Ott 16 2011, 13:54

    Sat 15 Oct – Ladytron, VHS or Beta, SONOIO

    SONOIO - Alright, I get the appeal of crouching on the ground, hoodie up, lights flashing in tune with the bass, tinkering with that awesome little synth pad - but, outside of the first and second row of bodies lining the stage, no one else could see you, and I'll be honest, it began to feel a little self-conscious and cowardly. And then, of course, it all just sounded... the same.. except for excessive helpings of bass (MORE BASS!!) I was bored by the end of it, and stood, letting the blasts of bass waves beat into my chest until the set was over.

    VHS vs BETA - I wasn't expecting anything, but got a good serving of everything. Performance, sound, interactivity, they were good - but I was also three beers in on an empty stomach, so I don't know how accurate my Good Music gauge was at that point. I'll invest some time in their album, at least..

    LADYTRON - I'm biased, I love Ladytron. Don't expect a thorough analysis of their set, because I'll just gush on and on about it. I will say that upon listening to their latest album, I found it a little less explosive. Maybe even.. cautious? I don't know.. I still found favorites. As for the performance, well, it might have also been cautious.. save for the thundering bass which knocked Helen's KORG onto the ground (MORE TAPE!!) They're getting older, I accept that. Mira was clearly pregnant, I reluctantly accept that.. but it comes at the price of a significant drop in hotness... I still found myself swooning stupidly, not even hearing the songs. Overall, a great set, but I wanted to pound my fists into the asshole shoving his camera in their faces the entire night... dude, seriously, I'm coming for you, and don't worry, I'll have someone shoving my camera in your face as I'm beating it bloody. Learn some fucking etiquette.

    Ott 15 2011, 12:32

    Fri 14 Oct – Star Slinger, Mux Mool, Shigeto
    I don't have much to say other than STAR SLINGER SLAYYYYYYYYED!
    I only wish he had dropped Hawaii, Elizabeth Fraser, and/or Texico Bitches into the encore... next time, maybe?

    Set 10 2011, 15:08

    Fri 9 Sep – Manu Chao

    I've listened to Clandestino backwards and forwards, for years, loving every song in its original state. Admittedly, I stopped there.. never really venturing into Manu Chao's other albums. I don't regret this. Especially after last night's show.

    I didn't last five songs - if you could rightfully separate that long and repetitive drone into five individual tracks.

    Each "song" felt reworked, the melody and tempo were switched to suit its inevitable end - which sounded remarkably like The Isley Bros' "Shout!" The bassist knew maybe two different bass-lines (and I'm being generous in that assumption), the lead guitarist had a designated wah-wah solo located somewhere between the middle and end.... and then came the shouty, jumpy, desperate cry for attention.

    Why? These songs were perfect, perhaps not always inciting rowdy excitement, but they were perfect in themselves. Instead, they were produced with what I assume was the formula for maximum crowd appeasement... in that respect, Manu Chao was successful. The crowd could not be more oblivious....

    Don't get me wrong, I don't go to shows to hear CD-quality precision, I'm all for improvisation - but, don't try to fool me with formulaic reworks. That shit is insulting.

    I can't speak for the rest of the show... I left after the fifth SHOUT! And if anyone saw shreaded tickets lying somewhere near the entrance to the amphitheater, those were mine. -_-