• Here I am ~Special Live~

    Gen 27 2013, 16:01

    Sat 26 Jan – BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~

    A montage of her Korean career, featuring clips from her title track music videos.

    1 Hurricane Venus
    BoA rose up sitting on a throne! The queen is home <3

    amazing, the choreography is still fresh and original. BoA told everybody to get up<3

    3Energetic미국 정규 1집 수록곡
    the energy in this performance was great! the fans went wild when she got down to the floor during the "beat the floor" part of the song

    BoA spoke to the audience etc

    4Eat You Up
    another high energy performance, everybody was dancing along and BoA interacted with the crowd and walked across the stage. She didn't dance that much

    5The Shadow
    this was great, BoA nailed the choreography. the song was extended and the dancers did the chorus choreography as BoA had exited the stage.

    the keyboard player played piano renditions of No.1 and Only One.

    6Do You Love Me
    BoA rose onto the stage in a new outfit, black and kinda see through with her hair in a bun.

    7My Name
    Unfortunately BoA's mic went out for the first half of the song, but she carried on singing anyway and the fans helped her out.

    8Look Who's Talking
    I was so happy to hear this! BoA did the same choreography as the 2009 gayo daejun shows with all her dancers.

    9Did ya미국 정규 1집 수록곡
    this was unexpected! BoA made use of props in this performance (a bag hung off her arm and she pointed to her shoes when she sang the lyrics about new bag/shoes) also she made a gesture to marriage when she sang about her "new man" haha. she made a star shape with her dancers as they lay on the floor, and the LED floor screens showed crazy designs and colours, it looked so cool! she threw in some aegyo too ^.^

    more piano renditions of her songs.

    BoA slowly walked onto the stage in a long white dress with her hair down. it was slightly wavy and hung to the left of her face. she sat on a stool. her vocals were so beautiful, i almost cried!

    BoA spoke to the audience

    BoA stayed on her stool. BoA hit the big notes in this song so well, her voice has really gotten better!

    again sung on the stool. this song was received very well.

    13공중정원(Garden in the air)
    another unexpected song. BoA got up and did a little swaying.

    BoA spoke to the audience about her new single. She also asked that the content of the music video is kept secret haha

    14그런 너
    BoA sang her new single as the music video played in the background. the vocals and melodies are really great and a slight combination of her japanese songs and the style of the sound she went for with Only One.
    Some extra scenes from the video were shown as BoA exited the stage to get changed.

    15Only One
    BoA did this song in a new outfit and did the couple dance with one of her dancers. There was an extended dance section after the song where she jumped and wrapped her legs around the dancer!


    16"Listen to my heart + ID; Peace B
    + Valenti"
    BoA sang these in korean in a medley style. ID Peace B was received very well ^.^

    Dance Performance
    BoA's dancers did a dance while she got changed

    Everyone was so surprised to hear this! she nailed the big notes towards the end

    18BUMP BUMP!
    everybody loved this! BoA introduced her band during this

    19Not Over U
    the live band sounded great during this ^^

    20I Did It For Love
    BoA did the choreo from the video. she added more lyrics asking the crowd to sing "they did it for love" so " that means we did it for love" haha

    21Girls On Top
    the song everybody was waiting for! the second the opening acapella started, everybody went crazy. BoA held out the mic to the audience to sing the first part of the chorus. the rap was cut out like some of the lives and went straight into the part where she mounts her dancer. i almost died at that part haha
    BoA bowed at the end and ran off the stage. The crowd began shouting for an encore, which then lead into "KWON BO-AH!"

    the live band made this song sound less teeny-bopper and a little more mature. after the second chorus, the HERE WE ARE banners were raised and BoA's voice broke into laughter, followed by a quick "kansahmnida". she wasn't crying but she looked overwhelmed with emotion ^.^

    BoA said that she picked this song first when she was choosing the setlist, and also something about it relating to her life experiences.

    23네모난 바퀴(Hope)
    BoA sang with such emotion and power, it was really touching.
  • Seen Live/Met

    Ago 11 2012, 21:23


    Alexis Jordan (Scala, June 30th 2011)
    Angel Haze (Scala, May 7th 2013)
    Azealia Banks (o2 Academy Oxford, October 6th 2012)
    B2ST (o2 Academy Brixton, December 5th 2011)
    Brandy (Indigo2, September 24th 2013)
    Britney Spears (o2 Arena, October 27th 2011)
    Boa (Seoul Olympic Hall at Olympic Park, January 26th 2013)
    Charli XCX (Roundhouse, March 3rd 2011)
    Charli XCX (o2 Academy Islington2, June 19th 2013)
    Colette Carr (Kings College London, June 13th 2011)
    Ellie Goulding (Kings College London, June 13th 2011)
    EXO-K (Indigo2, June 23rd 2012)
    Far East Movement (Kings College London, June 13th 2011)
    Frida Sundemo (o2 Academy Islington2, June 19th 2013)
    G.NA (o2 Academy Brixton, December 5th 2011)
    현아 HyunA (o2 Academy Brixton, December 5th 2011)
    Iggy Azalea (Scala, May 7th 2013)
    Janice Dickinson (Heaven, February 18th 2010)
    Jeffree Star (Underworld, April 17th 2010)
    Justin Bieber (BBC Studios, February 23rd 2013)
    Justin Bieber (o2 Arena, March 8th 2013)
    Ke$ha (The Bathhouse, February 22nd 2010)
    Ke$ha (o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, December 14th 2010)
    Ke$ha (HMV Hammersmith Apollo, July 13th 2011)
    Ke$ha (o2 Academy Brixton, July 15th 2013)
    Kelis (o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, October 1st 2010)
    Lady Gaga (o2 Arena, February 26th 2010)
    Lady Gaga (Twickenham Stadium, September 8th 2012)
    Leona Lewis (Royal Albert Hall, May 8th 2013)
    Madonna (Hyde Park, July 17th 2012)
    加藤ミリヤ Miliyah Kato (Koko, July 30th 2012)
    Natalia Kills (o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, October 1st 2010)
    Natalia Kills (Roundhouse, March 3rd 2011)
    Natalia Kills (Kings College London, June 13th 2011)
    Natalia Kills (HMV Hammersmith Apollo, July 13th 2011)
    Nicola Roberts (Paul O'Grady Show, July 8th 2011)
    Perfume (o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, July 5th 2013)
    Perfume (Hammersmith Apollo, November 11th 2014)
    Robyn (Roundhouse, March 3rd 2011)
    Robyn (o2 Academy Brixton, November 1st 2012)
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Heaven, May 1st 2010)
    Tinashe (XOYO, August 26th 2014)
    Trouble Maker (o2 Academy Brixton, December 5th 2011)
    Utada (o2 Academy Islington, February 11th 2010)
    Utada (o2 Academy Islington, February 12th 2010)
    2YOON (o2 Academy Brixton, December 5th 2011)
    4minute (o2 Academy Brixton, December 5th 2011)
    4minute (Indigo2, June 23rd 2012)

    Angel Haze (Scala, May 7th 2013)
    浜崎あゆみ Ayumi Hamasaki (Langham Hotel, 27th January 2010)
    浜崎あゆみ Ayumi Hamasaki (Langham Hotel, 28th January 2010)
    Boa (Press Conference at Seoul Olympic Hall at Olympic Park, January 27th 2013)
    Christina Aguilera (Claridges Hotel, December 2010)
    Colette Carr (Kings College London, June 13th 2011)
    Far East Movement (Kings College London, June 13th 2011)
    Jeffree Star (Underworld, April 17th 2010)
    Katy Perry (Claridges Hotel, September 2010)
    Ke$ha (MTV Studios, June 3rd 2010)
    Kelis (Radio 1 Studios, September 30th 2010)
    Kelis (o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, October 1st 2010)
    Lady Gaga (Lanesborough Hotel, May 16th 2011)
    Lil' Kim (Andaz Hotel, July 22nd 2013)
    加藤ミリヤ Miliyah Kato (Koko, July 30th 2012)
    Natalia Kills (o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, October 1st 2010)
    Natalia Kills (EMI Offices, March 23rd 2011)
    Natalia Kills (Kings College London, June 13th 2011)
    Natalia Kills (Your Mum's House, 5th July 2011)
    Nicki Minaj (Dorchester Hotel, January 20th 2011)
    Nicki Minaj (Radio 1 Studios, January 20th 2011)
    Nicki Minaj (Dorchester Hotel, January 21st 2011)
    Nicki Minaj (Landmark Hotel, January 21st 2011)
    Nicki Minaj (Radio 1 Studios, January 22nd 2011)
    Nicki Minaj (Graham Norton Show, April 18th 2012)
    Nicola Roberts (London Studios, July 8th 2011)
    P!nk (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, July 3rd 2010)
    Robyn (Roundhouse, March 3rd 2011)
    The Saturdays (G-A-Y Bar, August 11th 2010)
    Selena Gomez (Radio 1 Studios, September 26th 2011)
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor (G-A-Y Bar, May 5th 2010)
    Tiffany Foxx (Andaz Hotel, July 22nd 2013)
  • Music collection

    Mag 26 2012, 16:34

    This is a list of all the CDs I currently have on my shelves. The dates before each title are the UK release dates, courtesy of Amazon.co.uk. For my Asian music, the dates before each title are the release date of the Japanese or Korean release, courtesy of Generasia. I have some Western releases that I imported from Japan; I stated which releases these are and put the Japanese release date instead of the British release date. 'Signed' simply means the release has been hand-signed by the artist.
    I've also included misc items, such as merch and posters.


