Top 100 Of 2006


Dic 25 2006, 10:50

Here's my list of the best songs of 2006. It is not really acording to the statistics led on as I only got the account in May. Some songs that were only played since october, were left out and will be included in the chart next year.

Hope you like the list and thaty you'll find time to listen to some of these brilliant tracks that are listed up here!

Cheers, Miha*

1. Munich
2. Talk
3. DJ Sylvain feat. Petra - Stop The World
4. Hip's Don't Lie
5. Crystal Ball
6. Tell Me Why
7. Maneater
8. Red Dress
9. Faster Kill Pussycat
10. No Tomorrow
11. mambo
12. I Don't Feel Like Dancing
13. Home
14. Self Control
15. Blood
16. Bright Idea
17. SOS (Rescue Me)
18. The Hardest Part
19. Make Me Pure
20. Sunshine of Your Love
21. Crazy
22. Sewn
23. El Temperamento
24. Istanbul
25. Apply Some Pressure
26. Advertising Space
27. All Sparks
28. A Pain That I'm Used To
29. When the Sun Goes Down
30. Celebrate The Day
31. Don't Bother
32. Start The Fire
33. Temptation
34. When You Were Young
35. I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
36. Stop! Dimentica
37. Dani California
38. Suffer Well
39. Incredible
40. Ugly
41. Lucy
42. John the Revelator
43. Promiscious Girl
44. Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)
45. Everybody's Gone to War
46. Put Your Records On
47. Supermassive Black Hole
48. Cha Cha
49. Thunder In My Heart Again
50. Voodoo Child
51. A Dios Le Pido
52. Last Request
53. [track artist=Robbie Williams]Rudebox[/track
54. [track artist=Supafly INC]Moving Too Fast[/track]
55. [track artist=Rooster]Good To Be Here[/track]
56. [track artist=Tarkan]Bounce[/track]
57. [track artist=Arctic Monkeys]The View From The Afternoon[/track]
58. [track artist=Madonna]Sorry[/track]
59. [track artist=Keane]Is It Any Wonder[/track]
60. [track artist=The Feeling]Fill MY Little World[/track]
61. [track artist=Mylo]Muscle Car[/track]
62. [track artist=Rogue Traders]Watching You[/track]
63. [track artist=James Kakande]You You You[/track]
64. [track artist=Hoobastank]If I Were You[/track]
65. [track artist=Mousse T. Vs The Danddy Warhols]Horny As A Dandy[/track]
66. [track artist=Juli]Dieses Leben[/track]
67. [track artist=Hi Tack]Say Say Say (Waiting For You)[/track]
68. [track artist=Franz Ferdinand]The Fallen[/track]
69. [track artist=INXS]Afterglow[/track]
70. [track artist=Prince]Fury[/track]
71. [track artist=The Kooks]She Moves In Her Own Way[/track]
72. [track artist=Evanescence]Call Me When You're Sober[/track]
73. [track artist=Eros Ramazzotti Feat. Anastacia]I Belong To You[/track]
74. [track artist=LMC VS Rachel McFarlane]You Get What You Give[/track]
75. [track artist=Bob Sinclair]World, Hold On[/track]
76. [track artist=Paolo Nutini]Jenny Don't Be Hasty[/track]
77. [track artist=Alesha]Lipstick[/track]
78. [track artist=Shapeshifters & Chic]Sensitivity[/track]
79. [track artist=Gnarls Barkley]Smiley Faces[/track]
80. [track artist=Sugababes]Follow Me Hone[/track]
81. [track artist=A-Ha]Analogue (All I Want)[/track]
82. [track artist=Nickelback]Saving Me[/track]
83. [track artist=Royksopp]What Else Is There?[/track]
84. [track artist=Tiga]Far From Home[/track]
85. [track artist=Lee Ryan]When I Think Of You[/track]
86. [track artist=DHT]Listen To Your Heart[/track]
87. [track artist=Jet]Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is[/track]
88. [track artist=Sunblock Feat. Robin Beck]First Time[/track]
89. [track artist=A-Ha]Cosy Prisons[/track]
90. [track artist=Fedde Le Grand]Put Your Hands Up For Detroit[/track]
91. [track artist=Red Hot Chilli Peppers]Tell Me Baby[/track]
92. [track artist=Orson]Happiness[/track]
93. [track artist=Chicane Feat. Tom Jones]Stoned In Love[/track]
94. [track artist=Kasabian]Empire[/track]
95. [track artist=Franz Ferdinand]Walk Awa[/track]
96. [track artist=Pachanga]Close To You[/track]
97. [track artist=Justin Timberlake Feat. TI]My Love[/track]
98. [track artist=Ferry Corsten]Fire[/track]
99. [track artist=The Strokes]Juicebox[/track]
100. [track artist=Gnarls Barkley]Crazy[/track]

I Appologise for mistakes if there are any.


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