• Chasing the Night in Search of Sunrise

    Ott 11 2012, 1:58

    Forgive me last.fm for I have sinned. It has been 3 months since my last confession.

    My last post - gushing about Above and Beyond - gives a nice teaser about the times I've had over the past 3 months. Trust me when I say that it has been epic. There have been fun times, tired times, mental times and some even disappointing times. But it's all been truly amazing. where do I start?

    I may as well start where I ended in my last post - with Above and Beyond. They tore The Oval apart on 3rd August. I'm not going to lie. I was slightly disappointed that the production side of things was less than at the Brixton Academy in April. But it doesn't matter - they were still amazing. 3 hours of amazing music, fantastic atmosphere and the loudest sing a longs you will ever hear at a rave. These guys have it down to a tee. And the crowd are following in a close second. I've only seen them 3 times (brief gushings about the 3rd time to follow in another paragraph), but I can honestly say that each time has been a truly special point in my life. It's going to be a while for the next time...but I already know that it's going to be worth the wait.

    Following that was my holiday for the year - FESTIVALS! I wish I could go on and on about how I had the time of my life. But unfortunately both of the festivals I went to fell short for some reason or another. And 'some reason' on this occasion was the Great British weather. Don't get me wrong, i had a great time at both festivals. But one was slightly confusing, and the second was cut short. I still have post-festival blues in October, and I think this is because I feel like I have unfinished business at both. Let me explain.

    Beautiful Days was, indeed, beautiful. As always - a nice hippie crowd, random good music and lots to see. But the weather was hideous. As if pitching up in 20 mph winds wasn't enough, the following couple of days saw huge amounts of rain and a burst water main under the site that left the ground a swamp. Last year the sunshine over the Friday and the weekend salvaged everything. The mud dried out, the trainers were put on and random music was listened to whilst sitting on the grass in the sunshine chilling out with friends and a pint. This year, our shifts were less forgiving and we worked Fri, Sat and Sun (ie days of the festival). We also noticed an even larger tween presence than last year, which basically saw an infestation (no, not harsh at all) of 15 year olds off their tits. And this was avoiding the dance area! I find Beautiful Days so hard to figure out. I love the vibe and the random music. I hate most of the people that go to it - the tweens, and their middle class white parents who are hideously snobby, but really think they are raging hippies. I've basically come to the conclusion that I just love the Levellers. And seeing as their set was almost (ALMOST) ruined by the teenagers we were surrounded by during their set (no exaggeration), it seems pointless allocating an entire week of holiday for the festival when really all I'm doing is looking forward to one set during it. And if I was scheduled to work during it? yeah, I'd probably go home. It's a festival I couldn't pay for, due to the campsites being FULL of tweens...and I don't want to work again, seeing as I work full time already and if I'm taking time off work then it's going to be to chill rather than stand on my feet for 8 hours in the cold and wet. In conclusion: Beautiful Days - it's been good. But it's you, not me. And our relationship has to end. I'm sorry it was so short.

    Creamfields followed the week after, and I'd been shitting a proverbial brick of excitement since booking it back in April - 3 day hospitality, may I add, setting me back 250 quid. The Friday was a nothing night, with silent disco that ended at 11pm and torrential rain that I couldn't be bothered to stand in to get headphones. I spent the first night in my tent reading, drinking and smoking. Lame it may sound. But I loved it anyway. Saturday was amazing. Chilling during the day in the SUNSHINE, drinking Pimms in good company and listening to ace background music. Spent the evening with great people, Sander van Doorn, Above and Beyond, Gareth Emery (most of - after drenching myself in mud, I missed a good half of his set trudging (wobbling) back to my tent to change my clothes) and Markus Schulz. I won't even bother going on about how amazing Above and Beyond were because you already know how this is going to go: amazing set, stunning visuals, explosive atmosphere. Like last year with AvB's set, I still hear tracks now and get taken back to that field. It was stunning. And I'd fall over in that horrible mud another thousand times afterwards if it meant I could live those short 2 hours again.
    I got back to my tent at who knows what time on the Sunday morning to find it in a river of mud. Thankfully it survived, only because I had a good tent rather than a shite one, but it took an hour or so of lining under my ass with binliners and stuffing the corners with huge wads of bogroll to make sure it did. Woke up to rain at 9am...fell asleep again. Woke up at 12 sweating profusely and having to dive out of my tent. Into a massive swamp of mud in my porch (don't even ask about the worms. It was ridiculous)...AND GLORIOUS SUNSHINE. Perfect festival weather. I was so excited about that day. Jordan Suckley, Simon Patterson, John O'Callaghan, Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten.

    So you can imagine that hideous feeling I got when I found out the last day had been cancelled due to health and safety issues in the arena caused by the mud. I'll never forget hanging onto hope that something would be going on, before giving up at about 5pm and spending well over an hour unearthing my tent from the mud around it (most people abandoned their tents, even though they were on green grass and nowhere near as mud buried as mine, but I refused. It's seen me through many a festival and I refuse to leave a perfectly good tent behind in order to stop myself from getting (more) muddy). The queue for the shuttle bus was depressing and surreal - tonnes of people on huge comedowns wishing they were dancing their blues away rather than going home. All the mud and the wet would have been worth it for all the amazing DJs on on the Sunday...instead we were heading back to our warm, dry beds. Who'd have thought such a notion would be so upsetting. Going through Manchester on my way home anyway, I stopped off to stay with my sister for a few nights because the thought of going home was just too unbearable. What a bitter-sweet weekend. Epic Saturday but a failing Sunday. I think I'm only just getting over it.

