• New Music Madness!!!

    Apr 1 2007, 2:41

    So there are a couple bands that have come out with some amazing new material. The first is my all-time favorite, Pearl Jam!!! They have recently covered a classic The Who song called Love Reign O'er Me and it is absolutely AMAZING! It is orchestrated and Eddie Vedder has never sounded better! It is on the soundtrack for the new Love Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler. Not sure how the movie is, but the song is great...

    Another soundtrack song is by another early 90's grunge artist, Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave). He performs the theme song for the new James Bond movie Casino Royale, titled You Know My Name. I did see this movie, and I have to recommend it as well! ;)

    Chris Cornell does an amazing job, you can't help but put down the windows and blast this song as you drive... be careful though, it's bound to make you drive faster than you should! I am going to see him live at the end of April in Baltimore and can't wait! I hope he plays this song...

    Now let's move onto a full-length CD from a "newer" artist, Modest Mouse. Now I use quotes because I know Modest Mouse has been around awhile, but they have only recently become "mainstream". Their newest album came out March 20th and is entitled We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. This CD was great from the moment I popped it in, until it ended. I listened to it in the car so it took a few trips, but it was very enjoyable. I like how each song is different from the next. I also got the new CD by Arcade Fire called Neon Bible. I haven't listened to this one enough to give a good review on it so that will have to wait for another entry...

    Thanks for listening to me blab and happy listening!