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Gen 27 2012, 21:38

After a longer downtime due to matters out of our paws, we have once again made our album and EP available for download at iTunes and other leading stores like it. Now that's hardly news is it? No, but how about the possibility to buy the rare singles "Kick n' Rush", "My Manhood" or "Foolio" including the infamous concert opener "Vi Brænder Europas Huse Ned Til Grunden". Yes, we know. That's more like it. Swing by
iTunes - http://www.itunes.com/tigertunes
Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003MEA42K/ref=dm_dp_adp?ie=UTF8&qid=1274776504&sr=8-8
TDC Play - http://musik.tdconline.dk/servlets/2452306090224Dispatch/19/jspforward?file=.%2Findex.jsp&tplDir=web&page=viewartist&artistid=1683
or maybe Bandcamp - http://tigertunes.bandcamp.com/ - where you can listen to everything too.

Still into physical stuff like cd's, you say? Don't worry. We're selling the Danish versions of our debut album and the "forget about the stupid rocket idea" EP in our neat store right here: http://tigertunes.bigcartel.com/ - it's dirt cheap!

As we have called it quits in Tiger Tunes, remember to check out our new projects:
1 2 3 4http://www.myspace.com/1234rocks – where Lasse plays keys and handles the sounds
Beta Satanhttp://www.myspace.com/betasatan – where Mr. Q drums and howls while Mr. H sings and parades
Marybell Katastrophyhttp://www.myspace.com/marybellkatastrophy – where Marie sings and does magic with the keys
The Risktaker: Bob le Flambeurhttp://www.myspace.com/risktakerbob – where Knø handles the organ and bends the occasional string
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