    Ministry of Sound is helping. One by one, the DJs missed on the Sunday have been playing and it's making me feel much happier about the whole thing. There was Ferry Corsten. In 1.5 weeks time I am seeing Paul van Dyk, the week after John O'Callaghan and a few weeks after that Simon Patterson (with Cosmic Gate! Hell yes). I also got to see some of my faves that weren't doing the festival circuit this year - Tritonal and Lange. Tritonal stole the show the night they played Ministry. What started out a night full of freshers and incredibly rude people ended up being probably the best night I've ever had there. By 4am when Tritonal took the stage, most of the youngsters had gone home just leaving me and a few handfuls of hardcore ravers, dancing their hearts out and loving every minute. The atmosphere was one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced...all you had to do was look through the crowd of smiling faces and you would know why I say that. I couldn't stop dancing nor wipe the grin off my face. My heart broke when their set ended and the lights came on. Making a quick trip to the loo before leaving to go home at 6am, I remember hearing a girl say to her friend 'but...I just don't want this night to end'. And i remember saying out loud to myself 'me neither.' Lange the following week was also fantastic. His set was amazing and the cherry on the cake was getting to meet him. It's a shame I was wasted and didn't know what else to say apart from 'YOU'RE AMAZING!' But seriously, such a nice guy. And such an amazing DJ. One word: LEGEND.
    And now I have so much more to look forward to! This weekend there is Richard Durand. Funny that the last time I saw him I didn't even know who he was. I'm now an avid listener to his In Search of Sunrise podcast, and I can't wait to see him again. Then the week after: 2 nights of raving in 2 different cities..WITH 1 MAN. Night 1 at Ministry: the top 100 DJs night, with Sean Tyas (yes!), Orjan Nilsen (hell yes), Markus Schulz (oh god is this happening) and the no 1 DJ in the world, most probably Armin van Buuren (I'm on my way to heaven). Last year David Guetta (hiss. spit) won this spot, and this night wasn't on at Ministry. This year it is, with lots of other trance artists. If AvB hasn't won this then I will be very surprised. Then, Saturday afternoon I am heading up to Manchester to see the man himself, AGAIN, AvB. We all know how much I LOVE HIM so really, 2 times in 2 nights makes me feel like a lucky girl, even though it was a total accident because the top 100 DJs night was announced after I had booked my Manchester ticket. And the fact that he is playing with both PvD and W&W? Oh hell yes please. And then the weeks after that? John O'Callaghan, Sneijder (ahhhh love this man. I'm sure I'm going to end up writing a post about him), Andy Moor, Simon Patterson, Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery...

    ...this year keeps getting better and better. It may have rained on my festivals, but 2012 you have spoilt me. And with still 3 months ago, I can barely contain my excitement about what else is in store!
  • Life Is Made of Small Moments Like These

    Lug 8 2012, 23:34

    Haven't updated here in ages. And again, so much has happened for me musically. I don't even know where to start...

    ...actually, maybe I do. And where I'm going to start is where I'm going to end, because there is one trance trio I want to talk about. Funnily enough it's actually BEFORE my last entry about SIXFIVETWELVE - the open air rave in Birmingham where I stayed strangely sober and saw my beloved AvB again. I'm actually going to backtrack to April 8th - Easter Sunday. An amazing day as a whole, which I haven't really talked about. But I briefly mentioned this night 2 entries ago, saying'[it] changed my life. What an amazing live show. The music. The production. Everything. No wonder they have such a huge following.' But that's all I said. Suprising considering that when I fall in love with a new artist/DJ I insist on writing lengthly entries about it - as you all already know. I'm almost sad that I didn't, because I don't know exactly when I fell in love with these 3 men...kinda like when I got into Armin, except I knew my love for him instantly kickstarted after seeing him live. I know that I left Brixton Academy that night completely blown away. But I'm still not sure exactly when I started becoming obsessed with these 3. It took a bit of time...but now, I'm completely there. And they have quickly shot into my top 4 DJs (no particular order: AvB, A&B, Lange and Cosmic Gate).

    So I want to go back to that night to just really think and reflect about why it was so special. I rave on a regular basis. Granted, usually in Ministry which is a much smaller venue...but still. What made this night so different?

    The moment they came on the stage the atmosphere exploded. This wasn't just a load of ravers wanting to party. These were a load of ravers wanting to party in this very specific place with this very specific trance act. You could feel the excitement in the air; it was mind blowing. And really almost too overwhelming to deal with. These guys have a massive following. I mean, I already knew that. But it wasn't until I was in that venue with all those people, feeling the excitement, that I actually began to understand it. I now have no doubts about why these guys have such a loyal fanbase, and why their shows are so special. Why people will go to multiple shows of theirs on the same tour. GROUP THERAPY, ladies and gentlemen. This is what it's all about.

    These guys obviously love what they do. And boy, do they do it well. For me there is a big difference between a good DJ and a good artist. For example, I love AvB as both. I love his artist albums AND his mix CDs/podcasts. I love Cosmic Gate in the same way. There are other DJs though, like Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz (although he does have some stonking tracks) and even Lange to an extent that I really love as DJs (especially live) but never really sit down to listen to (much of - all have songs I like, but I don't really hit up their albums) their artist material. I don't think there is anything wrong with liking a DJ/artist for one or the other. But when you love them as both...well, that makes them even more special.

    A&B have this. Their song choice and their mixes are amazing. Trance Around the World is fantastic everytime. But their artist material? That's on almost another level. They have some truly stunning, emotional and moving material that gives me goosebumps when I have it blasting in my ears when I am walking around. Or when I'm just sitting at home writing long last.fm journal entries (ahem). Hearing their own material masterfully mixed in with the material of others just made it all the more special. That the entire audience would be singing along to absolute beauts like 'Sun and Moon', 'On A Good Day' and 'On Our Way to Heaven'. Beautiful songs on their own...but even more stunning when an entire audience is singing along with them, at the top of their voices. Hands in the air, smiles on faces, hearts racing and emotions running. I've never felt anything like it...and I'll be honest. I didn't even know these tracks all that well when I saw them. I can't wait to find out what it's like when I'm singing along to each track at the top of my voice with everyone else.

    The production side of the set just transformed everything onto another level - past just the music and into the night as a whole expeience of the senses. We're 'On Our Way to Heaven', indeed. Firstly, the visuals were amazing. Beautiful movies and a massive projector that just elevated the music that little bit higher. There was a cemera pointing at the audience from the centre of the stage, and live videos of the audience would be projected onto the screen. The lights were also incredible. But what made things even more special - the interaction these 3 guys have with the audience. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it, because I hadn't seen it done before and then couldn't understand why. But i don't think anyone else would dare to try and do what A&B do here...because it works so well because it's THEM. Throughout the entire show, one of the guys would type something onto the Apple computer infront of them...which would be projected onto the giant screen with the visuals. One minute you'd be checking out the visuals, stunned by it all. And then WOW. They're speaking to you. To us. The entire audience. There are words. And sounds. They aren't always the same. But they go together so well. This communication ranged from general interaction 'Hello London. How are you tonight?', to lyrics 'We are on our way to Heaven', to the uplifting 'This is London. This is Heaven', to the downright random but beautiful (against a visual of a swimming jellyfish) 'this is our pet. We call her Wilma. Say Hello'. Seeing each letter typed as it was happening, typos and all!, was just magical. That connection you feel like you have with the rest of the audience as everyone is singing along with their hands in the air, transcends to the people on the stage too. Seeing as the most you usually get is the knowledge they are having fun as they put their hands in the air and bounce around to the music, this is special. This goes past just how they look, and into what they feel. This aspect of the show transcends this from a really quite amazing night, to something really truly magical. It's not just about the party. Or just about the music. Or just the visuals. Or the dancing. It's about it all in one massive bundle - an overall experience.

