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Cat PowerThe Greatest Brano preferito 3 Lug 20:30
RuinsPraha In Spring Brano preferito 3 Lug 20:26
OOIOO1000 Frogs And 3 Sun In A House Brano preferito 3 Lug 20:22
SPKInvocation Brano preferito 3 Lug 20:17
JesuTransfigure Brano preferito 3 Lug 20:12
DisappearsJoa Brano preferito 17 Giu 0:44
The FallGarden Brano preferito 17 Giu 0:37
Susumu YokotaKodomotachi Brano preferito 17 Giu 0:31
Hush ArborsFast Asleep Brano preferito 17 Giu 0:26
Dance ChapterAnonymity 8 Giu 1:17
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  • Mrsixtyfive

    Boy. It seems that I have stumbled into this beautiful blackness. I read on a comment section below some 70's musician that there hasn't been any good music since the 70's. I should never read the comments

    10 Giu 8:12 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    All those darn union members from unionland How about we export some help . Treat him well, and perhaps he will stay there....

    11 Mag 19:10 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    Frequencies is a film filled with smart-asses in numerous interpretations of that label. There is plenty of acting straight into a camera which I suppose in a twisted way creates a Loop of sorts. The coda, which I'll identify through Vaguely implied Speculation, in my mind, plays well with the motif so to speak of This site. Vaguely because Accuracy does not equal an Antidote to not wanting to divulge much of anything and Speculation because I really have no idea what I'm talking about. Unaware of the film's Range of availability per audience being recommended to, but I feel it's worth Tuning into from this side of Things gathered together with Patterns subjectively perceivable.

    11 Mag 9:39 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    I'm pretty sure that undecided is a synonym for ignorance, and ignorance is fruit on a tree harvested with money and eventually more money

    10 Mag 18:48 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    fuck moderation and moderates are fucked

    8 Mag 4:00 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    "The situation at Hiva is peculiarly interesting concerning the nature of the islands and wether they constitute a foundational paradox in our Great Encyclopedia: it is an island that is convenient to the implementation of an utopian model but it is also an island that is proportionally inconvenient for the upkeep and continuation of the utopia. An islander is self-consciously aware of the possibility of other islands and the limitations of his world. Everywhere, new utopias are possible." text by Mark von Schlegell from Slow Action (Ben Rivers, 2011) ---- I NEED subtitles. People in Real Life should have Thought Bubbles above their heads as they Talk. I can't find the Script or the Dialogue for the VO for that movie. I might have to eventually Try to Listen.

    25 Apr 1:22 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    your "This" reminded me of That . It was a really good movie, but the sound track was lifted directly from this ... It's amazing they got away with it.

    24 Apr 21:30 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    I just went to see Acid Mothers Temple last night in Vancouver at this little club called The Electric Owl.... There were about 80 people in the audience for a world touring band with some serious chops. The sound was really bad. I don't know... as I get older, I have this expectation that the skater dude running the mixing board should have some idea that loud to the point of pain is not always good to the point of wanting to be there.... But... the musicians were pros, and they powered through with an inspirational set... I don't think I have too many more of those nights in me. I forgot my plugs and the ole ears are still ringing. what?? anyway... Go see this .... It's about as funny as this

    23 Apr 2:43 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    I haven't watch the Video you Linked to Yet, But I will Soon. However, it did somehow lead to This. Which is my Preemptive Non-physical Attack! As a longtime fan of this man's writing, it's now bazaar to me that having just played it was actually the 1st time I'd ever heard him speak along with seeing more than just a photo. You know, this whole Internet thing really has a chance of catching on. And/or I just have to Realize that just about Everything is in 1 way or another on YT or elsewhere online. BTW, the video linked to above, IMO, is virtually unwatchable. It is a visual block of cheese with horrid & needlessly trivial transitions with a faux college dorm setting. It makes for a good listen though, again IMO. Out of the context of a book.. seeing him and how he looks and what he talks about... All I can add is that it would have been wonderful to be one of those people in audience laughing - Why would anyone go to that Sober?