    [2009.07.08] 2NE1
    [2010.09.09] To Anyone
    [2011.07.28] 2NE1 2nd Mini Album

    [2009.11.14] 1:59PM
    [2010.10.11] STILL 2:00PM
    [2011.06.20] Hands Up

    [2009.04.23] 2:00PM Time For Change
    [2010.04.19] Don't Stop, Can't Stop
    [2012.11.14] Masquerade (CD+DVD Jacket A)

    [2013.01.17] Harvest Moon

    [2009.08.31] For Muzik
    [2010.04.30] For Muzik For Asia: Asia Commemorate Edition (CD+DVD) (Slipcase)
    [2010.05.27] Hit Your Heart
    [2011.04.05] 4Minutes Left
    [2012.04.09] Volume Up

    4Minutes Left poster

    [2001.07.17] Aaliyah
    [2002.12.10] I Care 4 U (CD+DVD)
    [2005.12.22] Special Fan Box (3CD+DVD)

    After School:
    [2012.06.20] Flashback

    Ai Otsuka (大塚愛):
    [2004.03.31] LOVE PUNCH (CD+DVD)
    [2004.11.17] LOVE JAM (CD+DVD)
    [2005.12.14] LOVE COOK (CD+DVD)
    [2007.09.26] LOVE PiECE (CD+DVD)
    [2007.03.28] 愛 am BEST (CD+DVD) (First Press; stamp special gift)
    [2008.12.17] LOVE LETTER

    [2006.08.02] ユメクイ(CD+DVD First press digipack)

    [2009.03.04] Voice of EARTH (CD+DVD)

    [2007.11.21] 明日への讃歌
    [2008.03.05] ひとつ

    Alexandra Burke:
    [2009.10.09] Overcome
    [2010.12.06] Overcome: Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)

    Alexandra Stan:
    [2014.12.24] Unlocked (CD+DVD Deluxe edition)

    Alexis Jordan:
    [2011.02.28] Alexis Jordan

    [2011.02.18] Good Girl (Promotional CD)

    All Saints:
    [1997.11.24] All Saints
    [1998.12.29] The Remix Album
    [2000.10.16] Saints & Sinners
    [2001.11.05] All Hits (CD+DVD)
    [2006.11.13] Studio 1 (CD+DVD)

    [1997.08.22] I Know Where It's At (CD1)
    [1997.08.22] I Know Where It's At (CD2)
    [1997.11.07] Never Ever (CD1)
    [1998.01.09] Bootie Call (CD1)
    [1998.04.13] Under the Bridge / Lady Marmalade (CD1)
    [1998.04.13] Under the Bridge / Lady Marmalade (CD2)
    [1998.08.31] War of Nerves (CD1)
    [2000.02.07] Pure Shores (CD2)
    [2000.10.02] Black Coffee (CD1)
    [2001.01.15] All Hooked Up (CD2)
    [2006.11.06] Rock Steady (CD1)
    [2006.11.06] Rock Steady (CD2)

    Ami Suzuki (鈴木あみ):
    [2005.10.12] AROUND THE WORLD (CD+DVD)
    [2008.02.06] DOLCE (CD+DVD)
    [2008.11.12] Supreme Show (CD+DVD)

    [2007.08.22] FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER

    [2002.08.05] All I Have
    [2003.05.16] Touch
    [2007.05.17] Because I Love It
    [2007.05.17] Because I Love It (iTunes bonus track, CD-R from Digital)
    [2009.11.09] In Love & War

    [2003.05.23] 1 Thing

    Ariana Grande:
    [2013.09.03] Yours Truly
    [2014.08.22] My Everything (Deluxe Edition)

    [2013.05.21] The Way

    [2002.04.08] Ashanti
    [2003.06.30] Chapter II
    [2004.12.13] Concrete Rose
    [2005.01.31] Can't Stop
    [2005.12.05] Collectables by Ashanti
    [2008.06.09] The Declaration
    [2014.03.03] Braveheart (Target Edition)

    [2005.01.24] Only U

    Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎あゆみ):
    [1999.01.01] A Song for xx
    [1999.11.10] LOVEppears
    [2000.09.27] Duty
    [2001.03.21] A BEST (+POSTCARDS)
    [2001.03.21] A BEST (+SLIPCASE)
    [2002.01.01] I am...
    [2002.12.18] RAINBOW
    [2003.03.12] A BALLADS (with slipcase)
    [2003.12.17] Memorial address
    [2004.12.15] MY STORY (CD+DVD)
    [2006.01.01] (miss)understood (+PHOTOBOOK)
    [2006.01.01] (miss)understood (CD+DVD+PHOTOBOOK)
    [2006.11.29] Secret (CD+DVD)
    [2007.02.28] A BEST 2 -BLACK- (CD+2DVD) (First Press Edition with black case)
    [2007.02.28] A BEST 2 -WHITE- (CD+2DVD) (First Press Edition with white case)
    [2008.01.01] GUILTY (CD+DVD)
    [2009.03.25] NEXT LEVEL (2CD+DVD)
    [2010.04.14] Rock 'n' Roll Circus (CD+DVD)
    [2010.12.22] Love songs (CD+DVD)
    [2011.04.20] ayu-mi-x 7 -LIMITED COMPLETE BOX SET-
    [2011.08.31] FIVE (CD+DVD)
    [2012.03.21] Party Queen (CD+2DVD)
    [2013.02.08] LOVE again (CD+DVD+FIGURE+PHOTOBOOK)
    [2014.07.02] Colours (CD+DVD)

    [1999.08.11] A
    [1999.11.10] appears
    [2000.04.26] vogue
    [2000.09.27] SURREAL (Signed)
    [2000.11.01] AUDIENCE
    [2001.03.07] NEVER EVER
    [2004.03.31] Moments (CD+DVD)
    [2004.07.28] INSPIRE (CD+DVD)
    [2004.09.29] CAROLS
    [2005.04.20] STEP you / is this LOVE? (CD+DVD)
    [2005.08.03] fairyland (CD+DVD)
    [2007.09.19] talkin' 2 myself
    [2009.02.25] Rule / Sparkle (CD+DVD)
    [2009.12.29] You were... / BALLAD (CD+DVD)

    [2000.12.13] SURREAL (DVD)
    [2012.03.21] ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~

    A BEST Postcards
    off my day Photobook

    [2011.05.17] Fiction and Fact

    [2009.10.14] BEAST is the B2ST
    [2010.03.01] Shock of the New Era
    [2010.09.28] Mastermind
    [2010.11.09] Lights go on again
    [2012.07.22] Midnight Sun

    Fiction and Fact poster
    Midnight Sun poster

    Baek Ji Young (백지영):
    [2008.11.13] Sensibility
    [2012.05.17] Good Boy

    [2013.09.10] London

    [2003.06.23] Dangerously In Love
    [2006.09.04] B'Day
    [2007.04.23] B'Day: Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)
    [2009.11.02] I Am... Sasha Fierce: Platinum Edition (CD+DVD)
    [2010.11.30] I Am... World Tour (CD+DVD)
    [2013.12.11] Beyoncé

    [1995.06.01] Post (Digipack)
    [1997.09.22] Homogenic
    [2001.08.21] Vespertine
    [2003.06.03] Greatest Hits
    [2007.05.07] Volta (CD+DVD)