    After that night, I had decided that yes I understood the hype about A&B. And I really did feel like it had changed how I saw trance shows. But still, my love for them wasn't as much as it is now. And I don't know what happened, or when. But gradually, the more I've looked up videos on youTube and listened to their artist albums, and listened to their lovliness as well as great music choice of TATW, the more I've fallen in love with them. Various memories from Brixton became more vivid, and I'd remember the goosebumps I had at various points throughout the night. Little gems like 'Sun and Moon' and 'On Our Way to Heaven' have been played heavily, and 'On A Good Day' has gotten me through some shockingly horrible bad days. Their music, their attitude, their shows, the pictures from their shows just make me want to be back there. In that crowd, feeling that vibe...but already knowing that I love them. I love discovering new DJs and I have done a lot this year. But there's something even better when you go see a DJ already knowing them and already knowing it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see them again in just under a month. I know to expect magic. And I really can't wait.
  • SixFiveTwelve

    Mag 7 2012, 21:40

    This morning at 8.22am my train pulled into Euston from Birmingham New Street, and I stumbled my way to the tube station looking rough as hell and trying not to fall asleep on the spot. If you'd have told someone I'd been up all night raving, they would have believed you. If you'd then told them I was sober the whole time, they probably wouldn't anymore.

    I love trance. Have I mentioned this before?
    I love trance because of Armin van Buuren. I'm sure I've never mentioned that.
    And it's because of Armin that I have discovered many other talented DJs that have changed my taste in music in ways that I never thought was possible, and has made me appreciate music as a combination of sound, emotion and lots of dancing.

    When I found out that Armin was playing in Birmingham I HAD TO GO. Especially because he isn't doing Creamfields this year (booooo!) because he is doing Global Gathering instead (which I couldn't get the time off work for. Double boooo!). And especially because his last UK set at Ministry of Sound has been on constant replay on my iphone since it happened and I lived it. And even more especially because this was going to be on a big festival-style stage, in the middle of a car park in Birmingham. Armin's stage show is great. But on a proper massive stage with 3 huge screens of visuals, its mindblowing. I wasn't missing this for anything. Even if I had to work the next day (I didn't, thankfully) and even though it meant getting a train to my hometown and getting the first train back home the next day.

    He played a 3 hour set and it was absolutely amazing. From the moment the first note of the first song began (Omnia & IRA -- The Fusion (Armin van Buuren's Intro Edit) - the same track he opened with at Ministry) to the very last (Champagne Supernova - who've thought) I was grinning from ear to ear and dancing my ass off. His song choices were amazing, mixing a load of older songs from when I first got into him about a year and a half ago, and some newer ones. Favourite moments were Gareth Emery's 'Toyko' (Ben Gold remix), a mash up of Shogun's 'Skyfire' and GOOD GOD when he dropped 'Communication' I had goosebumps. And this is all without mentioning the fact that he played 'In and Out of Love' and Cosmic Gate's 'Firewire'. Basically, long story short, IT WAS AMAZING. And everytime I see him again it just reminds me why he really is my favourite DJ. And seeing him sober, as I did at the Warehouse Project in Manchester last September, has once again reminded me that my love for trance stems beyond the drugs, or the booze or the rave. It means so much more to me than that.

    When I was chatting with a friend of a friend last week, and I explained my love for the rave, one thing he said was 'yeah but you can't listen to that music all the time right? Like, when you're not out and dancing to it'. Explaining to him that I will listen to it all the time, whether I'm walking to work, sitting on my computer at home, cooking in the kitchen or at a club, seemed to surprise him. But at the same time, when I explained how the music makes me feel, he also understood it. Sober raves make me understand it more and more each time. And although I love to go out and get mashed, it's good to have those sobering moments of pure appreciation for good music, a good atmosphere, good visuals, and lots of macho men all hugging each other during a heavy drop in a seriously amazing track.

    Anyway, the rest of the night was more than just Armin. Paul van Dyk played a very good set as well, which I saw most of until deciding to check out what was going on in the indoor rave in the Air Warehouse. The DJ in there was super HEAVY, much heavier than I usually listen to when I go raving. But in my sober state I really appreciated it. Had a dance before heading to the train station for my 6.30am train home, on which I slept for most of the 2 hour journey.

    I am gutted that it is going to be a while now until I see Armin again. But I'm looking forward to the next time already - whenever that will be. Hopefully in a new city - seeing as everytime I've seen him it's been somewhere different (Vancouver, Creamfields, Manchester, London and Birmingham). But until then, I have this Friday to look forward to. Gareth Emery is headlining at Ministry on Friday which is great. I saw him the last 2 times he's been there and he really does put on a good set. However, I'm not going to lie. I have a completely different reason for wanting to go to this night...and that reason is LANGE. What a legend. After seeing him at the ASOT 550 launch at Ministry, I have been playing some of his tracks ('Let It All Out' anyone?! SO GOOD) on repeat and I have listened to a number of his Podcasts. And now I'm super stoked to be seeing him again, this time knowing who he is and how fantastic he is. It'll be sober rave number 2 of the week due to having work the next day, and I am sure you will end up reading all about it. Watch this space.

    (...or not)
  • Tonight we got nowhere to go, nowhere to be but here

    Apr 30 2012, 21:57

    I am long overdue an update. It's been months, and the year is ticking by much quicker than I feel comfortable about.

    Between the end of Feb and mid-March, my computer was broken. Caputt. Done. Etc. It took Dell almost a month to sort it out, after replacing everything in my computer except the memory and processor. Thankfully it's fixed now, and I got an almost new computer out of the deal (goodbye old LCD display that had a big old scrach on it and keyboard that had so many crumbs and so much tobacco under it that I could have gotten a slice of toast and a rolly out from under the keys). This also means I have music again. Yaaaay! Only having the few select songs I'd chosen to put on my iPhone was starting to get oooold.

