• My interpretation of the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    Dic 3 2006, 17:56

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    Full Album Walkthrough

    * (note - this is an interpretation based on listening to the music, reading the lyrics, and reading the textual "music video" to the album in the booklet. IT IS NOT OFFICIAL. It is only an interpretation. Please enjoy.)

    (SIDE 1)

    1)The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - The main protagonist (Rael, a Puerto-Rican punk) exists the subway with a spraycan in his hand. He had just finished tagging the wall, and is currently focusing on avoiding the cops until he can get back to his gang. He continues to walk down Broadway.

    2)Fly on a Windshield - Eventually Rael notices a very dark cloud desending onto the street. It solidifies, forming a wall with reflections of another dimension on it. He looks around but no one else around him even seems to notice it. The wall moves quickly straight for Rael. He turns and runs, but wind blasts into his face, slowing him down. As dust is whipped up into the air, it settles onto Rael's clothing and hardens. He can't move, and becomes the equivelent to a fly waiting for the winshield on the freeway - a sitting duck. As the wall hits him, he is flooded with memories of seeming randomness. Emotion whirls around him and he loses grasp of his situation.

    3)Broadway Melody of 1974 - Seemingly random memories of events having to do with New York and Broadway fill his mind, and hes sees all of it as he is carried away from that world.

    4)Cuckoo Cocoon - Rael regains consiousness in a dark environment, wrapped up in a cocoon of sorts (made of powdered wool). He wonders for a while where he is and wether or not he is dead, but decides that he is still him, and alive.

    5)In the Cage - However, despite the traumatizing events, the cocoon feels very nice, and he drifts off to sleep. Later, he wakes up and the cocoon is no longer there. He feels disgusting and sick. He looks around and realizes that he is actually in a cave of some sort. Howver, when he walks around, the stalactites and stalagmites grow and connect, forming a cage, and he cannot escape. He panics, and looks around frantically. He thinks that if he can keep his self control, he'll be okay, but eventually he falls back into fear. He looks around and sees other "cages" connected into different stars. Then he notices his brother John, and cries out for help, but his brother is too scared and doesn't even attept to help him. This is the first time his brother betrays him. As John leaves, the cage opens up, but Rael begins spinning like a top. He moves faster and faster until he blacks out.

    6)The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging - He wakes up in a contemporary corridor, and there is a saleswoman at the end of it. She gives a sales-pitch about this new revolutionary product, and Rael is sent to the factory floor. He looks around and sees people wrapped up and put on display. However, there is something different about them. They are all people he knows! He sees all the members of his gang, and then comes upon his brother, who has the number nine stamped on his forehead. He turns around and runs in absolute panic and blacks out again.

    7)Back In N.Y.C - (Note - the next three songs are a flashback) Rael sees himself back in NYC in his gang and we learn a bit about his life. He was released from Pontiac Penitentiary at age 17, and only then did he get respect from his gang, The Pack. We see how he lives through life, acting aggressive towards everything.

    8)Hairless Heart - Rael then has a vision of his heart exiting his chest. It is covered in hair (symbolizing the mess of his former life clouding what his heart really wants) All the hair is then shaved off by a sleek, annonymous razor, and the organ is returned to his body, beating out the steps to his life from then on.

    9)Counting Out Time - This is put to the test as Rael relives his first sexual encounter, as the heart counts out the beats to each step in the process of a night out.

    10)Carpet Crawlers - Rael once again regains consiousness in the corridor, but instead of the saleslady, there are now people on the floor, all crawling to get to the door at the end. "That door leads to the exit," they all say. "You have to get in that room to get out of here." Not questioning why he doesn't have to crawl, Rael boldly walks up, opens the door, and enters the room.

    11)The Chamber of 32 Doors - Inside is a spiral staircase which leads to a circular chamber which, as Rael finds out, has thirty-two doors, but only one leading to the exit. There are tons of people inside, all arguing over what door they should choose, and Rael has no idea who he should trust.

    (SIDE 2)

    12)Lilywhite Lilith - Rael eventually notices a very pale woman sitting away from the group. she says that she's blind, but if he will help her through the crowd, she can show him the way out. They enter a door (which everyone ignores, believing it's destined for failure) and move through a dark passageway. Rael stumbles, but Lilith, despites her blindness, walks confidently. They eventually reach a dark room with rocks on the floor. She sits Rale on a very large one, and tells him, "Do not be afraid. I'm going to get him. Wait here and try not to be frightened." and then exits into the darkness.

