• 2008 in Review

    Gen 2 2009, 17:58


    Strung Out - The Croft Bristol

    Strung Out are one of the best bands on Fat Wreck and their live show proves this. Intense as hell, shredtastic guitars and a setlist that included: Ashes, No Voice of Mine, Bring Out Your Dead, Velvet Alley, Swan Dive, Analog, Blackhawks Over Los Angeles, Mission Statement, Calling, Orchid, Matchbox, Deville, Firecracker, Blueprint of the Fall.

    H2O - The Croft Bristol
    Waited a long time to see them live and the Croft was a great venue for their positive hardcore. Mixing new songs such as Sunday, Fairweather Friend, What Happened?, 1995 with I see it in us, Family Tree, Liberate, Role Model, Go, One Life, One Chance, Still Here.

    The Gaslight Anthem - ULU London
    First headlining show in the UK, amazing being some good mates and a setlist that involved almost every Gaslight Anthem song. The Gaslight Anthem deserve everything success.

    Smoke or Fire - Swansea

    Great setlist from one of the more underrated Fat bands - Melatonin, California's Burning, Filter, Shine, Cryin' Shame, The Patty Hearst Syndrome, I'll Be Gone, Cops and Drugs, Culture as Given among others. Was totally worth going to bed at 3:30am for it.

    Alkaline Trio - Koko London

    Reading Festival warm up show which included a very long set by Alkaline Trio, a nice mix between old and new songs. The setlist included Bleeder, I Lied My Face Off, This Could Be Love, Help Me, In Vein, I Found Away, Lost and Rendered, Calling All Skeletons, Love, Love Kiss Kiss, Private Eye, Mercy Me, Clavicle, Armageddon, Goodbye Forever, Warbrain, Blue Carolina, Crawl, Radio, For Your Lungs Only. Truly special gig.

    Groezrock 2008

    Face to Face

    A band who I never thought I'd get the chance to see live, plenty of crowd sing a longs and the classics. Disconnected, Blind, You Lied, I Won't Lie Down, I'm Trying, It's Not Over, I Want, Bill of Goods among others.

    A Wilhelm Scream

    Amazing set which included 'The King Is Dead', 'Die While Were Young', 'We Built This City on Debts and Booze', 'Killing It', 'Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks' amongst others.

    Bad Religion

    They busted out the classics: American Jesus, No Control, Big Bang, Do What You Want, Flat Earth Society, 21st Century Digital Boy, Generator, Fuck Armageddon...This is Hell, New Dark Ages, Requim For Dissent, Let Them Eat War, The Defence,Infected,I Want to Conquer The World, Sinister Rouge, Suffer and ending on Sorrow.

    Hot Water Music

    What a setlist! Wayfarer, Jack of All Trades, Remedy, Trusty Chords, Rooftops, A Flight and a Crash, Paper Thin, Free Radio Gainesville, At The End Of A Gun, Old Rules and their duet with The Bouncing Souls covering True Believers not to mention dueting Radio with Alkaline Trio also

    The Bouncing Souls

    I finally got to hear Kid played live amognst acoustic renditions of Gone and The Misfits song Hybrid Moments. True Believers, Hopeless Romantic, Lean on Sheena, Better Things, Sing Along Forever, Kids and Heroes, East Coast! Fuck You!, That Song, Argyle, Fight to Live, Kate is Great, Joe Lies.

    Also in Belgium it was pure 25 degree sunshine for 3 straight days,lovely festival and a lovely atmosphere, nice prices for beer and food and not to mention meeting The Bouncing Souls and Face to Face.


    Polar Bear Club - Sometimes Things Just Disappear
    Intense, melodic that post-hardcore sound with searing and layered guitars, soft and harsh vocals this give album serious playback time. Not quite as stunning as their EP but this is probably the best album I've heard all year.

    Banner Pilot - Resignation Day
    Gruffy pop punk from Go Kart Records very consistent from the band after their impressive debut with Pass The Poison

    The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
    Not as good as Sink or Swim but still a very accomplished album and soulful and honest sound, The Gaslight Anthem are destined for big and better things.

    The Steal - Bright Grey
    One of the best hardcore records to come out the UK very short but very sweet.

    Failsafe – The Truth Is…
    Brilliant second album with some seriously well crafted musicianship and maturity.

    The King Blues - Save the World, Get The Girl
    More personal then political this time round as the King Blues mix acoustic punk, with folk and reggae for an album that consistent and enjoyable from the start.