    Since the beginning of the year, I feel like all things music have just gotten better and better. January and February were mostly uneventful, with a few glimmers of music related stuff. Gareth Emery at Ministry was my first musical outing mid-January which I went to with a friend from work, and February saw Hadouken! and DJ Fresh live - both within a couple of days of each other. Let's just say that it was probably the last time I'm going to go out of my way to see Hadouken! live (a shame, but as they've moved on from their old material I have moved on from their new stuff), and DJ Fresh was SO EXCELLENT that I'm seeing him again in over 2 weeks. As trance-obsessed as I am at the moment, I just can't turn down live drum and bass. And with Pendulum not touring AT ALL EVER this year, I have to make do with whatever else I can get. Thankfully, whatever else I can get also happens to be BLOODY AWESOME.

    The beginning of March saw a sudden snowball in events. And as before, it all started with one man. Give me an A. Give me a V. Give me a B. Armin van Buuren, ladies and gents. Episode 550 of A State of Trance was aired from Ministry of Sound, followed by a 2 hour set by the man himself and other gems such as Paul Oakenfold and Lange. AvB's set was amazing. Absolutely just stellar. Epic track after track was played for 2 hours of pure trance bliss and I loved it. I have listened to the upload of his set so many times it's ridiculous and it still isn't getting old. That night was also great thanks to some new discoveries. Paul Oakenfold suprised me. I'd heard some of his mixes and really wasn't convinced but boy can he play a good set. And then, there was Lange. Lange, ladies and gents, is one of my new favourite trance DJs. I danced to his set at the time and thought it was pretty nifty but when listening back on his set afterwards I was even more blown away. Since then I have become a religious listener to his Podcast Intercity, and I have listened to his ASOT 550 set more times than I can count. I'm partially sad that it took me so long to discover this man. But I am equally as excited about the fact that I finally have his genius mixes playing on my iPhone.

    Although I had been to Ministry before on my own (the once in December), I was still nervous about becoming a lone raver. But after attending Armin something suddenly happened where I felt comfortable doing it. It helped that at Armin I made a friend who was also once into lone raving, and so I realised this wasn't something that only I was doing. And so it began - my adventures into lone raving! Since then I have been to see Cosmic Gate (LOVE as we already know), Markus Schulz (legend), Paul van Dyk, Above and Beyond (changed my life. What an amazing live show. The music. The production. Everything. No wonder they have such a huge following), W&W and Ferry Corsten. I feel so comfortable raving on my own now. It just so happens that I'm bumping into the same people who know my name and know me for my lone raving ways, and getting comfortable in my surroundings. And once I'm in that rave with all those people, dancing and loving it...well..I feel like I'm at home! So at ease. It's funny thinking back to my rocker days only a couple of years ago where the idea of going to a dance club made me feel awkward and out of place. And now? I feel like it's the one place I can 100% be myself. Where I can rock up in trainers and a skirt, dance however I want in whatever state I want to be in and no one cares. It's about the music and loving it.

    The next couple of weeks will be eventful. Next weekend I have Armin to look forward to again, at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Paying tribute to warehouse raves, there is going to be an outdoor stage headlined by AvB himself, and also Paul van Dyk. Amazingly I am not going to this on my own which is a bit exciting! The less exciting part is where I've decided to get the first train home at 6.30 as the idea of crawling into my Brum bed and then having to drag myself on the train in the late afternoon, whilst trying to explain to my parents that 'I'mdyingdonttalktome' is just not appealing to me. Would rather crawl straight into my own bed!
    The following Friday it's Gareth Emery at Ministry. Which is exciting. But not as exciting as the fact that Lange will be there too! :D I have to work the next day, so it'll have to be a toned down night but I can still see myself having to drag myself off the dance floor at 5.55am just before the lights come on signalling the end of the night.
    A few days after that it's DJ Fresh live which I'm really looking forward to. Haven't had a good dose of dnb since the last time I saw him live, so it's sure to be a treat.

    And then after that....nothing. Until Beautiful Days and Creamfields. But I'm sure I'll find something to go to. And I can't wait.

    The other day my manager (who I would also consider as my friend) asked me my plans for the weekend. After replying 'I'm raving on Friday at Ministry. And I'm going to get fucked and dance for 8 hours straight because I have 3 days off afterwards', he said 'Nadia...you are having so much fun right now!'
    You know what? I fucking am. And I'm loving EVERY SECOND. Even when I can't stand to move out from under by duvet for a whole day after a heavy night. Even when I dance until 6am, semi-sober and knowing that I have to be at work in 7 hours. Even when I am on my own in the middle of the dance floor, watching people in groups around me hug each other during some slow part of a beautiful tune. I honestly never thought I could love this so much. And really, I have London to thank for getting me going on this wonderful journey.

    What an amazing, beautiful and exciting place to live :)
  • 2011

    Gen 1 2012, 16:38

    [I started writing this around the 29th December and can't be arsed to edit it to make it the present tense!]

    WOAH 2011. Woah...

    As you already know, I make an end of year summary of my music phases, loves and hates. It wasn't until today that I truly realised that not only is this year almost up, but I hadn't gotten my ass into gear and begun this entry. Usually I write it over a period of time, looking back over my loved tracks and figuring out the patterns in my music taste. But this year, this pattern isn't one I even have to think about.

    Because this year was definitely my year of trance. The first of many, I am sure.

    I was going to write this hugely elaborate entry about how my love for trance started. How it progressed. And where I am now. But you know what? I've changed my mind. I'm going to keep it short and sweet...mostly because, I can't remember. Not because I was off my face, or because it wasn't important. Quite the opposite. Because my love for trance suddenly happened. I heard it, somewhere and for some reason (re: can't remember), and that was it. I wanted more. And once again thanks to last.fm, I got some recommendations and hit the torrents. Although I can't remember everything exactly, I do remember this. My love for trance didn't begin with podcasts, CD mixes or some gig. Oh no. It started with one man: Armin van Buuren.

