Me'Shell NdegéOcello "Virgo" & "Lovely Lovely"


Giu 8 2008, 5:16

Listening to Virgo and Lovely Lovely last led me to proclaim that Me'Shell is this generation's Hendrix. It's not a popular one but I'll still stand by it. On these two tracks Me'Shell Ndegéocello shows her growth as an artist. The interplay of rhythms leading groove heavy progressions to natural changes, is a mastery not only of concept but of form. Truly an other worldly musically experience. If this sequence of songs doesn't move you then The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams is not for you.


  • audiogumbo

    yeah i mos def agree... love this album !!! the tune "michelle johnson" is ma jamm!!!

    Feb 22 2009, 21:47
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