My personal top 15 albums of 2011


Gen 4 2012, 23:11

1. Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down (2008) and
2. Last Night On Earth (2011) by Noah and the Whale

Both the debut and the latest offering from Noah and the Whale hold a great many delights for fans of well produced, yet honest folky music. The first album is more raw, the second is a small masterpiece of good production. I personally like the first one better, but both deserve to start this year's list.

3. In Wonderland (2010) by Bajka

Bajka's, so far only, solo album made my list last year already, but this year it played as the soundtrack to most of my spring and summer. Her voice, her confidence and the confusing nonsense poetry of Lewis Carroll made me listen to this album nearly a hundred times :)

4. Songs of the Unforgiven (2004) by Crash Test Dummies

An album of baritone folk tales, filled with dark and brooding sonnets. Who would have thought that Crash Test Dummies made such a spectacular album. And in 2004 already. Take a listen, you won't regret it.

5. Bag of Hits (2002) by Fun Lovin' Criminals

5. Pieces of a Man (1971) and
6. Real Eyes (1980) and
7. Reflections (1981) by Gil Scott-Heron

I guess 2011, the year of his death, was the year I finally discovered Gil Scott-Heron. Jazz and hip-hop before hip-hop even existed. Politically charged lyrics, great music and great charisma. Rest in Peace Gil.

8. Biała flaga (1999) by Republika

9. Good Morning Spider (1998) by Sparklehorse

10. Tumi and the Volume (2006)

11. The English Riviera (2011) by Metronomy

12. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (2008) by Metaform

13. La Liberación (2011) by Cansei de Ser Sexy

14. Hope for the Hopeless (2008) by Brett Dennen

15. Night Walks (2010) by Hidden Orchestra


  • kairos2

    you're so 2000 and late!

    Gen 5 2012, 10:05
  • postrational

    Hey, it's not a race :-)

    Gen 5 2012, 23:21
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