    I listened to Mirage so many times I lost count. Imagine caught my attention soon afterwards, and then it was all about A State of Trance 2011. Seeing him live in Vancouver (please don't hate me for saying this - such a cliche) changed everything for me. Feeling that atmosphere, and being in it...wow. I was converted. So, I hit Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound and Godskitchen CDs, mostly when doing huge amounts of uni reading that I couldn't concentrate on when listening to music I knew. From them I discovered tracks that I liked, and then particular DJs. And well...it all stemmed from there. After seeing AvB, it made me realise how I don't have anyone in the UK who likes going to the same nights as me, and so I decided not to let that get in the way. I started treating a trance night out as a gig - which I still see it as if I really want to go and see a particular DJ - and so I made a big leap, and attended a few events on my own. The first was Creamfields, followed by AvB at the Warehouse Project in Manchester, and then Cosmic Gate and Markus Schulz at Ministry of Sound. And the best part? I didn't feel awkward or weird being on my own. On both occasions I ended up chatting to lots of randomers, who didn't seem to see me as sad for dancing solo. In fact quite the opposite. I'm going to kick myself for typing this, but going on my own to those events almost made me feel empowered. My love for music made me do things I wouldn't usually and gave me confidence to just get in there and get on with it. And I'm really grateful for that.

    Anyway back to my music patterns. I don't even know the names of half the artists I have listened to this year. This interesting little fact highlights a huge change in the way my music taste has worked this year. Usually, I listen to the same artists and I have a song and I listen to it over, and over and over and over. 100 times in a week. 200 in 3 weeks. Then, about 6 months later I forget all about it for about a year and then the cycle begins all over again.

    I still go through phases of tracks. I still have tracks that I put on constantly. But here's the difference: my phases last for a fraction of the time, because I am constantly finding a new track that I love just as much if not more. And I think that's why trance has been such a big thing for me this year. With bands, there's only so much you can hear by them and then you either re-listen to them or you find another band with a similar sound. With trance, however, it's always new and it's always exciting. I know a lot of people think it all sounds the same. But to me it doesn't - so much of it is different. And everytime I listen to a new mix, I find a new track to love. It keeps me interested. It keeps me excited. And I fucking love it.

    Throughout the first 6 months or so of the year, I still listened to a lot of dubstep and drum n bass, especially Pendulum (if you can still class them as dnb), Chase and Status, DJ Fresh and Skrillex. Around about September, I kind of noticed I was listening to them less and less. And the same with the rock I still listened to, like Rise Against. Don't get me wrong, i still love listening to shit with guitars...but I started to realise that I was listening to it less and less. And right now, barely at all. But quite often I go through my iTunes trying to find some music that has guitars in it that I want to listen to, just because I feel like I should.

    And when I thought about it, like really thought about it, I kinda figured out why. Letting go is hard. Music, as I have already written before, is one of the biggest and most important parts of my life. I have a song to associate with a time, a place, a person. Rock and indie was so important to me when I was growing up. It helped me figure out my identity, what kind of person I was and who I wanted to be. Music gave me my individuality and a huge number of fond memories that I can just about still remember. My teenage years were filled with gig after gig, about 95% of which I still have ticket stubs for. The music I grew up with was so important to me...

    ...and I think, on some level, part of me has been trying to hang onto that. I keep telling myself that I like a bit of everything, and that I still love stuff with guitars. And I do. But really, indie/skater punk/rock are not my genres of choice anymore. And they haven't been for a long time. But moving on from such a huge part of my life just feels wrong. How can I turn my back on such a huge part of my past?

    I've finally realised that actually, it's ok. it's ok to let go. I'm not turning my back on anything. As when I transitioned from indie to skater punk, and from skater punk to industrial - I am now making another transition. Whether I listen to it or not, all the music I used to listen to is still important to me and who I am. It'll still be on my iTunes playlist, and sometimes I will give it a bit of a listen. But now, it's time for another change - another start. And moving to London, finishing my MA, attending trance shows on my own has made me realise that actually this is who I am now. That it's ok to move on from what you thought you were going to love, and who you thought you were going to be, forever. And now that I've realised that, I just fucking love it even more. And I'm so excited about what discoveries I am going to come across in 2012, what shows I am going to go to and all the random other trance lovers I will spark conversation with. I am excited about figuring out who I am in this giant busy city full of amazing opportunities for meeting people and hearing good music.
  • Music: this is what I'm made of.

    Set 12 2011, 22:13

    4 songs have happened to me this week.

    1. Example - Lying to Myself
    Downloaded the new Example album and I have to say: it's very very good. Definitely a small step away from Won't Go Quietly, and the BIGGEST step away from What We Made. So I'm not going to compare it to them (why bother. I like both of his two previous albums, despite how different they are), but rather talk about it in it's own right. And in its own right it is EXCELLENT. It's a wonderful mix of house, dubstep and...random.
    I think this song falls into 'random'. I know it's kinda a ballad really, but as Example doesn't really DO ballads, I don't really want to class it. I love how both Won't Go Quietly and Playing in the Shadows have a piano track at the end - just to show that he can do serious and sombre if he has to. And oh he can do it well. I know he doesn't exactly sing it well like you would expect from such a slow and raw track, but somehow he pulls it off anyway. The piano is close to haunting and beautiful, and his vocals go with this atmosphere perfectly. It's the first song on the album (that I hadn't heard before) that ended and the first thing I said was 'FUCK. I have to listen to that again'. And then I had it on repeat for ages. What a track.

    2. Example - Wrong in the Head
    This was the second song that made me go 'FUCK. I have to listen to that again' although it took a few listens before I got to this point. The lyrics to this track are funny, but almost sad (sad awwww AND sad pathetic all at the same time). I love the start with the drawn out echoey lyrics before it really gets going. The chorus is well written. The edgy notes and then dubsteppy beat in the middle just go so well with the lyrics that kick in at the same time. As with the lyrics, the tone of the track skips between yesyesyesgreatnight to ohshitwhatamIdoing and that's why I love it - it's something that most people can identify with after a particularly heavy night out, for varying reasons. I also enjoy how the track follows his train of thought perfectly, and skips from good to bad to bad and then good without pauses and hesitations (the part I'm particularly thinking of here is: 'if I can't find her then I can't get physical, typical, think I left my wallet in the minicab'. Is it typical he can't get physical or that he lost his wallet? Obvious that he only just discovered his wallet was missing, and put the pieces together as to where it was, it sums up the perfect realisation of when you start having a bad night and suddenly realise about 10 other things that have gone wrong and you're suddenly like 'SHIT. WHAT ELSE??!'
    I also particularly enjoy the break down after the line mentioned about: 'no more fun nights for you young man.' Summing up that exactly moment when you're having a night that is suddenly shit and you think 'I can't do this anymore. I'm not doing this again. What am I doing?! NEVER AGAIN! AHHH'

    In short: TUUUUNNNNE.