    Dillinger Four - Civil War
    Six years to make a truly amazing album whilst being more poppier and better produced has some true belters with 'Gainseville' 'Americaspremierefaithbasedinitiative' and 'parishiltonisametaphor'.

    Less Than Jake - GNV FLA
    The album that made me fall in love with Less Than Jake again, they went back to the well and made an album that bridges the sound between Borders and Boundaries and Anthem.

    Off With Their Heads - From The Bottom
    Great gruff punk goodness and my first exposure to this band, truly great release from No Idea.

    Alkaline Trio - Agony & Irony

    Trio got a lot bad press for this album because it wasn't 'punk' enough. Personally it's different but still a very strong release, Dan really excelled himself on 'Do You Wanna Know' the album was more poppier and over produced then previous albums but it's an album that surpasses Crimson in my estimation and shows perhaps the bands most honest and open album to date.

    Notable shouts:

    Lemuria - Get Better
    Verse - Aggression
    H2O - Nothing to Prove
    Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer
    Joey Cape - Bridge


    Lagwagon - I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon
    Great to hear some new material since 'Resolve' came out, stand out tracks include Errands, Fallen and Mission Unaccomplished

    The Gaslight Anthem - Senor and the Queen

    Perfect representation of both Gaslight sounds, worth the price alone just to hear Wherefore, Art Thou Elvis?

    Against Me! New Wave B-sides

    New Wave was trashed by many fans whilst having some good songs it was piss poor in comparison to their older material. However, if these B-sides made it onto the record it would have changed a lot of opinions. 'You Must Be Willing' is one of the best Against Me! Songs I've heard, not to mention other greats songs such as Gypsy Panther and Full Sesh not to mention the very catchy 'So Much More'.


    Get Bent
    Iron Chic

    Bad Points

    Anti-Flag - Bright Lights of America

    One of the worst albums I heard this year, pretty average live also

    Fake Problems - Good on CD incredibly poor live.

    What to look out for in 2009.....

    New Bouncing Souls material
    Dear Landlord
    New Propagandhi
    Dillinger Four possibly touring Europe
    Groezrock 2009
  • Band's I've seen live that I like

    Mar 9 2008, 20:06

    Bad Astronaut
    The Apers
    The Queers
    The Lawrence Arms x2
    Banner Pilot x2
    Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels
    The Ghost
    The Bomb
    Small Brown Bike
    The Dopamines
    Turkish Techno
    Bridge & Tunnel
    Tim Barry
    Dear Landlord x2
    The Copyrights
    The Underground Railroad to Candyland
    Defiance, Ohio
    The Menzingers x2
    Dillinger Four x2
    Cheap Girls
    American Steel
    The Cut Ups x4
    Dave House
    Mike Park
    Classics of Love
    Propagandhi x2
    Bangers x2
    Apologies, I Have None
    Zatopeks x2
    Mike Scott
    Rise Against
    The Get Up Kids
    The Vandals
    Tenement Kids
    This is a Standoff
    Off With Their Heads x3
    Cop Out
    Polar Bear Club x3
    Strung Out x2
    New Found Glory
    Smoke or Fire x2
    Fake Problems x2
    The Gaslight Anthem x2
    Former Cell Mates
    Hot Water Music
    The Arteries x6
    P.O. Box
    Catch 22
    A Wilhelm Scream x2
    Face to Face x2
    Alkaline Trio x4
    Strike Anywhere x2
    The Toasters
    Planet Smashers
    No Fun at All x2
    Bad Religion x2
    Sick of it All
    The Bouncing Souls x4
    Less Than Jake x5
    Dropkick Murphys x2
    Anti-Flag x2
    The King Blues x2
    Reel Big Fish x4
    Streetlight Manifesto x4
    Dan Potthast
    Captain Everything x2
    Sonic Boom Six x5
    Frank Turner x2
    The Briggs
    Mad Caddies x2
    The Draft
    Capdown x3
    Kenisia x2
    Random Hand x4
    NOFX x2
    The Loved Ones x2
    Adequate Seven
    Skindred x2
    Gallows x2
    Set Your Goals x2
    Fucked Up x3
    Mumrah/Display Team x2
    The Aquabats x2
    Zebrahead x2
    The Living End
    Rx Bandits
    Against Me!
    The Steal
    The Flatliners
    From Plan To Progress
    Chris Murray