    13)The Waiting Room - Soon there is light at one end of the room, the light is too bright, and it irritates Rael, but it continues to grow. As the light bounces of the walls in to room, it completely blinds Rale and he cannot see anything. He begins to loose control of other senses when he grabs a rock and hurls it at the brightest point. The lights go out instantly and Rael can see that they were two orbs as the exit. He is halliy flooded with all of his senses returned and walks around for a while, but a resounding crack from the cieling drops a trap on him.

    14)Anyway - Rael desends into dpression then, thinking, well, this is it. I'm finished. He continues his thoughts of misery and rambles off a dying man's thoughts. However, he soon hears a voice saying "Good morning Rael. So sorry you had to wait. It won't be long. She's very rarely late.

    15)Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist - Lilith returns and happily introduces her friend, Death, by his nick-name. She goes on and on about how much he can help you. Then her friend enters, sprays some perfume on Rael, and leaves.

    16)The Lamia - As Rael is let out of his trap, he notices the perfume is distributed unevenly around the room. He moves to the place where it is the thickes and finds a crack in the wall that he can fit through. On the other side, he finds a beutiful passageway, with chandeliers lining it. As he continues down it, he enters a chember with a pool of necter. Thinking that he's alone, he begins to enter the nectar, but before he can, ripples form and he realizes that his isn't the only one there. Out of the water come three large snakes with female (human) faces. They explain how they have watched him on his journey, and love him deeply. Rael is horrified at first, but he is drawn to their beauty. They esk him to refressh by drinking some of the nectar. He instantly trusts them, undressing and entering the pool. As his drinks the nectar, they scan him with their tongues and judge him. Then they begin to nibble on his skin, but he feels no pain. As the first blood enters their mouths, they cry out and die. Rael desperately tries to find some signs of life, but they have passed. He then vows that they have not died in vain. He gathers their bodies and carries them with him as nourishment on his long journey. They took him inside them, so he will do the same in time.

    17)Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats - Rael finds a boat and travels across the pool and finds an exit from the chamber on the other side.

    18)The Colony of Slippermen -

    a)The Arrival -

    Rael soon sees some hideously deformed people as he passes out of the Lamia's chamber. However, it is he who they all point and laugh at. A man explains, "We all went through the exact same experience. The Lamia regenerate each time, ready to trick the next traveller. And this," he gestures towards himself, "is what happens." He shows Rael his own reflection and he sees that he, too, has become a slipperman. As he looks into the crowd, he notices whats left of his brother, and runs up to him. They both hug, and find out that the only way to fix what the Lamia have done, is visit the notorious Doktor Dyper, and have a "removal of the senses." In other words, castration. They both decide that it is for the better and make the trip.

    b)A Visit to the Doctor -

    Rael and John both go through the operation, through a hilarious depiction in the lyrics, and get there former parts in a golden tube each, in which the Doktor suggests they wear it around their necks.

    c)The Raven -

    Soon a large, dark bird swoops down and snatches up Rael's tube. He shouts , "Come on, John! Help me get it!" but John refuses. He says, "In the Colony of Slippermen, you learn not to follow the Raven. That is where danger lies." This is the second time his brother betrays him. Rael takes off after the bird, and as he just about reaches it, it soars over an enormous ravine and drops it nonchalantly into a river.

    19)Ravine - Rael despairs at the loss of it. He walks around the ravine aimlessly, but a sight makes him jump for joy.

    20)The Light Dies Down on Broadway - Rael sees a window back home. Broadway. He sees all of the life he had before. This was his one chance to get out of theis crazy dimension. He takes off in a mad dash, but he hears some struggles in the water. It's his brother John. It's time to make a decision. To return to the freedom of his other life, or to save the brother that deserted him twice.

    21)Riding the Scree - Rael sprints down the ravine towards the river and jumps into the rapids.

    22)In the Rapids - As he swims through the rapids to save his brother, he dodges bolders and rocks, trying to stay in control. He knocks John unconsious to make the rescue easier, and drags him to the shore. "Hang on John!" he cries when they reach the shore. "We're almost out of this!" But then he notices that it isn't his brother's face he's looking at. It's his own!

    23)It - As Rael's consiousness fades back and forth between the two bodies, they eventually merge into one, and Rael desolves into notheing, becoming it. it is everything. Broadway, the new dimesion, the universe, everything. Rael becomes one with time, space, and himself, and all is finally right with the world.

    I thank you for reading this. I've tried my best to make sense of everything, but the instrumentals are still up for interpretation. I also recommend rereading the lyrics to the album after reading this. Everything will seem much clearer. Long Live ! ~Prog_head
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