    Now, there are two other songs (by different artists! SHOCK) that have a place in my current playlist for the same reason: both songs managed to awake memories long forgotten from Creamfields, but on different nights and during different sets.

    3. Nause - Made Of
    I have recently started listening to podcasts a lot, the main three being AvB's A State of Trance, Above and Beyond's Trance Around the World, and Tiesto's Clublife. Whilst listening to Tiesto this track came on, and INSTANTLY I knew I had heard this song at Creamfields, I knew I had danced to it and I knew I'd loved it. No details, no exacts. Just familiarity. Apart from the fact that it was Tiesto playing it on his podcast, memory told me that it was during Tiesto's set. I could remember being wasted and dancing and loving it. Incase my memory was placeboing (is that a word? no...) on me, I youtubed it and yup...Tiesto did indeed play this track. It felt so good to pick out a detail, albeit a fuzzy one, of a night that has kinda become a big mesh of me dancing and stumbling around (in a good way and to a much lesser degree than on the Sunday) in the mud.
    This track just feels soooo good. I loathe to call it a feel good track because I don't think it is. I think there is a line between 'feeling good' ('yippppeeee king of the world' style) and 'being arrogant' ('fuck off I'm king of the world, bitch' style). I definitely think this is the latter. Rather than making me want to bounce around like a loon (ok maybe a bit), it more makes me want to walk down the street thinking that I Am The Shit. This doesn't stop it from being as good as any other feel good track out there, but it rather makes me like it for a different reason. Apart from taking me back to that Saturday night at Creamfields, it totally makes me want to strut my stuff. And dance. And dance whilst strutting my stuff. Excellent.

    4. Ferry Corsten fest Armin van Buuren - Brute
    OHMYGOD. Seriously. Where has this track been all my life?
    As I have already mentioned, Sunday night at Creamfields got a liiiittttle bit messy. In the sense that I can't remember any of the second half of Armin's set, apart from almost being unable to stand, throwing up a couple of times and it being amazing (the set. Not the throwing up). I've had small flashbacks when listening to songs (Orbion. Falling in and Out of Love, Status Excessu D), but have been unable to pick out memories of songs played until I actually hear them. Unlike during Tiesto's set - although I can't remember the details, I can remember him playing that Hello song, Century, Escape Me amongst others.
    I'd figured out my recalling parts of Sunday night were in the dust. I had listening through all 3 (4 including the greatest hits) of Armin's albums since getting back, and figured that if I wasn't having an memories triggered by them then I definitely wasn't going to get memories triggered by songs I don't know...so when I heard this when Ferry posted it on his Spazbook, and it took me right back to that Sunday night, I was SO EXCITED. Firstly because I remember finding this track so damn catchy. I also think Ferry played it on Friday night, so it was a double dose of remembering fun times. Anyway, I'm almost 100% certain this track was played halfwayd through or nearing the end of the second half of the set. I could barely stand, let alone dance...but I still remembered loving it. And I LOVE IT NOW. Oh man.

    Now I know the feedback on this track hasn't been 100% stellar. A lot of people harp on about FC and AvB 'selling out' or not being 'real' trance anymore. And how the track is quite repetitive. And it is. But I still think it's epic. And I think a big part of that was hearing it blaring out of those giant speakers, in a massive field full of people, dancing their assess off despite the rain and the mud. There are some tracks that are just made by setting and atmosphere...and this is one of them. Having that at the back of my memory every time I hear this track just makes me love it even more. Despite the repetition, despite the fact it's 'commercial' or whatever. I also think having a listen to this on headphones is a must, as there are parts of the background that are lost otherwise.

    I seriously can't hear this track without practically being back in the muddy, rainy field. And despite the messiness (the mud and my state), it was fucking ACE!! And this is one reason why I love music so, sooo much. Why it is my passion. Why I think it is one of the best things in the world. Why I will put my iPod on even when walking down the street for 5 minutes, or when popping out for a 6 minute cigarette. Why I get so sad when people like music, but don't love it enough to use it as a sountrack to their life. Or when they can take a long walk, or a lengthly train journey without feeling the need to put their headphones in. Because I can't imagine my life without that soundtrack. Because there can be memories, meaningful or pointless, specific or general, that you'd forgotten about, through time or substance, through repression either intentionally or unintentionally, that can be brought back instantly by the first note of a track. Music is one of the most powerful and demanding triggers there is - for memories or emotions, people or general situations, good or bad. And I am so glad to have it. Because no matter what, no matter who you're around and where your memories are buried, those special tracks will always be there. And I hope that even in 20 years time, I will take a stroll down memory lane with my music collection and unearth a tonne of burried memories that I wouldn't have remembered otherwise. I honestly can't think of any stronger trigger. I always knew it...but having tracks bring back memories that I never remembered in the first place has confirmed this for me. And you know what? It really feels quite amazing.

    Soundtrack to my life, indeed.
  • Trio of Festivals in 2011

    Set 1 2011, 9:20

    OHMYGOD. I have been to 3 festivals this summer and updated about non of them! This is terrible! And now I feel like it's been so long, and so much happened at each one, that I just can't possibly give a detailed update on all of them. So here's a blurb:

    My first! And hopefully not my last. What an amazing week I had there! I volunteered with Oxfam and so missed one day of music, but not very mich in the grand scheme of things. I saw Katy B, Chase and Status (it was wet. It rained the whole way through the set. It was muddy. But fuck was it epic), Asian Dub Foundation, Chemical Brothers, Pendulum (AHHHH AMAZING), DJ Fresh, Subfocus with I.D, and lots of random stuff in Dance Village and in the South section.. There was also a lot of partying, boozing, smoking...basically, it was a fantastic week. There really is everything you would possibly need at Glastonbury, and by the time my 7 days there were up I just didn't want to leave. Despite the mud and the toilets! (I heart longdrops)

    Top festival. So chilled out and laid back. Full of old hippies, young hippies, tweens and kids...there was a great mix of people there and a great atmosphere. We lucked out with the weather - mostly sunny with only a bit of rain. Perfect. The only bands I knew of were Flogging Molly, The Levs and Gogol Bordello (all fantastic), and the rest I ended up seeing were random oldies in the sunshine - just right. It was completely different to Glastonbury - much smaller, and less running around to catch different bands. But it was great for those reasons.The highlight of the weekend for me were the Levellers - an AMAZING set, an AMAZING atmosphere and an AMAZING end to the weekend. I was close to tearing up by the time they played 'What a Beautiful Day'.