    [2000.08.26] ID; Peace B
    [2001.03.03] Jumping into the World
    [2002.01.14] NO.1
    [2002.03.13] LISTEN TO MY HEART
    [2002.06.01] NO.1 (Japanese Issue)
    [2002.08.07] Peace B.REMIXES
    [2002.09.24] Miracle
    [2003.01.29] VALENTI (CD+DVD)
    [2003.05.03] Atlantis Princess
    [2003.08.27] Next World
    [2003.12.04] Shine We Are
    [2004.01.15] LOVE & HONESTY (CD+DVD)
    [2004.01.15] LOVE & HONESTY (Slipcase)
    [2004.03.03] K-pop Selection (CD+DVD)
    [2004.06.11] My Name
    [2004.08.12] My Name (Taiwan version)
    [2005.02.02] BEST OF SOUL
    [2005.02.02] BEST OF SOUL (CD+DVD)
    [2005.07.27] Girls On Top: MOTO Edition
    [2006.02.15] OUTGROW
    [2006.02.15] OUTGROW (CD+DVD)
    [2007.01.17] MADE IN TWENTY (20) (CD+DVD)
    [2008.02.27] THE FACE (CD+2DVD)
    [2009.03.18] BEST&USA (2CD)
    [2009.03.18] BEST&USA (2CD+2DVD)
    [2009.09.22] BoA: Deluxe
    [2010.02.10] IDENTITY (CD+DVD) (First Press; metallic font)
    [2010.08.05] HURRICANE VENUS
    [2010.09.24] Copy & Paste
    [2012.07.25] Only One
    [2012.07.25] Only One (Limited Edition)
    [2014.09.03] WHO'S BACK? (CD+DVD)

    [2001.05.30] ID; Peace B
    [2001.07.25] Amazing Kiss
    [2001.12.05] 気持ちはつたわる
    [2002.01.17] LISTEN TO MY HEART
    [2002.03.13] Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ-
    [2002.05.29] Don't start now
    [2002.08.28] VALENTI
    [2002.09.19] 奇蹟 / NO.1
    [2002.12.11] JEWEL SONG / BESIDE YOU -僕を呼ぶ声-
    [2003.05.14] Shine We Are! / Earthsong
    [2003.10.22] DOUBLE (Japanese)
    [2003.10.22] DOUBLE (Korean)
    [2003.12.03] Rock With You (Japanese)
    [2003.12.03] Rock With You (Korean)
    [2004.02.11] Be the one
    [2004.09.01] QUINCY / コノヨノシルシ
    [2004.12.01] メリクリ
    [2004.12.01] 메리-크리
    [2005.03.30] DO THE MOTION
    [2005.08.31] make a secret
    [2005.11.23] 抱きしめる
    [2006.01.18] Everlasting (Japanese)
    [2006.01.20] Everlasting (Korean)
    [2006.04.05] 七色の明日 ~brand new beat~ / Your Color (CD+DVD)
    [2006.08.09] KEY OF HEART / DOTCH (CD+DVD)
    [2006.11.01] Winter Love
    [2007.04.25] Sweet Impact
    [2007.09.26] LOVE LETTER
    [2007.12.12] LOSE YOUR MIND
    [2008.02.20] be with you.
    [2008.06.04] Vivid
    [2008.10.21] Eat You Up (Club promo CD)
    [2009.02.18] 永遠 / UNIVERSE / Believe in LOVE
    [2009.10.28] BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
    [2009.12.09] まもりたい ~White Wishes~
    [2009.12.09] まもりたい ~White Wishes~: Tales of Graces Edition
    [2010.07.21] WOO WEEKEND (CD+DVD)
    [2011.12.05] Milestone (First Press)
    [2013.02.27] Only One
    [2013.02.27] Only One (First Press CD+DVD)
    [2013.02.27] Only One (USB Type A)
    [2013.02.27] Only One (USB Type B)
    [2013.06.26] Tail of Hope
    [2013.06.26] Tail of Hope (First Press CD+DVD)
    [2013.06.26] Tail of Hope (USB Type A)
    [2013.06.26] Tail of Hope (USB Type B)
    [2013.06.26] Tail of Hope (English Version CD)
    [2013.10.23] Message / Call my name (First Press CD+DVD)
    [2014.03.05] Shout It Out
    [2014.07.23] Masayume Chasing [Limited Edition ("Fairy Tail" Ver.)]
    [2014.12.03] FLY (CD+PHOTOBOOK)

    [2003.03.19] 8 Films & more
    [2003.08.05] History of BoA 2000-2002
    [2004.07.07] BoA LIVE TOUR 2004 -LOVE & HONESTY-
    [2015.02.25] BoA Live Tour 2014 -Who's Back?-

    NO.1 poster
    LOVE&HONESTY Postcards
    MADE IN TWENTY (20) Postcards
    Copy & Paste poster
    Only One Poster (Regular & Limited Edition)
    Only One Everysing Poster
    Hurricane Venus clear file
    Hurricane Venus signed photo
    Here I Am ~special live~ Tumbler
    Here I Am ~special live~ Poster
    Here I Am ~special live~ Bromide
    Here I Am ~special live~ Bling bag
    Here I Am ~special live~ Button set
    Here I Am ~special live~ Postcard set
    Here I Am ~special live~ T shirt
    Here I Am ~special live~ Glowstick x4
    Here I Am ~special live~ Scarf
    Here I Am ~special live~ Banner
    Here I Am ~special live~ Tote bag
    Here I Am ~special live~ Press badge+press release
    Only One (File set)
    Only One (Pen and paper set)
    Tail of Hope SOUL bonus clear wall display holder
    Tail of Hope SOUL bonus A3 size clear posters x 3

    [1994.12.05] Brandy
    [1998.06.08] Never Say Never
    [2002.02.25] Full Moon
    [2004.06.24] Afrodisiac
    [2005.03.28] The Best Of Brandy
    [2008.12.08] Human
    [2012.10.16] Two Eleven (Deluxe Edition) [Signed]

    Brave Girls:
    [2012.02.22] re:issue

    [2011.04.08] the Difference

    Britney Spears:
    [1999.03.08] ...Baby One More Time
    [2000.10.09] Oops!... I Did It Again
    [2001.11.05] Britney
    [2003.11.17] In The Zone
    [2004.11.08] Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
    [2007.11.14] Blackout (Japanese Issue)
    [2008.12.01] Circus
    [2011.03.25] Femme Fatale
    [2011.03.25] Femme Fatale (Fan Edition)

    [2007.10.22] Gimme More
    [2009.11.23] The Singles Collection: Ultimate Fan Box
    [2011.02.18] Hold It Against Me

    [2004.03.24] In The Zone (DVD with CD)
    [2004.11.08] Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
    [2011.11.28] Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour

    Brooke Valentine:
    [2005.06.27] Chain Letter

    Brown Eyed Girls:
    [2006.03.02] Your Story
    [2007.09.06] 떠나라 미스김 (Signed)
    [2008.01.17] With L.O.V.E. Brown Eyed Girls (Signed)
    [2008.09.10] My Style
    [2009.07.21] Sound-G
    [2009.10.29] Sound-G: Sign (Repackage)
    [2011.09.27] Sixth Sense
    [2011.11.09] Cleansing Cream (Repackage)
    [2013.07.29] Black Box

    [2012.07.17] Brown Eyed Girls The Original (CD-R from Digital)

    Sixth Sense group poster
    Sixth Sense clear file
    Autograph box set w/ cap and pencils, Narsha signed photo

    [2006.05.10] FRUITS CLiPPER
    [2007.02.21] Sugarless GiRL
    [2007.10.10] capsule rmx
    [2007.12.05] FLASH BACK
    [2008.11.19] MORE! MORE! MORE!
    [2009.08.26] FLASH BEST (CD+DVD)
    [2010.03.03] PLAYER (CD+DVD)
    [2011.05.25] WORLD OF FANTASY
    [2012.03.07] STEREO WORXXX (2CD)

    [2006.08.28] Cassie

    [2008.11.03] Does You Inspire You?
    [2012.09.12] Something (Special Japan Edition)

    [2010.09.27] Charice

    [2010.09.20] Pyramid (Promotional CD)

    Charli XCX:
    [2011.11.20] Nuclear Seasons (Promo CD)
    [2012.09.00] You're the One (Promo CD)
    [2013.02.00] You (Ha Ha Ha) [Promo CD]

    [2015.02.18] Sucker (Japan first press)

    [2006.09.18] Unappreciated
    [2008.05.12] The Truth

    Cheryl Cole:
    [2009.10.26] 3 Words (Fan box)
    [2010.11.01] Messy Little Raindrops

    [2009.12.21] 3 Words
    [2010.03.09] Parachute

    Christina Aguilera:
    [2000.11.06] Christina Aguilera: Limited Edition (2CD)
    [2002.10.26] Stripped
    [2006.08.14] Back to Basics
    [2008.11.07] Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits (CD+DVD)
    [2010.06.07] Bionic: Deluxe Edition
    [2010.06.07] Bionic: Deluxe Edition (iTunes bonus track, CD-R from Digital)
    [2012.11.12] Lotus: Deluxe Edition

