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  • OneWorldDestiny

    Recommended songs: Ian Brown 2009 Stellify The New Monarchs 2009 Surprises Seether 2009 Careless Whisper (Rare- Wham Cover) Voltaire 2009 Hier The Lost Fingers 2009 On Va S'aimer (Avec Martine St-Clair) The Lost Fingers 2009 Où Aller Album: Diablo Swing Orchestra 2009 Sing Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious (Swing Metal, though i see you're not so much into fun music, i still recommend it. makes me feel good at least.) with turkish lyrics (the main list included 1 german & 2 french songs btw): Saltuk Erginer 2009 Son Tren Sertab Erener 2009 Bu Böyle Bandista 2009 Her Şeyin Şarkısı Bandista 2009 Hiç Bir Şeyin Şarkısı

    Mag 20 2011, 9:45
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