    Oh god, what a beautiful mess that was! I was working there too but with Festaff who were SHITE and I will never work with them again. It was advertised as 2 eight hour shifts online when I applied. After two 12 hour shifts (which were meant to be longer but I'd basically had enough and told them I was leaving) I managed to catch some music and it was all amazing. Saturday I saw some of Katy B, Magnetic Man, Tiesto (genius), Ferry Corsten (also a genius), some of DJ Fresh (disappointing) and someone else who was random. Sunday there wasn't much I wanted to see, and only ended up catching Example and Armin van Buuren, who were awesome. We all know how much I love Armin - he is actually the love of my life. And wow the first half of his set was FANTASTIC. I'm fairly certain that the second half was also as fantastic, but unfortunately I remember very little of it as oh dear I got stupidly wasted. I've been listening to his albums since yesterday (for a change? haha no) and I've had some small flashbacks. I'm fairly certain he played Orbion, one of my faves, whilst I was leaning against a green fence and spewing. I vaguely remember Status Excessu being played whilst I could barely stand up. I remember In and Out of Love really quite well...but that might be it. I do remember loving it though which is something at least!

    Now the festivals are all over and I'm dead miserable about it! I have to wait a whole year for Beautiful Days and Creamfields again (I'm booking the time off work for those, literally, in January next year!). Armin is playing in Manchester in 4 weeks and I'm hoping to go providing I'm not working the next day, but I don't know just yet. I also have gigs booked but am also uncertain about whether I can go to them either for the same reason, as I'm moving to London and all my gigs are in Brum (GUTTED!!). Even worse because these post-festival blues are leaving me craving lots of live music. How much do I wish I was going to Bestival?!
  • You're burning out my head, and in my brain it's going wrong

    Lug 4 2011, 17:07

    Musical memories that I haven't updated about yet - when did this happen?

    As mentioned in my last post, I spent 4 weeks in Vancouver between May and June, and it was absolutely amazing. As is to be expected. The important thing that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that my love for trance deepened about 10 fold, as I was lucky enough to go to a night that ended up being one of the best of my life. Let me explain.

    When I found out that Armin van Buuren was DJing in Vancouver whilst I was there I was soooo excited. My journey into trance music only started, properly, this year. And the whole beautiful journey began with this one DJ. Although I now listen to a number of trance/electronic DJs, none of them quite grab me like Van Buuren does. I feel like so many of his tracks fit into so many parts of my life. Cheesey I know, but it's true. I know there are some people who will only listen to trance when they are out, in the right setting and on the right substances. But I love this music all the time. When I am on a long walk, there is nothing I love more than sticking some heavy trance on my iPod. It's amazing to run to. I'll listen to it when I'm sitting around browsing Spazbook or doing uni work. Hell, I'm listening to it right now as I type this. Basically, I love it all the time. A couple of my friends have commented on how they think you can only like trance if you also take drugs. Mentioning I looove trance to a complete stranger just over a week ago also lead to the same reaction. I think this is a common misconception, especially by people who don't listen to it themselves. Although I am not denying all of these people may have some sort of point which I may or may not be proof of sometimes, on most occasions I am stone cold sober when I listen to trance music. And I still love it. And I didn't have to go to a dance night and get high off my face in order to realise that. Drugs compliment trance, I won't deny that. But that really doesn't mean that it isn't amazing in it's own right as well...

    Anyway, back to the point. AvB playing in Vancouver got me well and truly excited. Until I saw the cost of the tickets - 105 bucks. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE! Crazy. Coincidentally, that night it was on was also the first day of a 3 day weekend the husband had booked off so we could party it up. It would be the perfect start to the weekend...but I couldn't justify spending that much money on one gig. That is like 75 quid with the exchange rate the way it was. And also getting someone else to spend it too? Nuh uh.

    Ok maybe. The closer the event was, and the more I listened to AvB (I'd just gotten A State of Trance 2011 and I was listening to In The Club (CD2) to death), all I wanted to do was go. So I perused Craigslist for some tickets below cost price. Long story short, we managed to secure tickets for 80 bucks (the absolute cheapest possible) on the day of the show. And oh boy, am I soooooo fucking glad we went. It was epic. The set was 3 and a half hours long and we danced the whole way through. For two people that quite often take chill out breaks outside on a regular night out, that is quite impressive. The song selection was perfect (although a few more tracks by AvB himself would have been welcomed), the lights and images on the backdrop screen were perfect and the atmosphere was explosive. What an amazing atmosphere. And the best part: I got to do it all with one of my most favourite people in the world. And, despite my worries, he ended up loving it too. There is so much that reminds me about that night. The main thing: the track 'Going Wrong'. The final song played, marking the end to an amazing night. And I hear it, and it brings back the best memories I could hope for.

    That night fuelled the fire that is now my love for trance. It's amazing how this causes a massive chain reaction of events. Although this occured before going to Vancouver, I also applied to work at Creamfields which I, only last week, found out I have a place for. I am sooooo fucking excited. I mean, I was looking forward to it before going to Vancouver, but after returning my excitement has more than doubled and I seriously cannot wait to get myself to that Daresbury Estate and dance my ass off in a field for two days straight. And the best part? AvB is the final DJ I will be seeing on the final night (and Example is on right before him on the same stage! Ahhhh!!). 7 weeks can't pass quickly enough.
  • I guarentee you'll miss me, cause you've changed the way you kiss me

    Apr 24 2011, 0:03

    Oh dear. It's been an awfully long time since I've updated on here. Since the beginning of December I have:

    1) gotten into trance in a very big way. Armin van Buuren has quickly become the love of my life! The weather we have been having recently has been stunning and there is nothing I love more than putting some very loud trance on my iPod and walking for miles.

    2) Seen both The Streets and Example live. The Streets were good, but wow were there a lot of Very Annoying People in the audience! Example was ah-may-zing! I danced my ass off. Since, I have gotten into his stuff even more, which leads me to having:

    3) listened to 'Changed The Way You Kissed Me' soooo many times it's just silly. The first time I heard it on YouTube I thought it was pretty good. Then the more I listened to it, the more I loved it and now I just can't get enough of this track!