    [1999.10.12] Genie in a Bottle
    [2002.11.11] Dirrty
    [2003.02.24] Beautiful

    Christina Milian:
    [2001.10.21] Christina Milian
    [2004.05.31] It's About Time
    [2004.10.04] It's About Time (CD+DVD)
    [2006.04.12] So Amazin' (Japanese Issue)

    [2001.09.11] AM To PM
    [2002.06.17] When You Look At Me (Signed)
    [2004.05.03] Dip It Low
    [2004.10.04] Whatever U Want
    [2006.05.22] Say I

    [2005.01.24] Goodies
    [2007.04.09] The Evolution (CD+DVD)
    [2009.05.04] Fantasy Ride
    [2013.07.09] Ciara (with signed poster)
    [2013.07.09] Ciara (Target Edition)

    CoCo Lee:
    [2005.04.05] Exposed (Slipcase)
    [2006.09.22] Just Want You

    Courtney Stodden
    [2012.05.01] Reality (CD-R from Digital)

    Crystal Kay:
    [2007.05.16] あなたのそばで

    Cubic U:
    [1998.01.28] Precious

    Dami Im:
    [2014.10.17] Heart Beats Again (Signed)

    [2014.05.16] Super Love

    Danity Kane:
    [2008.04.21] Welcome To The Dollhouse

    Dawn Richard:
    [2012.03.27] Armor On (CD-R from Digital)

    [2013.02.18] GoldenHeart
    [2015.01.15] Blackheart (Digital from iTunes)
    [2015.01.25] Blackheart (Vinyl)

    Destiny's Child:
    [2000.11.13] The Writing's On The Wall (2CD)
    [2001.04.30] Survivor
    [2004.11.15] Destiny Fulfilled
    [2005.10.24] #1's (CD+DVD)

    [2005.02.07] Soldier

    Diana Vickers:
    [2010.05.03] Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree

    [2010.04.19] Once
    [2010.07.19] The Boy Who Murdered Love
    [2010.11.01] My Wicked Heart

    Donna Summer
    [2008.06.06] Crayons

    [1999.06.02] Crystal
    [2000.10.29] double
    [2001.04.25] double ENG ver.
    [2002.10.09] VISION
    [2002.11.20] Re:VISION
    [2003.11.19] Wonderful
    [2004.11.24] Life is beautiful
    [2007.08.08] Reflex (CD+DVD)
    [2008.02.06] 10 YEARS BEST WE R&B (2CD+DVD) (First Press)
    [2011.10.05] WOMAN

    [2003.07.30] Rollin' on
    [2007.12.05] 残り火 -eternal BED-

    Ellie Goulding:
    [2010.03.01] Lights
    [2010.11.29] Bright Lights
    [2011.03.08] Lights (US Edition)

    [2009.12.20] An Introduction to Ellie Goulding
    [2010.02.22] Starry Eyed
    [2010.05.00] Guns And Horses (Promo)
    [2010.05.17] Guns And Horses
    [2010.08.08] The Writer (Promotional CD)
    [2012.08.00] Anything Could Happen (Promo)

    Eva Simons:
    [2009.10.12] Silly Boy (Promotional CD-R)
    [2012.26.03] I Don't Like You (CD-R from Digital)

    [2010.05.03] NU ABO
    [2011.06.14] Hot Summer (Repackage Album)
    [2012.06.10] Electric Shock

    Faith Evans:
    [2005.05.16] The First Lady

    [2004.12.13] Free Yourself

    Far East Movement:
    [2011.03.15] 2 Is Better (CD-R from Digital)

    [2006.09.18] The Dutchess

    [1999.08.16] Right Here Right Now (2CD)

    [2012.08.31] VISTA
    [2012.11.09] We Don't Stop

    [2011.06.11] Experiments (Signed)

    Foxy Brown:
    [1997.09.29] Ill Na Na
    [1999.06.18] Chyna Doll
    [2001.07.16] Broken Silence
    [2008.05.26] Brooklyn's Don Diva

    [1997.09.22] Big Bad Mama

    GaIn (가인):
    [2010.10.08] step 2/4
    [2012.10.08] Talk about S.
    [2014.02.06] Truth or Dare

    [2010.12.21] Bad Temper (CD-R from Digital)

    step 2/4 poster
    Talk about S. poster

    Ginette Claudette:
    [2014.09.03] Tainted Emotions

    Girls Aloud:
    [2003.12.01] Sound Of The Underground
    [2004.11.24] What Will The Neighbours Say?
    [2005.12.05] Chemistry: Christmas Edition
    [2006.10.30] The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits
    [2007.11.19] Tangled Up
    [2008.11.03] Out of Control
    [2008.11.03] Out of Control: Deluxe Edition (2CD)

    [2009.07.22] Singles Box Set

    Girls' Generation:
    [2010.03.24] Run Devil Run (Repackage Album)
    [2011.06.01] GIRLS' GENERATION (Deluxe CD+DVD)
    [2013.01.01] I Got a Boy

    [2010.10.27] Hoot

    I GOT A BOY Group Poster

    [2013.01.02] I Like That

    Gwen Stefani:
    [2004.12.06] Love.Angel.Music.Baby (Deluxe packaging version)
    [2006.12.04] The Sweet Escape

    Haifa Wehbe:
    [2002.00.00] Houwa Al Zaman]
    [2005.00.00] Baddi Eesh
    [2008.07.04] Habibi Ana
    [2010.03.00] Baby Haifa
    [2012.05.08] MJK

    Heidi Montag:
    [28.04.2009] Wherever I Am (CD-R from Digital)
    [04.08.2009] Here She Is... (CD-R from Digital)
    [11.01.2010] Superficial (CD-R from Digital)
    [11.04.2012] Dreams Come True (CD-R from Digital)

    [26.02.2008] Higher (CD-R from Digital)
    [14.08.2009] Body Language (CD-R from Digital)
    [15.02.2010] Sex Ed (CD-R from Digital)
    [15.02.2010] Trash Me (CD-R from Digital)

    Hwayobi (화요비):
    [2009.02.06] This Is Love

    HyunA (현아):
    [2011.07.05] Bubble Pop!
    [2012.10.22] Melting

    Bubble Pop! poster

    Iggy Azalea:
    [2013.04.00] Work (Promo CD)

    Jade Ewen:
    [2009.09.21] My Man

    [2001.05.14] Drama
    [2004.11.08] Thank You
    [2007.12.15] Walk With Me

    [2006.12.04] Beware Of The Dog (Promotional CD)

    Janet Jackson:
    [1986.02.06] Control
    [1997.10.06] The Velvet Rope
    [2001.04.23] All For You
    [2004.03.29] Damita Jo
    [2006.09.25] 20 Y.O.
    [2006.09.25] 20 Y.O. (CD+DVD)
    [2008.02.25] Discipline

    [2010.07.21] GOLD
    [2010.07.21] GOLD (CD+DVD, digipack)
    [2013.08.28] Complexxx (CD+DVD, digipack)
    [2014.03.12] Welcome to Jas Vegas
    [2014.10.29] PURE LOVE BEST (2CD first press)

    [2009.06.24] sad to say
    [2013.07.31] HERO

    JeA (제아):
    [2013.01.04] Just JeA

    Just JeA poster

    Jeffree Star:
    [13.03.2007] Plastic Surgery Slumber Party (CD-R from Digital)
    [09.12.2008] Cupcakes Taste Like Violence (CD-R from Digital)
    [22.09.2009] Beauty Killer (CD-R from Digital)

    [26.02.2008] Heart Surgery Isn't That Bad... (CD-R from Digital)
    [17.04.2008] I Hate Music (CD-R from Digital)
    [16.02.2010] Blush (CD-R from Digital)
    [29.06.2010] Size of Your Boat (feat. Muffy) (CD-R from Digital)
    [09.10.2010] I'm In Love (With a Killer) (CD-R from Digital)
    [04.11.2010] Kiss It Better (CD-R from Digital)

    Jennifer Hudson:
    [2008.09.28] Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Lopez:
    [1999.06.01] On the 6
    [2001.06.21] J.Lo
    [2001.11.05] J.Lo (Special Edition)
    [2002.11.25] This Is Me... Then
    [2005.03.21] Rebirth
    [2005.03.21] Rebirth (CD+DVD)
    [2007.10.15] Brave (CD+DVD)

    [2003.03.17] All I Have
    [2011.03.11] On the Floor (feat. Pitbull)

    Jessie J:
    [2011.11.14] Who You Are (CD+DVD Deluxe Edition)

    [2011.05.30] Nobody's Perfect

    Jhené Aiko:
    [2013.11.12] Sail Out
    [2014.09.08] Souled Out (Deluxe Edition)
    [2014.09.09] Souled Out (Signed Deluxe Edition)
    [2014.09.09] Souled Out