    20 Apr 8:51 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    I've slowly been consuming some of the Noirs from the previously mentioned Website. As for The List That Knows No End, it is more fictional than factual. Besides, where would I store it? But as long as it can theoretically maintain both states simultaneously by some undetermined arbitrary standard, I believe it can rightfully retain its mythical-like name and its shamelessly corpulent stature.

    17 Apr 3:06 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    For some Reason it Didn't occur to me until recently that LastTube might have some full-length Buñuel films; some with English subs! The selection is Far from Extensive, mostly meaning my Favourites Aren't available, but This is a Fine Buñuel film nonetheless. These Free YTs [A] [B] [C] could be interesting, they've been added to The List That Knows No End. The simple Spell check in Chrome, while Proxied outside the US, has me Misspelling Favourites. I'm thinking something like that was the Motivation for This Film.

    30 Mar 23:19 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    Here is my New Battle Plan. I had already taken down 4 or 5 of them before acquiring this Intel; The Flashbacks are foggy at best though. Nonetheless, Alphaville has now been Targeted. The shrapnel of Popped Corn Be Damned!

    28 Feb 9:45 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    So... I am pretty sure this is not your thing.... but the avatar is pretty fucking cool...

    27 Feb 3:57 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    Well, I've somehow Hit the taste bud Wall with Coffee. Today MAY be the Beginning of the Tea Era for me. This is just between You & Me tho ::: My USA membership status could be challenged.

    15 Feb 19:58 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    From the back waters of this great nation!

    7 Feb 10:31 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    I've done some research and it seems that my compatibility with myself is Super! Perhaps I should friend myself.

    5 Feb 23:21 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    I know! Since basically became youtube... what's the fucking difference.. But.... I am listening again.. to a different manifestation of Youtube... which is essentially Google...... in conjunction with CBS or whatever the fuck the giant corporation controlling this menagerie is this week.. I have been shamed into submission.. (happy emoticon)

    4 Feb 22:55 Rispondi
  • buecherdieb

    "I´m a little old lady of 68..."-, haha:

    3 Feb 21:57 Rispondi
  • buecherdieb that was HUGE-, what to do with the rest of the day...?

    3 Feb 7:14 Rispondi
  • GMScrobbler

    Nothing. N O T H I N G can Prepare you for the Video embedded in This Link. This happened because all of the other FM channels were already Taken. The Omega of all possible FMs brought this Here not me. Still, I Apologize for Sharing... The Internet SHOULD Apologize to Us All!

    3 Feb 5:51 Rispondi
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Liberty is the physical freedom to move around, to grow and develop. It also takes interior form as a space of silence and darkness in which ideas can grow unobserved. Under huge technological and economic pressure, we are in the process of turning ourselves inside out. Why keep something to yourself when you can share it? Why keep something to yourself unless you have something to hide? We are becoming more visible to each other, whether we like it or not, and so we take steps to make our newly public interiority conform to social norms – to appear healthy, legal, sane, unthreatening on the inside. Our thoughts and preoccupations leave traces, which always threaten to take on the character of evidence. Why were you looking at that? Why did you linger on that page, underline that sentence?

Hari Kunzru in Guardian Review


Our eyes don't really belong to us - They're harvested by a machine that we're powerless to resist

The blood is not in the street anymore
It's our eyes that are bleeding

from - The Universal clock - The resistance of Peter Watkins

"It is not so much the darkness that frightens me as the horrible lights that man has chosen to light his darkness with...."

---Jack Kerouac

"Once power is invisible or beyond comprehension and the state has ever greater capacities of knowledge over citizens a quasi-occult dynamic of terror comes into play"

---Norberto Bobbio

As I don't believe in the inalienable and militarily defensible right of the 'invisible hand' to pick the pockets of the human race, I guess, from a certain squinty-eyed distance, that would make me some kind of socialist.
The truth, as usual, is slightly more complicated....


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