PART VII - Spotlight On 21 Artists (Won't Start For a While...)


Dic 29 2010, 11:55

...Seeing as I haven't even finished Part IV and V.

Artist 1 Demdike Stare

Artist 2 Mount Kimbie

Artist 3 Auranaut aka The Auranaut
"People Want To Be Be Needed - The Album" includes one of my favorite dance tracks "Yo-Yo Club" (trance) and "Groove On, Dream Off" is, according to one friend, a "fantastic track off a great album by an excellent producer." Sounds like a great place to start. The album was released in 2004 by Power City Records.

Tracks on People Want To Be Needed The Album:
1. Hear the Rich Boy Just Passing Through
2. Groove On, Dream Off
3. Calm Your Mind
4. Waking Up
5. Yo-Yo Club
6. Da Booming
7. Yesterday's Future
8. People Want To Be Needed
9. Garden Of Peace

Artist 4 Cabaret Voltaire

Artist 5 Red Snapper

Artist 6 Dousk

Artist 7 Sébastien Léger

Artist 8 Velour

Artist 9Sly & Robbie

Artist 10 Luomo

Artist 11 Brian Eno

Artist 12Sunn O)))

Artist 13 Bugge Wesseltoft

Artist 14 Felixdroid

Artist 15 Hans Appelqvist

Artist 16 Gimmick

Artist 17 Cult of Luna

Artist 18 Motorpsycho

Artist 19 Juan Atkins

Artist 20Machine Drum

Artist 21Sébastien Tellier


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