• no myspace ffs

    Mar 20 2007, 16:22

    GOD i'm so tired of this. recently a couple of artists has wanting me to add them as their friend. among others: Sofia Talvik. no offence Sofia, but PLEASE don't turn last.fm into some f*ckin myspace where you have like a billion zillion tons of friends. I don't want it! Lemme be! OK?

    This goes out to every artist who's tryin to gain fans by suckin up to everyone. That's why I'm hanging out here, and not on myspace.. OK?
  • two new

    Feb 8 2007, 19:34

    finally i've got my hands on the new Logh album (North). my expectations were quite high, but i'm not disappointed at all. my favourite tracks at the moment are thieves in the palace, the black box and saturday nightmares.

    i've also listened to the new Arcade Fire album (Neon bible). hmm.. not as good as the previous one, but i think i ought to give it another chance before rejecting it completely.

    however, it's so refreshing with some new material.
  • funky

    Gen 26 2007, 21:13

    nothing rocks your bones like 1976 and Clean Living does. RJD2 really helps me when i'm feeling tense.
  • march 2007

    Dic 7 2006, 19:12

    I seriously can't wait until march when the new album of Logh will be released. Why why whyyy does it have to be that many months left? I want it now! NOW NOW NOW

    until then I have to be patient and listen to the outtakes from the songs they've put on their website instead of complaining so much. you guys must listen to it as well... i love 'the black box' by the way.

  • as for me

    Lug 16 2006, 10:37

    i'm feeling extremely fangirly for the time being. it's like reading the nana manga takes me to fangirl-world or something.. OMIGOD!

    these two tracks makes me get into the reading-nana-mood in less than half a second.. I LOVE NANA ATM! glamorous sky is also my personal favourite to sing on the karaoke nights we've had recently..

    a little pain
  • explain your top ten

    Giu 27 2006, 18:17

    1. Motoi Sakuraba 桜庭統
    First Song: 'Between the winds'
    Fell In Love With: 'Mystery crystal'
    Current Favourite: 'A boundless autumn evening breeze'

    2. Nobuo Uematsu 植松伸夫
    First Song: God, I don't know.. might be 'love in a haze'
    Fell In Love With: 'Hopeless desire'
    Current Favourite: Uhmm...'Vamo' alla flamenco'

    3. Akira Yamaoka
    First Song: 'Theme of Laura'
    Fell In Love With: 'Promise'
    Current Favourite: 'Betrayal' or 'Love me do'

    4. Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo
    First Song: Probably 'Title Theme' (First track on the soundtrack)
    Fell In Love With: 'Dragon Roost Island'
    Current Favourite: 'Ganon's castle'

    5. RJD2
    First Song: 'Clean living'
    Fell In Love With: '1976'
    Current Favourite: 'Ghostwriter'

    6. Joe Hisaishi 久石譲
    First Song: Might have been 'Mononoke hime theme ~japanese'
    Fell In Love With: 'Lipstick message' from Kiki's delivery service
    Current Favourite: 'Tonari no Totoro'.. last track on the OST (giggle)

    7. Koji Kondo 近藤浩治
    First Song: 'Title theme' from Ocarina of time
    Fell In Love With: 'Zelda's theme' from OOT
    Current Favourite: Probably something from OOT ^__^

    8. Mew
    First Song: 'Symmetry'
    Fell In Love With: 'Snow brigade' and 'Pink monster'
    Current Favourite: 'Panda'

    9. Michiru Oshima 大島ミチル
    First Song: 'Bratja (Brothers)'
    Fell In Love With: 'Dante'
    Current Favourite: 'Kodoku'

    10. Khonnor
    First Song: 'Crapstone'
    Fell In Love With: 'Crapstone'
    Current Favourite: 'Burning Palace'