been audited and rewritten to big parts.

    The following bugs were fixed:
    * [BMPx 0000179]: When last.fm connection is restored after a drop, queue is not sent
    * [BMPx 0000182]: If bmpx can't connect to last.fm at startup, it crashes
    * [BMPx 0000178]: Crash when trying to play a non existent radio