Josh Homme, loud musak and sweaty, sweaty awesomeness: the night that QotSA came to…


Feb 11 2008, 13:22

Sun 10 Feb – Queens of the Stone Age, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

For those that are so awesome that they've read my previous ramblings, they'd know that I almost pissed myself with excitement when I bought a certain ticket to a certain gig; namely, Queens of the Stone Age, last night, at the Leeds Uni refec.

It turned out that being an eager beaver to a stoner rock concert was, ironically, a good idea. We turned up to the queue one-and-a-half hours early and filled time with "I hear with my little ear", "names of", and "drink while you think". We were about 20 people from the front of the queue; too-cool naysayers of said eager-beaverness, on the other hand, were a good 100 metres back.

In my humble opinion, the starting band, In Case of Fire, was, in a word, crappy. Their entry of a heavy, grinding drum/guitar/bass intro made me think 'ooh...younger, slightly distant cousin of Qotsa, not quite there yet but with potential for awesomeness?'...and then the lead singer started doing his thang. Their prior awesomeness was immediately undone when the crowd was faced with what sounded a little Pete Wentz/Brendan Urie/[insert name of shitty i-wanna-be-rock-but-instead-all-i-can-manage-is-substandard-indie...if that artist]. His voice was just...whiny. And when you think about the manly, rough, tough, drilling intro that they'd brought in at the start, it just

Roll on QotSA.

We had previously sprinted over to the T-shirt table, and I had wasted the obligatory 15-pounds on a band shirt. Notwithstanding aforementioned shitty starting band, racing back to the stage turned out to be a good idea. The first few rows was kind of like a high school clique - if you weren't in at the start, you had no chance. I can't remember, exactly, every song that they played...there was a notable absence of
Go With the Flow, but there was, however, a nice mix of old and new, including:
*Misfit Love
*Make It Witchu
*Little Sister
*In the Fade...or perhaps it was Auto Pilot
*Monsters in the Parasol
*You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar
*3's and 7's

*Into the Hollow
*Burn the Witch
*The Sky Is Fallin'
*Song For The Dead
*Turning on the Screw
*Sick, Sick, Sick
and a couple of others, which I hadn't actually heard, but I assume were
*Regular John, Mexicola and Walkin' on the Sidewalks(Update...actually, it was *Avon)
...and also No One Knows as part of the encore.

So there I was, 2 rows from the front, surrounded by GIGANTIC guys, unable to breathe for a couple of hours, but absolutely loving it. I pretty much molested some poor guy, trying to hold onto him so as not to be crushed. People were getting crowd-surfed up to the security people at the front (probably because they couldn't handle Josh Homme's godliness...or maybe because they actually were crushed). Many crappy pictures and videos were taken by the revellers, myself included (these are posted on my facebook, if you're interested... ; ; The band were great, the sound was good, and Josh Homme was his usual drunk-sounding self. By the end, everyone was so sweaty that we were pretty much slipping off each t-shirt was drenched, and I could ring out my hair. EW.
All in concert I've been to (...even though my grand total of concerts is a mammoth FOUR). Didn't hang around to get autographs/pictures (shame)...but I'll always revel in the awesomeness that was my being within 3 metres of Josh Homme's sheer godliness for 2 hours.

Peace, love and rock'n'roll (or whatever the loser saying is)...


  • MrLivingstone

    It was In the Fade, not Auto Pilot. And...yeah, I do think too that this was my best concert ever, despite my friends who told me that without Nick Oliveri they're not worth anything... Thanks for having taken some pics, I forgot my camera at home. Wasn't Josh wearing pink rabbit ears worth a picture, too?

    Feb 12 2008, 9:38
  • perkinsh

    Ahh touche - yeah, it was In the turns out that I imagined certain songs being played (weird haha). Should've taken some pictures of a bunny-eared Josh...but by that point, i think THAT much sweat (ew) had seeped into my camera that it just wasn't functioning. I think there are some (far superior) pics on the event site tho... And how awesome is that drummer?! he goes psycho!

    Feb 12 2008, 14:44
  • 12347

    Good review. I nearly died in the rush to the front when [i]...Millionaire[/i] started. I'm endlessly impressed at how you managed to hang in there.

    Feb 12 2008, 18:25
  • perkinsh

    Haha well, thank you very much. It certainly was a battle. To be honest, I kinda wanted to do one of those crowdsurf the first few rows, I really don't think there was any chance of that!

    Feb 23 2008, 3:04
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