Apr 11 2009, 12:31

SubmergedViolence as First Nature

Album Tracklist:
1. Consciousness
2. A Bad Time For The Empire
3. Homicide Bomber
4. Servant
5. Corrupt Souls
6. Doctored Intelligence
7. Dirty Bomb
8. Dirty Bomb (Scorn Remix)
9. Lady Of Pain
10. 28 Days...
11. Servant (Technical Itch Remix)
12.i love you but i chose darkness

Mix Tracklist:

1. Shitcollage
2. Jacob's Ladder
3. corpse
4. Cannibal Holocaust
5. Underfoot
6. Underfoot (Breaker Remix)
7. Therapist
8. Burn Down The Projects
9. Endure (Crack Anthem)
10. Project Two
11. Ch'i Reshape
12. No Real
14. 110 (Live At PS1)
15. Hundred Bullets
16. Cop Killer
17. Gutter (C.A.B.L.E. Remix)
18. Skullfuck
19. Revelation
20. Human Camera
21. Suicide Hotline
22. Suicide Hotline (Submerged Remix)
23. Suicide Hotline (Temulent Redial)
24. Kill 'Em All
25.4 Minutes Hate
26. Let your Body Take Control
27. El Topo
28. Arsenal & Spears

only the briefest of journal entries, as this is well overdue. this album has become the soundtrack to my life, and i'm too busy to listen to it to have time to even write about it, hahaha! ;)

suddenly drum'n'bass has got a grip on me as never before, though i must mention that i also own Stars Lights The End which is another great album. however, this is so much more exciting!!! for a start, it is a double cd, containing an astounding 40 tracks, so no wonder you can easily play this nonstop and not get bored with it, lol!

here are some other reviews:

artist myspace links with sound samples:

naturally, there are lots of tracks here on Submerged.


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