• Kylie Minogue back home in Melbourne, yay!

    Dic 23 2008, 7:03

    Mon 22 Dec – KylieX2008

    I can't believe I almost missed going to this concert because of my weak human body!

    I came down with a head cold of some kind a couple of nights ago, and I woke up on the morning of the show feeling like still cold death and wanting to cry at the thought of being surrounded by so much enclosed noise later that night, but by some crazy miracle I was feeling a heap better after another handful of hours' sleep (not good enough that I didn't down a few painkillers as a preventative measure beforehand, however).

    I'll always say that Kylie's Showgirl tour was the best, considering it was just so much more elaborate in every way (costumes, stage, lighting, everything), but KylieX2008 was still marvelous in its own right!

    The crowd disappointed me a fair bit. There was so much sitting down compared to Showgirl, where I don't think anyone sat down except during the intermission!

    Speaking of intermissions, apparently Brendan (a massive life-long Kylie fan who went with me, my sister, and Mike) and I weren't the only ones watching the dramas the crew were having fixing the curtain during it. After rather longer than I think the break was meant to be, they finally got it sorted out and a scattered cheer went up through the audience that was still in the arena. I was very amused by that.

    The crowd did warm up considerably after the intermission, and there was more standing and jumping around and clapping and singing along from there on in, which made me very happy (didn't have to feel bad about standing up in front of the people behind me!).

    Finally there was the encore, which, man, seemed about as long as the section before the intermission! Awesome!

    In conclusion, I've learnt that I need to listen to 'X' a lot more than I have, because I didn't know nearly enough lyrics to sing along to during those songs, and that's just not right.

    And also, Kylie's dancers are hot. And flexible. And gay. For each other.


    Can't wait to see you again.
  • I'm going to marry Neil Finn.

    Nov 9 2007, 2:58

    Thu 8 Nov – Crowded House, Augie March

    I'm going to marry Neil Finn. I don't care if he's married already. I don't! We'll figure something out.

    But seriously, holy crap. To set the scene: me and three other people (my sister, our aunty, and the biggest Crowdies fan in Melbourne. Seriously, he's nuts for 'em), seats probably could've been better (we were on the floor, but up the back and to the right), but I did have a direct line of sight through the heads in front of me all the way up to the stage, so I could see Neil perfectly and most of the rest of the stage clearly enough.

    I nearly died of happiness right from the get-go, as hours before we even left to go to the concert, I'd been hoping they'd play Private Universe at some point, and then they opened with it! Score!

    Of course, I could list 95% of the songs they played (Don't Dream It's Over, Something So Strong, Fall At Your Feet, Hole In The River, Silent House, etc., etc. ;) and say omgilovethatsongwtfbbq, but I doubt anyone'd be that interested. :P

    Right from the beginning, the mood was a whole lot of fun. Neil and Nick Seymour were bantering back and forth, and Neil was talking to us about this and that between most of the songs, not to mention jumping around all over the stage during the more energetic pieces, which was fantastic (he's such a spunk!). I loved that it was so obvious he was into what he was doing, smiling through half the songs and just totally enjoying himself by the looks of it. And the drummer, Matt Sherrod, holy geez, that guy is nuts on a set of drums! Wow!

    The three main things I remember most clearly (and most fondly) were:

    1) The times when Neil stopped singing and the band stopped playing and let the audience take over. I remember one song it happened during was Weather With You, which made Neil laugh when it came to the part where the lyrics go, "... take the weather, take the weather, the weather with you", because no one ever gets that part right (myself not included, of course. I know every freakin' word to that song. *smug*), and the audience just sort of bumbled around and trailed off then started laughing. Neil remarked that he'd only just realised how funny it was that it always seemed to go wrong right there.

    The sing-along thing happened during a couple of other songs, but I only recall one other (I'll write about that in a moment) as my memory's patchy on the best of days. I wonder how many voices were raised in that arena. It was a beautiful thing, at any rate.

    2) Nearing the end of the show, Neil mentioned that he'd seen a couple of brave souls get up to the front of the stage to dance, only to be turned away by a "rather grim security guard". So he said that if people wanted to get up and dance, they should! My sister and I go straight out of our seats and ran, and we ended right up behind the first group of chairs, in the middle of the floor, with a perfect view of Neil (complete spunk, seriously!) and the guys. Utterly fantastic.

    3) In one of the encores (first or second, one of 'em), Neil had all the lights turned off so that the only light was a little lamp inside the window of the cardboard caravan on stage, and they performed Four Seasons in One Day in tribute to Paul Hester, the song having been written about Melbourne, and Paul having been a local boy himself.

    It was really gorgeous. People singing along the entire way through (this was another one where the audience sang solo, if I remember correctly), lighters and mobile phones making twinkling stars all through the arena.

    So in conclusion, I do wish I'd seen Crowded House perform when Paul was still alive, but I guess this is just the way things go, and I do wish they'd played Italian Plastic and Mansion In The Slums, but I guess you can't have everything, and with me still on a high a day later, with a raw throat and sore hands as evidence I had one of the greatest times ever, I can't quite gather the incentive to complain at all.
  • The geekiest milestone there is.

    Ago 20 2007, 3:53

    Since I missed the milestone of my 1,000th song listened to on Last.fm, I made sure I was watching for the next one.

    And quite frankly, this one's cooler than 1,000, anyway.

    So when the occasion of my 1,337th song came up, I made sure I was playing Harry Potter (British-ish). Man, I love that song. XD

    *laughs until she cries*

    I did consider some other nerdy-type songs for it (Computer Camp Love, Cat Macros, The Saga Begins, to name a few), but since I'm an absolutely nutty fangirl for anything Harry Potter, the choice quickly became obvious. :D

    Wonder what my next milestone should be.