• I've Got Parrots

    Ott 26 2008, 1:24

    I don't mean I have parrots in a cage, which is a practice I find appalling, in all honesty. No, I have parrots the way dogs have fleas, the way New Yorkers have cockroaches. An infestation of wild parrots. Parrots aren't supposed to live in Southern California, but a while ago (and by that I mean some time in the 1990's) some rogue parrots decided they didn't care for Central America and it was time to immigrate. To my backyard, apparently. Like many non-indeginous critters, they are beautiful, but they are unbelievably noisy and they make a mess and they make it impossible to take a conference call on my back patio.
  • Fanfuckingtastic

    Set 21 2008, 19:51

    Sat 20 Sep – Beck, Spoon, MGMT
    From the first few notes of Loser, Beck had the whole crowd on its feet. The set list was great, from Loser to tracks off Modern Guilt. Singing, chanting, dancing, hollering Where It's At and Devil's Haircut, all big fun. The Hollywood Bowl strings joined for the middle set and they and Beck took us to another place with an almost unbelievable rendition of Lonesome Tears, as well as other selections from Sea Change and Modern Guilt. Back for the encore wrapping up with E-Pro, it couldn't have been more perfect.