    4) been listening to 'No More Idols' by Chase & Status a lot. I know a lot of people aren't overly impressed by the album, but I really like it. It's not as mental crazy dnb as it could be, but I think it's great in it's own right. I have a few favourite tracks, the main one being Let You Go by Mali. What a tune!

    5) secured an Oxfam placement for stewarding at Glastonbury and Beautiful Days! YES. YES. YES. I have wanted to go to Glasto since I was a teen and I am so excited and thrilled that I am finally getting to go. I'm going to both festivals with a girl off my course who I get on with really well, and we're already chatting and getting excited about being wasted in a field for almost a week (minus our working hours of course). I have also applied to work at Creamfields with a different organisation, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them. I really hope I get to go! It'll be on my own, but it seems a lot of people who work at festivals go on their own, so I'm sure it'll be fine and I'll meet many people. Plus, the chances of friendly and cuddly people at a dance festival are pretty high ;)

    6) started jogging! I started 6 weeks ago. I can now run for over 2 miles at a time, which is amazing for me because I've never been one to run. The fun part of this though, has of course been building a running playlist! At the moment, my most motivating tracks are 'Smack My Bitch Up' The Prodigy and 'Crush' by Pendulum for the start and finish of my runs respectively.

    7) booked a flight to Vancouver! Going for a month from the 13th May til 11th June and I can't wait!! :D It occurs the week after my next batch of essays are in which is perfect timing because I really am totally in need of a vacation!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go bury myself back under my pile of ethics books...
  • Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelt...Pendulum, 2nd December, Birmingham NIA

    Dic 3 2010, 18:03

    Ooooh man. I think it had been about a year since I had been to a gig...possibly even more than that. But I would wait for that long all over again if it meant that I could attend a gig that was as immense as last night.

    I admit I had high expectations. Not only was I seeing Pendulum live, who have quickly become one of my favourite bands over the past 12 months, but I was also getting to see Hadouken! again as they were supporting. Now, we all know how completely obsessed by Hadouken! I am, so the idea of seeing them alone was exciting, let alone seeing them on the same night as Pendulum.

    Thankfully, the N.I.A. very nicely state what time the first band comes on on the ticket, so I didn't have to worry about accidentally missing them whilst also attempting to turn up as late as possible. So I turned up at 7.15 and only had a 15 minute wait for Hadouken! to come on - which I was incredibly grateful for seeing as this crowd was no acception to the usual type of audience that Hadouken! attracts: lots of young 'uns who are getting bored, drunk and incredibly irritating. I feel older and older everytime I go to a Hadouken! gig. Even being asked if I was old enough, and then for I.D., for a wine sample in Tesco earlier that day wasn't enough for me to feel even marginally young.
    Unfortunately I cannot remember the order in which the following songs were played (apart from the first and last) but the setlist went along these lines: Rebirth, MAD, Mecha Love, Oxygen, Turn The Lights Out, Evil, House is Falling, Mic Check, Lost, That Boy That Girl, Bombshock. I have to admit, for a support act that is one hell of an impressive setlist, quite possibly only a bit shorter than the times I have seen them headlining, so I was quite pleased. Although disappointed that the ONLY song they didn't play off For The Masses was Play The Night, one of my favourites.
    A lot of the rocker kids were bored and started a number of pushpits during the set which, I have to say, were completely disorganised and awful excuses for pushpits. One boy got his nose broken. I used to love a good pushpit in my teens and they were the bizz - why has no one passed down the all important push pit knowledge I ask?! A combination of being jostled about all over the place whilst being only at the side, as well as the venue size and the annoying audience meant that the set ended and I was...shock, horror...a bit disappointed. Maybe I am not used to seeing them in such a big venue where quite a number of people were not into the music at all (audiences at Hadouken! gigs may drive me spare while they are waiting, but they make one hell of a good atmosphere when the band is on), or maybe I'm not just as keen on the newer stuff live. But whatever it was, I was a bit unanamoured by the whole thing. Nevertheless, I danced. I shouted the lyrics. But the lacking of good atmosphere meant I only just broke a sweat.

    So after rushing to the loo before a huge queue formed, and whipping out some reading that I had to get done for Monday morning (yes I took my degree reading to a gig. What else am I going to do whilst waiting around?!), I staked myself a nice spot right at the side, and waited. I think this was the furthest from the pit I had been in a long while, but I had already decided that this gig wasn't going to be about the view, the pit, crowdsurfing or anything else. It was going to be about the live music and my need to dance like I've never danced before. And oh wow, that is exactly what I did. The setlist was as follows:

    Salt in the Wounds
    Voodoo People (their Prodigy remix)
    Fasten Your Seatbelt
    The Island (Parts 1 and 2)
    Propane Nightmares
    Blood Sugar

    Amazing set. The only song I really wanted they to play, that I thought was an actual possibility, that they didn't was Hold Your Colour. But by the end of the set I sure didn't care. Well ok maybe a bit.
    The atmosphere was amazing. There was a pit in the middle, people jumping all over the place, some people just having a bop and some people (like me) going all out drum n bass dancing like a loon. It was like a big party that lasted only 1.4 hours! I have to admit, the length of the set impressed me greatly, as did the fact that they didn't edit out the longer tracks (bar The Island part 2 which was cut short). All of the longer tracks, such as Salt in the Wounds, were played in full for which I had great respect. Quite a number of bands would probably edit down some of the longer tracks in order to get the set over and done with, or they would just play a shorter set. I have only ever been to two gigs that lasted any longer than 1hour 15 mins and that was years ago (Gogol Bordello and NOFX in Brighton: they both played for 2 hours!)
    Length dancewise was amazing, but the lead singer started to get quite annoying with half of his comments to the crowd which just, to me, made him out to be a bit of an egotistical prat. But I let it slide on account of the fact I would probably be an egotistical prat as well if I could make such incredible music. Saying that, there were some nice touches, such as some mexican waves and oddly a request to 'get down' during one of the songs (unfortauntely can't remember which) and then jump up and dance like crazies on request.

    All in all, it was amazing. And no amount of description will beable to help you picture it. You know when you've gone to an amazing gig when you have a few random bruises, you leave dripping in sweat, smiling so hard and practically dancing your way to the bus stop (taking extra caution not to slip on any random ice). My calves and back are still sore today from all the dancing. And it just makes me want to relive it allll over again.