• Album Review #1

    Set 3 2008, 13:33

    I need a break from studying, so I feel like starting a series of Journals where i will review albums i really like. And explain why i like them. Yay

    Chris Clark - Clarence Park

    Chris Clark (aka Clark) is a musician who I didn't appreciate until he released the magnificent Body Riddle in late 2006. In my opinion though, it is his debut released in 2001 which I find the best.... and this is why.

    Firstly, every single track off it I find amazing, except maybe A Laugh With Hills which is still very good. I find it rare for an album to not only hold my attention throughout, but also to never have a moment where the skip button becomes an appealing choice.
    This is even more impressive when you consider the range of styles on offer.

    The album is perfectly paced. Starting with the heartfelt piano piece Pleen 1930s to relax the listener only to startle with the two percussion heavy tracks, The Dogs with its intense groaning sample, and Proper Lofi which threatens to enter rave track only to never reach it. Then Oaklands acts to calm the album down, only for the atmosphere to, again, drastically change with Bricks. The album continues to get darker, with three brooding ambient tracks Caveman Lament, Fossil Paste and Shrewland all placed near the conclusion on the album. The 23 second closing piano of Nostalgic Oblong is perfectly contrasting to what is heard just prior to it.
    In between this is also the unexpected happy-go-lucky feel of Lord of the Dance which contrasts to the darkness and melancholy filling up the rest of the album.

    Somehow, even with the schizophrenic mood, it holds together perfectly when listened to from start to finish. I find it fits together in a masterful way.

    Really, I think Clarence Park is a near perfect album, and one that shows the range and scope of electronic music. His production in all the different styles on show is consistently incredible. The album takes a while to grow on you, but after a few listens you'll find it impossible to stop listening.
    If I had to mention the best tracks on the album, I would say they are Lord of the Dance, Pleen 1930s, Caveman Lament, Proper Lofi and
    Diesel Raven, though every track can easily stand on its own.

    A somewhat under-appreciated album, if you have any interest in the music of artists like:
    Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Matmos or really any music which is a little different, and don't mind instrumentals, then buy this album.

    Really, do it
  • New albums on the way....

    Apr 4 2007, 15:04

    Hello anyone who's listening.....
    yay for buying cds, these are the latest i've ordered online... i'll post comments on the album once i recieve them, so get exited for updates!!!!!

    Wow, really..... i didn't entirely know what to expect from this. I found adem after hearing of fridge. I found fridge after loving four tet..... All I can say is it is superb. It manages to evoke amazing amounts of emotion in its simplicity, while sounding quite unique. Also the cover art and booklet are really cool. All in all, a great folk album which sounds somewhere in between Grizzly Bear and M. Ward..... maybe... either way, i am really happy with the purchase!

    Person Pitch
    another wow album... probably the greatest vocal harmonics i've ever heard, not that i've heard much at all.... But yeah, amazing album. Demands your attention, even for the longer tracks, still.... not sure if it surpasses feels by animal collective yet....
    maybe its possible i will prefer it soon.... its just that good!
    well, I decided to take a while to comment on this one... can't say I was too impressed with my first listen, it seemed a all over the place, disorganized... but on a second and third listen it really grew on me! It manages to mix a variety of different music styles, all with a post-rock feel. I really enjoy Five Four Child Voice, Cut Up Piano & Xylophone and the last 2 tracks. A very different album, but one i really enjoyed after giving it a chance.

    and Their Refinement of the Decline

    The Tired Sounds Of
    wow..... this album manages to evoke a number of emotions in me. Its a very sad album.. to me at least. From the first note at the start of Requiem For Dying Mothers, Part 1 (1st track) i knew what i was in for. Slow moving, drone ambient. but definitely some of the most incredible music I've heard, especially when compared to some other ambient. Never boring, simply breathtaking from start to finish. Mulholland is probably the standout to me, though every single track is brilliant. If you have the patients, It is DEFINITELY 2 hours well spent. Ambient at its absolute finest.... (still in awe)

    Stars of the Lid
    Panda Bear
  • dead cities....

    Feb 14 2007, 12:17

    The Future Sound of London!

    Dead Cities

    saw this at the record store for $10 (aus dollars) and i thought i may as well try it out..... though i was in no rush to buy it. and i definately don't regret it. If you look at fsols greatest hits album, you'll see a massive number of tracks from dead cities, and i can see why. It manages to mix most sections of electronica in there.... and though it has a slight dip near the end, is still a great album.
    my fave tracks would have to be:
    Glass such a quirky tune... sound a little muddled up near the start, but quickly pulls you in. This song sound like no other, chilled out, yet in your face... in a way. i guess its hard to describe this tracks too well.... which shows how original it is.
    My Kingdom This track had me hooked from the start..... a nice downtempo, quiet song, yet mysterious in a way. Sounds.... organic? i dunno, but its a bloody good song!
    Max ahhh, a calming piano piece, simple but lovely all the same. an unexpected relaxing song, perfect for what it is.
    Everyone in the World Is Doing Something Without Me simillar to max, kinda. this being the other track with no percussion of any kind, just the hypnotic, wordless singing woman. another song that shows the depth of fsol
    Dead Cities I had killed a man...... a man who looked like me. great line to open another killer track. Menacing, dark and uptempo. But still manages to be highly original because of its odd time signature of the main tune. sound very.. computerised (very bad choice of word).