    Complex magazine

    Jo Kwon (조권):
    [2012.06.25] Animal

    Jolin Tsai (蔡依林):
    [2012.09.14] MUSE -IN LOVE-
    [2014.11.15] 呸 PLAY -MEDUSA EDITION- (Signed)

    Jordin Sparks:
    [2008.04.14] Jordin Sparks
    [2009.07.20] Battlefield

    Justin Bieber:
    [2010.01.18] My World
    [2010.03.22] My Worlds
    [2010.10.13] My Worlds: Special Edition (Japanese Issue)
    [2010.11.22] My Worlds: The Collection
    [2011.02.21] Never Say Never: The Remixes
    [2011.11.05] Under the Mistletoe (Box set)
    [2012.06.18] Believe (CD+DVD Deluxe)
    [2012.06.18] Believe (Fanzine Edition)
    [2013.01.28] Believe Acoustic (VIP Personalised Edition)

    [2009.12.21] One Time (My Heart Edition) [CD-R from Digital]
    [2010.12.03] Pray
    [2012.06.18] Turn to You

    Jacket poster
    Never Say Never poster
    Rooftop poster
    Car poster
    Boyfriend poster
    Jacket mini poster
    2013 Calendar
    Official poster book
    Believe tour book
    Believe tour poster

    LOVE Magazine
    Vanity Fair Magazine
    Rolling Stone Magazine
    Fabulous Magazine
    Rollacoaster magazine

    K. Michelle:
    [2013.08.13] Rebellious Soul (Best Buy edition)
    [2014.12.09] Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? (Best Buy Edition)

    Kahi (가희):
    [2011.02.14] 돌아와 나쁜 너

    [2008.08.19] First Love

    Kate Havnevik:
    [2006.10.16] Melankton
    [2009.09.00] Me
    [2011.10.10] You
    [2014.03.31] Residue

    [2006.09.18] Unlike Me

    Katy B:
    [2011.04.04] On a Mission
    [2014.02.10] Little Red (Deluxe Edition)

    [2011.03.00] Broken Record (Promo CD)
    [2011.06.00] Easy Please Me (Promo CD)
    [2011.08.00] Witches' Brew (Promo CD)
    [2013.07.00] What Love Is Made Of (Promo CD)
    [2013.10.00] 5 AM (Promo CD)
    [2014.01.00] Crying For No Reason (Promo CD)

    Katy Perry:
    [2013.10.18] Prism (Deluxe Edition)

    [2010.06.20] California Gurls (Promotional CD-R)
    [2010.08.30] Teenage Dream (Promotional CD-R)

    [2000.02.28] Kaleidoscope
    [2001.10.29] Wanderland
    [2003.12.08] Tasty
    [2006.09.11] Kelis Was Here
    [2010.05.17] Flesh Tone: HMV Exclusive (Signed)

    [2006.09.04] Bossy (Promotional CD-R)
    [2010.05.10] Acapella

    Kelly Clarkson:
    [2003.07.07] Thankful
    [2004.11.30] Breakaway
    [2007.06.25] My December
    [2009.03.09] All I Ever Wanted (CD+DVD)
    [2011.10.24] Stronger (Deluxe)
    [2012.11.26] Greatest Hits - Chapter One (CD+DVD)
    [2015.02.25] Piece By Piece (Box Set)

    Kelly Rowland:
    [2003.02.03] Simply Deep
    [2007.06.23] Ms. Kelly
    [2008.05.12] Ms. Kelly: Deluxe Edition

    Keke Palmer:
    [2007.09.18] So Uncool

    [2008.07.08] Love Is Dead

    [2010.02.01] Animal (Signed)
    [2010.05.12] Animal (Japanese Issue) (CD+DVD) (First Press with Ke$ha stickers)
    [2010.11.22] Cannibal
    [2011.01.31] Animal+Cannibal (2CD)
    [2012.12.03] Warrior (HMV Exclusive Slipcase)
    [2012.12.04] Deconstructed

    [2009.11.30] TiK ToK
    [2010.03.01] Blah Blah Blah
    [2010.05.21] Your Love Is My Drug
    [2011.01.07] We R Who We R
    [2012.09.25] Die Young (Signed)

    Keyshia Cole:
    [2005.07.04] The Way It Is
    [2007.10.15] Just Like You
    [2008.12.16] A Different Me

    [2002.11.18] Thug Misses

    [2004.10.04] My Neck, My Back (Lick It)

    Kikyo Shiraishi (白石桔梗):
    [2008.02.20] BLACK (CD+DVD)

    Koda Kumi (倖田來未):
    [2002.03.27] affection (First Press; Slipcase)
    [2003.03.19] grow into one (First Press; Slipcase)
    [2004.02.18] feel my mind
    [2005.02.09] secret (CD+DVD)
    [2005.04.13] secret special edition for live (CD+DVD)
    [2005.09.21] BEST ~first things~ (2CD+DVD; First Press; Special photobook)
    [2006.03.08] BEST ~second session~ (First Press; Special photobook)
    [2006.03.08] BEST ~second session~ (CD+2DVD)
    [2006.12.20] Black Cherry
    [2006.12.20] Black Cherry (CD+DVD)
    [2006.12.20] Black Cherry (CD+2DVD)
    [2007.03.14] BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~ (CD+DVD)
    [2008.01.30] Kingdom (First Press; sticker)
    [2008.01.30] Kingdom (CD+DVD) (First Press; stickers)
    [2008.01.30] Kingdom (CD+2DVD) (First Press; stickers)
    [2009.01.28] TRICK (CD+2DVD)
    [2009.03.25] Driving Hit's
    [2010.02.03] BEST ~third universe~ & 8th AL "UNIVERSE" (2CD+DVD)
    [2011.03.02] Dejavu (CD+DVD+SLIPCASE)
    [2012.01.25] JAPONESQUE (CD+2DVD)
    [2012.01.25] JAPONESQUE (CD+GOODS)
    [2014.02.26] Bon Voyage
    [2015.03.18] WALK OF MY LIFE (CD+DVD+POSTER First press)

    [2001.05.09] Trust Your Love
    [2002.12.11] m·a·z·e
    [2003.08.27] COME WITH ME
    [2004.05.26] LOVE & HONEY (CD+DVD)
    [2004.07.28] Chase
    [2004.09.08] 奇跡 (CD+DVD)
    [2005.01.19] hands
    [2005.08.10] flower
    [2005.09.07] Promise / Star (CD+DVD)
    [2005.12.07] 01 you
    [2005.12.14] 02 Birthday Eve
    [2005.12.21] 03 D.D.D
    [2005.12.28] 04 Shake It Up
    [2006.01.04] 05 Lies
    [2006.01.11] 06 feel
    [2006.01.18] 07 Candy
    [2006.01.25] 08 No Regret
    [2006.02.01] 09 今すぐ欲しい
    [2006.02.08] 10 KAMEN
    [2006.02.15] 11 WIND
    [2006.02.22] 12 Someday / Boys♡Girls
    [2006.05.24] 恋のつぼみ (CD+DVD)
    [2006.07.26] 4 hot wave (CD+DVD)
    [2006.10.18] 夢のうた / ふたりで... (CD+DVD)
    [2006.12.06] Cherry Girl / 運命 (CD+DVD)
    [2007.03.14] BUT / 愛証
    [2007.06.27] FREAKY (CD+DVD) (First Press; Remixes)
    [2007.09.12] 愛のうた
    [2007.11.07] LAST ANGEL
    [2008.01.23] anytime (First Press; Bonus remix)
    [2008.06.11] MOON (First Press; Bonus remix)
    [2008.10.08] TABOO (First Press; Bonus remix)
    [2008.12.10] stay with me (First Press; Bonus remix)
    [2009.03.31] It's all Love! (Fanclub edition)
    [2009.07.08] 3 SPLASH (CD+DVD)
    [2010.01.20] Can We Go Back

    [2005.09.21] secret ~FIRST CLASS LIMITED LIVE~
    [2007.03.28] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2006~2007 ~second session~ (2DVD) (First Press; special slipcase)
    [2008.03.31] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2007 ~Black Cherry~ SPECIAL FINAL in TOKYO DOME (2DVD)
    [2008.09.24] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2008 ~Kingdom~ (2DVD) (First Press; special slipcase)
    [2009.10.21] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2009 ~TRICK~
    [2013.12.04] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2013 ~JAPONESQUE~ (3DVD First press)

    4 hot wave Postcard
    Cherry Girl / 運命 x2
    FREAKY file set
    Kingdom Sticker x3

    Koyanagi Yuki (小柳ゆき):
    [2007.03.21] SUNRISE

    Kylie Minogue:
    [2000.09.25] Light Years
    [2002.11.18] Fever
    [2003.11.17] Body Language
    [2007.09.28] Kylie Minogue/Impossible Princess (2CD)
    [2007.11.26] X (CD+DVD)
    [2010.07.05] Aphrodite
    [2010.07.05] Aphrodite (CD+DVD)

    [2010.06.28] All the Lovers
    [2012.11.12] Flower (CD+7" Vinyl)

    Lady Gaga:
    [2009.01.12] The Fame
    [2009.07.22] The Fame (CD+DVD) (Japanese Issue)
    [2009.11.23] The Fame Monster (2CD)
    [2009.11.23] The Fame Monster (International Digipack Edition)
    [2010.05.10] The Remix
    [2010.08.03] The Cherrytree Sessions
    [2011.05.23] Born This Way
    [2011.11.21] Born This Way - The Collection
    [2013.11.11] ARTPOP (Foil cover)

    [2008.06.17] Just Dance (The Remixes)
    [2008.12.24] Just Dance (7" Vinyl)
    [2009.03.10] Poker Face (The Remixes)
    [2009.04.13] Poker Face (7" Vinyl)
    [2009.06.09] LoveGame (The Remixes)
    [2009.07.06] Paparazzi
    [2009.07.06] Paparazzi (7" Vinyl)
    [2009.09.21] LoveGame(7" Vinyl)
    [2009.10.13] Paparazzi (The Remixes)
    [2009.11.19] Bad Romance
    [2009.11.23] Bad Romance (7" Vinyl)
    [2010.01.12] Bad Romance (The Remixes)
    [2010.03.15] Telephone
    [2010.03.15] Telephone (7" Vinyl)
    [2010.06.28] Alejandro
    [2011.03.14] Born This Way (Digipack)
    [2011.05.16] Judas

    The Fame Disco Stick poster
    The Fame Monster poster
    Born This Way Ball Tour poster

    Lana Del Rey:
    [2012.01.31] Born to Die - Deluxe Edition (Digipack)
    [2012.11.12] Born to Die - The Paradise Edition (Deluxe Box Set)
    [2014.06.16] Ultraviolence (Deluxe Box Set)

    [2011.04.11] Video Games / Blue Jeans
    [2012.03.23] Born to Die
    [2012.03.00] Blue Jeans (Promo)
    [2012.07.13] Summertime Sadness
    [2012.10.00] Ride (Promo)

    Badge set

    Leah Dizon:
    [2008.03.26] Love Paradox (CD+DVD)

    Lee Hyori (이효리):
    [2006.02.09] Dark Angel

    Lee Jung Hyun (이정현):
    [2010.05.11] LEE JUNG HYUN 007TH

    Leighton Meester:
    [2014.10.27] Heartstrings

    Leona Lewis:
    [2007.11.12] Spirit
    [2008.11.17] Spirit: The Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)
    [2009.11.16] Echo
    [2012.10.15] Glassheart (Signed)

    [2006.08.14] LeToya

    Lil' Kim:
    [1997.09.08] Hard Core (Signed)
    [2000.06.26] The Notorious K.I.M.
    [2003.03.03] La Bella Mafia
    [2005.09.26] The Naked Truth

    Lindsay Lohan
    [2004.12.13] Speak
    [2005.12.06] A Little More Personal (Raw)

    [2004.09.21] Rumors
    [2008.05.27] Bossy (CD-R from Digital)

    Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes:
    [2001.10.29] Supernova

    Little Boots:
    [2009.06.08] Hands

    Livvi Franc:
    [2009.09.13] Now I'm That Chick (Promotional CD-R)

    [2013.09.27] Pure Heroine

    [2012.10.26] Heal

    [2012.06.15] Euphoria

    London Grammar:
    [2014.03.25] If You Wait (US edition)

    [2003.08.04] Almost Famous

    [2005.04.18] Arular

    [2011.10.05] MADEMOWORLD
    [2013.09.18] WHATEVER HARAJUKU

    [1983.07.23] Madonna
    [1987.07.20] Who's That Girl: Original Soundtrack
    [1987.11.16] You Can Dance
    [1989.03.30] Like a Prayer
    [1990.05.21] I'm Breathless
    [1990.11.01] The Immaculate Collection
    [1992.10.19] Erotica (UK)
    [1992.10.20] Erotica (US)
    [1994.10.24] Bedtime Stories
    [1994.10.24] Bedtime Stories (Blue tray)
    [1995.11.06] Something to Remember
    [1998.03.02] Ray of Light
    [2000.09.18] Music
    [2000.09.18] Music (2CD Slipcase)
    [2001.05.21] Madonna (Remastered)
    [2001.05.21] Like a Virgin (Remastered)
    [2001.05.21] True Blue (Remastered)
    [2001.11.12] GHV2
    [2003.04.21] American Life
    [2003.04.21] American Life (Limited Edition)
    [2003.11.04] Remixed & Revisited
    [2005.11.14] Confessions on a Dance Floor
    [2005.11.14] Confessions on a Dance Floor (Limited Edition)
    [2008.04.28] Hard Candy
    [2008.04.28] Hard Candy (Limited Edition)
    [2012.03.26] MDNA
    [2012.03.26] MDNA: Deluxe Edition
    [2012.03.26] MDNA: Deluxe Edition (Digipack)
    [2012.03.26] The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008)
    [2014.03.09] Rebel Heart (2CD Super Deluxe)

    [1983.09.08] Lucky Star (7" Vinyl)
    [1984.01.17] Holiday
    [1984.02.15] Borderline (7" Vinyl)
    [1984.11.06] Like a Virgin (7" Vinyl)
    [1985.01.30] Material Girl (7" Vinyl)
    [1985.04.10] Angel (7" Vinyl)
    [1985.07.23] Into the Groove (7" Vinyl)
    [1985.07.24] Dress You Up (12" Vinyl)
    [1986.06.11] Papa Don't Preach (7" Vinyl)
    [1986.09.29] True Blue (7" Vinyl)
    [1986.11.12] Open Your Heart (7" Vinyl)
    [1986.11.12] Open Your Heart (12" Picture disc)
    [1987.02.25] La Isla Bonita (7" Vinyl)
    [1989.03.21] Like a Prayer (12" Vinyl)
    [1989.03.21] Like a Prayer (12" Picture disc)
    [1989.05.09] Express Yourself (7" Vinyl)
    [1990.03.20] Vogue
    [1990.03.20] Vogue (12" Vinyl)
    [1990.12.02] Justify My Love
    [1990.12.02] Justify My Love (7" Vinyl)
    [1992.10.11] Erotica
    [1992.12.06] Deeper and Deeper
    [1993.02.22] Bad Girl (CD1)
    [1993.03.22] Fever
    [1993.07.25] Rain
    [1994.03.08] I'll Remember
    [1994.09.27] Secret (CD1)
    [1994.12.06] Take a Bow (with 3 photograph prints)
    [1995.02.13] Bedtime Story (2CD Picture book digipack)
    [1995.08.20] Human Nature
    [1995.10.30] You'll See (CD+Calendar)
    [1998.02.23] Frozen
    [1998.09.20] Drowned World (Substitute for Love) (CD1)
    [1998.11.16] The Power of Good-Bye/Little Star
    [1999.03.02] Nothing Really Matters (CD1)
    [1999.06.01] Beautiful Stranger
    [2000.03.03] American Pie (CD1)
    [2000.08.21] Music (Digipack)
    [2000.11.21] Don't Tell Me (CD1)
    [2001.04.17] What It Feels Like For a Girl (CD1)
    [2002.10.22] Die Another Day (CD1)
    [2003.04.14] American Life (CD1)
    [2003.07.07] Hollywood (CD1)
    [2003.12.08] Love Profusion (CD1)
    [2005.11.07] Hung Up (CD2)
    [2006.02.28] Sorry (CD1)
    [2006.06.06] Get Together
    [2006.10.31] Jump (CD2)
    [2008.04.21] 4 Minutes (CD1)
    [2008.07.14] Give It 2 Me
    [2008.11.24] Miles Away
    [2009.09.14] Celebration
    [2012.03.19] Give Me All Your Luvin'
    [2012.05.14] Girl Gone Wild

    [1985.11.13] Live - The Virgin Tour (VHS)
    [1998.06.22] The Girlie Show - Live Down Under
    [1999.05.24] Ciao Italia: Live from Italy
    [1999.10.25] The Video Collection 93-99
    [2001.04.17] What It Feels Like For a Girl (DVD Single)
    [2001.11.05] Drowned World Tour
    [2002.05.06] In Bed With Madonna
    [2006.06.19] I'm Going to Tell You a Secret (DVD+CD)
    [2007.01.29] The Confessions Tour (DVD+CD)
    [2010.03.29] Sticky & Sweet Tour (DVD+CD)