    yeah, thats all for now.
    go fsol!
  • songs that require my full attention

    Nov 28 2006, 12:31

  • damn

    Set 17 2006, 10:26

    great, i went to 78 records today to get an album
    (Yellow House ). I called up before hand and they tell me, "we've got it in stock". so i go there to pick it up and look it the 'g' section..... no luck. So they look on the computer for the album, which says it is in store! so the counter guy searches for a while, then... tells me that i'll have to order it in, and it's dissapeared.... dangit. so now i have to wait a week before i can get it. damn the shoplifter who stole it, or the store worker who put it in the wrong spot.

    Oh well.

    i also almost bought Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms but $33 Australian is a bit too much.

    i was bored and had time to waste, so.. thanks for gracing this quite uninteresting journal entry with your presence.

    over and out

    I did end up buying bot the venetian snares album and grizzly bear's. Huraah!
  • Big Day Out!

    Mar 16 2006, 11:46

    ok, its been a while since the Big Day out inPerth on the 5th of Feb but i feel i need to mention my day.

    Emdee were the first band i saw. I was suprised a didgeridoo could sound so good. The guy playing it was amazing. they were a lot of fun, and played very dancy music.

    well Youth Group were pretty good i guess... they didn't interact with the crowd as they could have. Still, they played their songs well, and forever young got everyone singing along.

    The Presets were awesome. I mean, everyone was just jumping around crazily, and their drummer was doing some crazy dances on stage near the end. Their music is definately way better live and they were one of the best bands i saw.

    I then saw a little bit of The Subways who were ok, not much to comment on though.....

    after getting crushed in between some huge security guard and a restless crowd trying to get into the mosh pit... i finally reached Wolfmother. The mosh pit was much more crowded than i expected, everyone trying to get closer to the band, i eventially moved back a bit, because of my unimpressed friend, and i did find it a bit claustrophobic. Still the music was great, and it was pretty fun.

    well, we then waited at The Go! Team for a while, after to my annoyance, my friend said he would never be persuaded to see M.I.A.. The go team were actually everything i hoped.... and MORE! The songs were a lot different from the recorded versions, ninja was getting the croud involved and it was just really fun.

    i got to see the first few Soulwax songs, miserable girl was great, but then i had to go early to see....

    Franz Ferdinand, from about 50m away. It was pretty fun, but I've never really been able to be a huge fan of them. Still, it was quite good.

    Finally, due to immense pain in my legs, The Mars Volta were the last band i saw. They sure know how to play loud. It was funny to watch people dance to different timing due to the seemingly random, everchanging structure of the songs. They were quite fun, but my extremely sore feet and legs made the experience a bit less fun than it could have been.

    Well, thats it really.

    If i went again, i definately would have seen Vitalic, M.I.A. and Soulwax.

    But, it was still really, really fun!
  • 2 weeks of the holidays

    Dic 15 2005, 13:28

    Well, i've recently been listening to Brian Eno. My dad has reccomended his favourite eno album Ambient 1: Music for Airports and it has intrigued me. I particually like 1/1, which is the highest played song off the album (no surprise).

    My dad has also started listening to some of my music, which he has discovered, is actually good. The artists that he has got into are M83 and Sigur Ros. Its interesting talking to dad about music, as its something we both like a lot.

    Well i saw sonic vision for the second time this year. Its a 30 minute "movie" which is on a dome like screen. It is music that is played to psyhcadelic colour and planets etc. It is really interesting and has tracks by radiohead, goldfrapp, boards of canada and many more good artists. Its on at the perth horison theatre and around america only unfortunately.

    My friend and I have finished our 5th film together and it surprises me that venetian snares has fetured on all five of them (not just his loud drum & bassy ones either). Aaron funk is an artist i often forget to appreciate.

    bye for now.
  • Wow, my first jornal entry

    Dic 6 2005, 1:13

    well, epic songs is all the lastest news going round.......
    well i guess i have a few songs that are epic.
    Kittens is a epic track, it takes a few listens to appreciate but i really love it.
    um...Glósóli builds up to a great, load finale
    A Giant Alien Force More Violent & Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine builds up i guess, you could call it epic.
    and finally Mogwai Fear Satan is load enough to be epic.
    then again, i've been using the word epic to describe heaps of tracks lately

    off topic a bit, the school holidays have started, but they seem to be much less eventfull or exiting as i can remember. Still, i can't wait for the BDO so that kind of makes holidays last longer.

    Other news is that Sigur Rós are coming to perth! it's a while off but i'm really looking forward to them. Oh yeah, i've also got tickets to coldplay! i'm going to 3 concerts in 1/2 of a year, thats heaps for me, as i've only seen ben folds live really.

    well.... thats it i guess. bye

    !Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)!