    Badge set
    2013 Calendar
    Sticky & Sweet Tour mug

    Mai ():
    [2005.12.28] Reborn

    Mariah Carey
    [1990.06.12] Mariah Carey
    [1991.10.01] Emotions
    [1993.08.27] Music Box
    [1995.10.03] Daydream
    [1997.09.11] Butterfly
    [1999.11.02] Rainbow
    [2002.12.02] Charmbracelet
    [2005.03.30] The Emancipation Of Mimi (Japanese Issue)
    [2005.04.04] The Emancipation Of Mimi (Digipack)
    [2005.11.14] The Emancipation Of Mimi: Ultra Platinum Edition
    [2008.04.14] E=MC²
    [2009.11.23] Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel
    [2009.11.23] Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (Digipack)
    [2010.11.15] Merry Christmas II You

    Mary J. Blige:
    [1992.07.28] What's the 411?
    [1994.11.28] My Life
    [1997.04.22] Share My World
    [1999.10.01] Mary
    [2001.08.21] No More Drama
    [2003.11.03] Love & Life
    [2003.11.03] Love & Life (CD+DVD)
    [2005.12.12] The Breakthrough
    [2006.12.04] Reflections - A Retrospective
    [2008.02.04] Growing Pains

    [2011.07.12] Mona Lisa
    [2012.03.21] BLAQ%Ver. (repackage mini-album)

    [2009.10.14] JUST BLAQ
    [2010.05.17] Y

    [2008.06.18] STEP (CD+DVD digipack)

    [2008.05.16] 1st MEILIN STORY

    Miley Cyrus:
    [2008.09.01] Breakout
    [2009.11.09] The Time of Our Lives
    [2013.10.07] Bangerz (Deluxe Edition)
    [2013.10.07] Bangerz (Deluxe Edition) [Exclusive cover]

    [2015.03.23] Bangerz Tour

    V magazine 2014

    Miryo (미료):
    [2012.02.01] MIRYO aka JOHONEY

    MIRYO aka JOHONEY poster

    [2006.03.29] VS

    Miss A:
    [2011.07.18] A Class
    [2012.02.20] Touch
    [2012.10.15] Independent Women Pt.III

    [2010.07.01] Bad But Good
    [2010.09.27] Step Up

    A Class poster

    Missy Elliott:
    [1997.08.04] Supa Dupa Fly
    [1999.06.28] Da Real World
    [2002.04.01] Miss E... So Addictive
    [2002.11.11] Under Construction
    [2003.11.24] This Is Not A Test!
    [2005.07.04] The Cookbook

    [2005.06.20] Lose Control

    [1998.07.14] The Boy Is Mine
    [2003.09.21] After The Storm
    [2006.12.04] The Makings of Me

    Mutya Buena:
    [2007.06.04] Real Girl

    [2001.02.19] Fear of Flying
    [2003.07.21] Moodring

    [2010.11.08] Insatiable

    Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵):
    [1996.07.22] SWEET 19 BLUES (w/ slipcase)
    [1996.09.30] ORIGINAL TRACKS VOL.1
    [1997.07.24] Concentration 20
    [1998.01.28] 181920
    [2000.01.26] GENIUS 2000
    [2000.12.20] break the rules
    [2002.03.13] LOVE ENHANCED♥single collection
    [2003.12.10] STYLE
    [2005.07.13] Queen of Hip-Pop (First press)
    [2007.06.27] PLAY (First Press; stickers)
    [2008.07.30] BEST FICTION (CD+DVD) (First Press; digipack)
    [2009.12.16] PAST < FUTURE (CD+DVD) (First Press; Digipack)
    [2012.06.27] Uncontrolled
    [2012.06.27] Uncontrolled (CD+DVD)
    [2013.07.10] FEEL
    [2013.07.10] FEEL (CD+DVD) (Digipack)

    [2000.07.12] NEVER END
    [2002.02.14] I WILL
    [2005.04.06] WANT ME, WANT ME
    [2008.03.12] 60s70s80s (CD+DVD)

    Queen of Hip-Pop Pink Panther poster
    PLAY sticker set
    PAST < FUTURE Poster

    Nana Mizuki (水樹奈々):
    [2007.11.14] GREAT ACTIVITY (CD+DVD)

    Narsha (나르샤):
    [2010.07.08] Narsha

    [2010.08.20] 맘마미아 (Signed promo CD)

    Natalia Kills:
    [2011.03.18] Sampler
    [2011.04.01] Perfectionist (Signed)
    [2013.09.10] Trouble

    [2010.04.13] Activate My Heart (CD-R from Digital)
    [2010.11.02] Mirrors Remix
    [2011.00.00] Mirrors (Promo CD-R)
    [2011.02.11] Mirrors (Signed)
    [2011.04.01] Mirrors (Live at the Cherrytree House) (CD-R from Digital)

    Nelly Furtado:
    [2006.06.12] Loose

    [2011.11.25] BOUNCE (Promo CD)

    Nicki Minaj:
    [2010.11.23] Pink Friday (Solo Edit Versions) [CD-R from Digital]
    [2011.06.07] Pink Friday (New Version)
    [2012.04.02] Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Solo Edit Versions) [CD-R from Digital]
    [2012.11.21] Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-up
    [2014.12.15] The Pinkprint (Best Buy Edition)

    [2010.04.13] Massive Attack (CD-R from Digital)
    [2011.02.00] Moment 4 Life (Promo)
    [2012.11.00] Freedom (Promo)

    Fader Magazine March 2010 (Signed)
    TBW Tribute Issue April 2010
    Black Entertainment Diaries April 2010
    XXL Magazine May 2010
    Vibe Magazine June 2010
    BlackMen Magazine August 2010 (Signed)
    TBW September 2010
    Paper September 2010
    Nylon Magazine October 2010
    Complex Magazine October 2010
    Out Magazine October 2010
    SSX BlackMen Tribute Magazine November 2010
    TBW Tribute Issue November 2010
    SBH Magazine December 2010
    Ebony Magazine December 2010
    V Magazine February 2011
    Wonderland Magazine February 2012
    Dazed magazine 2014

    Nicola Roberts:
    [2011.07.11] Beat of My Drum (Signed)
    [2011.09.19] Lucky Day Bundle (Signed)

    [1998.07.24] Make It Hot

    Nine Muses (나인뮤지스):
    [2012.03.08] Sweet Rendezvous

    [2013.01.24] Dolls

    Doll poster

    [2002.12.10] Nivea
    [2005.05.03] Complicated

    Okuda Miwako (奥田美和子):
    [2005.06.22] 二人
    [2006.09.09] 君を想う (CD+DVD)

    [2004.09.09] 夢
    [2005.05.05] 雨と夢のあとに

    One Direction:
    [2013.11.25] Midnight Memories (The Ultimate Edition)
    [2014.11.17] Four (The Ultimate Edition)

    [2008.10.27] Funhouse
    [2009.05.25] P!nk Box (4CD)

    Paris Hilton
    [2006.08.28] Paris (CD+DVD) (Japanese Issue) (Slipcase)

    [2008.04.16] GAME
    [2009.07.08] ⊿
    [2011.11.30] JPN
    [2013.10.21] LEVEL3 (CD+DVD)

    [2011.05.18] レーザービーム / 微かなカオリ (CD+DVD w/ slipcase)
    [2012.04.11] Spring of Life
    [2012.08.15] Spending all my time
    [2013.05.22] Magic of Love
    [2013.11.27] Sweet Refrain (CD+DVD w/ poster)
    [2014.07.16] Cling Cling (CD+DVD Limited edition)
    [2015.04.29] Relax In The City / Pick Me Up (CD+DVD Limited Pressing)

    [2014.05.12] PERFUME 4TH TOUR IN DOME LEVEL 3

    World Tour 2nd shirt
    World Tour 3rd shirt

    Phlo Finister:
    [2011.11.00] Crown Gold (CD-R from Digital)

    Queen of Hearts:
    [2011.10.02] The Arrival (CD-R from Digital)
    [2012.05.14] Neon/Tears In the Rain (CD-R from Digital)

    Rain ():
    [2010.04.07] BACK TO THE BASIC

    [2008.04.29] Raven-Symoné

    [2005.08.29] Music of the Sun
    [2006.04.24] A Girl Like Me
    [2007.06.04] Good Girl Gone Bad
    [2008.11.17] Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded
    [2009.11.23] Rated R
    [2010.11.22] Loud: Couture Edition
    [2011.11.21] Talk That Talk
    [2012.11.19] Unapologetic (CD+DVD with slipcase)

    [2010.10.25] Only Girl (In The World)

    W magazine 2014

    Rina Aiuchi (愛内里菜):
    [2001.01.24] Be Happy
    [2002.05.15] POWER OF WORDS
    [2003.07.30] RINA AIUCHI REMIXES Cool City Production vol.5
    [2003.10.15] A.I.R
    [2003.12.17] Single Collection
    [2004.12.15] PLAYGIRL
    [2006.05.31] DELIGHT

    [2008.11.24] Robyn: Special Edition (Slipcase)
    [2010.06.14] Body Talk Pt. 1 (Signed)
    [2010.09.13] Body Talk Pt. 2
    [2010.11.29] Body Talk

    [2010.06.10] Dancing On My Own (Promotional CD)
    [2010.06.10] Dancing On My Own (Promotional CD-R)
    [2010.09.09] Hang With Me (Promotional CD)

    Rochelle Jordan:
    [2011.08.23] ROJO (CD-R from Digital)

    Róisín Murphy:
    [2007.10.15] Overpowered

    Sa Dingding (萨顶顶):
    [2007.08.28] Alive (万物生)

    [2008.05.12] Santogold

    Selena Gomez:
    [2013.07.22] Stars Dance (Deluxe Edition)

    Sevyn Streeter:
    [2013.12.03] Call Me Crazy, But...

    [2006.02.15] & YOU REVOLUTION
    [2006.09.13] CLAЯITY (CD+DVD) (First Press; fragrance beads)
    [2007.08.15] Love Spell (CD+DVD)

    [2006.05.17] CLOVER
    [2006.07.25] LOVE & PEACE
    [2007.03.07] Carat
    [2007.05.16] RULE
    [2007.07.25] 夏花火

    [2005.07.14] ☆ギャルでも出来た☆会社の作り方!+I 謡PV

    [2012.03.15] Ghost Street (CD-R from Digital)

    [2011.08.09] So cool
    [2012.04.12] ALONE
    [2012.06.28] Summer Special 'Loving U'

    [2010.06.03] Push Push
    [2010.08.25] 가식걸
    [2010.12.03] 니까짓게

    [2011.10.31] Hot Place (CD-R from Digital)

    So cool poster

    [2009.10.12] She Wolf

    Sky Ferreira:
    [2013.11.05] Night Time, My Time (2CD Limited edition)
    [2013.11.25] Night Time, My Time: B-Sides Part 1

    [2010.08.23] One (Promotional CD)

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor:
    [2010.05.03] Bittersweet (Signed)

    SPICA (스피카):
    [2012.02.29] Painkiller (Repackage Mini-Album)
    [2012.11.21] Lonely

    [2000.11.27] One Touch
    [2002.08.26] Angels With Dirty Faces
    [2003.10.27] Three
    [2006.02.27] Taller In More Ways (Reissue)
    [2006.11.13] Overloaded: The Singles Collection
    [2007.10.08] Change
    [2008.10.20] Catfights and Spotlights
    [2010.03.15] Sweet 7

    [2002.04.22] Freak Like Me
    [2002.11.13] Angels With Dirty Faces/Stronger
    [2003.03.10] Shape
    [2003.10.19] Hole In The Head
    [2004.03.22] In The Middle
    [2009.08.31] Get Sexy
    [2009.11.09] About a Girl

    [2003.02.26] WHEN POP HITS THE FAN

    [2010.03.05] Breaking Heart (Photobook Edition)
    [2010.12.03] Temptastic
    [2011.11.11] Black Eyes
    [2012.01.03] Funky Town (Repackage Mini Album)
    [2012.09.04] Mirage (Repackage Mini-Album)

    Temptastic poster

    Taio Cruz:
    [2010.05.03] Dirty Picture (feat. Ke$ha)

    Tamar Braxton:
    [2013.09.03] Love and War (Best Buy Edition)

    Teairra Marí:
    [2005.08.02] Roc-A-Fella Records Presents... Teairra Marí
    [2010.08.17] Sincerely Yours (CD-R from Digital)

    Teedra Moses:
    [2004.11.24] Complex Simplicity

    The Brilliant Green:
    [1998.09.19] the brilliant green
    [1999.09.08] TERRA2001
    [2001.01.01] Los Angeles
    [2002.12.04] THE WINTER ALBUM
    [2010.09.15] BLACKOUT (Limited edition)

    The Saturdays:
    [2008.10.27] Chasing Lights
    [2009.10.12] Wordshaker

    The Veronicas:
    [2009.10.12] Hook Me Up

    [2014.10.06] Aquarius
    [2014.10.07] Aquarius (Best Buy edition)

    V magazine

    [1995.04.15] CrazySexyCool
    [1999.02.22] Fanmail
    [2002.11.09] 3D
    [2003.11.24] Now & Forever: The Hits (CD+DVD)

    Tommy february6:
    [2002.02.06] Tommy february6 (CD+DVD)
    [2004.03.17] Tommy airline* (CD+DVD)
    [2009.02.25] Strawberry Cream Soda Pop "Daydream" (CD+DVD)
    [2012.02.29] FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY
    [2013.06.12] TOMMY CANDY SHOP ♡ SUGAR ♡ ME (CD+DVD first press)

    Tommy heavenly6:
    [2005.08.24] Tommy heavenly6 (CD+DVD)
    [2007.03.07] Heavy Starry Heavenly (CD+DVD first press)
    [2009.02.25] Gothic Melting Ice Cream's Darkness "Nightmare" (CD+DVD)
    [2009.04.29] I KILL MY HEART
    [2012.02.29] FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY
    [2013.11.27] TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER (CD+DVD first press)

    Toni Braxton:
    [2005.11.29] Libra
    [2010.05.10] Pulse

    Trouble Maker:
    [2011.12.01] Trouble Maker

    TVXQ (동방신기):
    [2004.10.13] TRI-ANGLE
    [2005.09.12] Rising Sun
    [2006.09.29] 'O'-정.반.합. (CD+DVD Type D)
    [2008.09.26] MIROTIC (Type A)
    [2009.01.05] MIROTIC (Type C)
    [2011.01.05] Keep Your Head Down: Special Edition
    [2011.03.18] Keep Your Head Down (Repackage)
    [2011.09.28] TONE (CD+DVD, Jacket A)
    [2012.10.23] Catch Me: Special Edition (CD+DVD)
    [2012.11.27] Humanoids
    [2014.03.05] TREE (Bigeast edition)

    Keep Your Head Down poster
    Catch Me Special edition - Yunho poster
    Catch Me Special edition - Max poster
    Catch Me Everysing poster
    Humanoids poster

    Yunho photobook/diary set
    Photobook/postcard set
    Yunho notepad
    Yunho clear file
    Yunho signed photo
    2013 Desk Calendar

    Uhm Jung Hwa (엄정화):
    [2008.07.01] D.I.S.C.O

    Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル):
    [1999.03.10] First Love
    [2001.03.28] Distance
    [2002.06.19] DEEP RIVER (First Press)
    [2004.03.31] Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1
    [2004.09.08] Exodus (Japanese Issue) (Slipcase)
    [2005.10.24] Exodus (UK Issue)
    [2006.06.14] ULTRA BLUE
    [2008.03.09] HEART STATION
    [2009.03.14] This Is The One

    [2004.09.14] Devil Inside
    [2005.10.17] You Make Me Want To Be A Man
    [2007.02.28] Flavor Of Life
    [2007.08.29] Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry

    [2014.07.29] Utada: In the Flesh 2010 (Digital)

    Whitney Houston:
    [1985.02.14] Whitney Houston
    [1987.06.02] Whitney
    [1990.11.06] I'm Your Baby Tonight
    [1998.11.17] My Love Is Your Love
    [2000.05.13] The Greatest Hits
    [2002.11.23] Just Whitney (CD+DVD)
    [2009.10.19] I Look to You

    Wonder Girls:
    [2009.06.26] Nobody (Signed)
    [2011.11.07] Wonder World

    Wynter Gordon:
    [2012.07.09] Human Condition: Doleo (CD-R from Digital)

    [2010.11.21] Believer (CD-R from Digital)
    [2011.04.03] Putting It Out There (CD-R from Digital)

    Yang Yoseop (양요섭):
    [2012.11.26] The First Collage

    Yumi Shizukusa (滴草由実):
    [2013.12.18] A woman's heart

    Yuna Ito (伊藤由奈):
    [2007.01.24] HEART (CD+DVD First press)

    Yunho (ユンホ):
    [2010.03.24] CHECKMATE (CD-R from Digital)

    [2013.09.17] Zendaya (Target Edition)