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Ago 12 2011, 15:22

Be negative about your top 20.

1. Sonic Youth: I just can't get into a lot of their later stuff (early 2000s and on). There are good songs they put out in that time period, don't get me wrong, but no albums as a whole that resonate with me the same as their earlier material.

2. Minutemen: Sometimes I find after awhile some of their songs start to blend together. As a whole many of their albums are great but sometimes the individual songs have a harder time standing on their own. I find this especially true of their early albums. I recently picked up What Makes a Man Start Fires? on vinyl and I love listening to it but still couldn't name most of the individual songs.

3. Elliott Smith: I haven't been able to get into his music as much the past few years. This is possibly because my life has been much less angsty. His songs are beautiful but you really have to be in the mood and I just haven't been.

4. Guided by Voices: I will never ever know all of their songs but I suppose that's probably a good thing. Robert Pollard is just way too prolific. Not everything can be amazing, that's just realistic. I have definitely heard a few songs over time that made me go wtf?

5. Hüsker Dü: Hmmm. Warehouse: Songs and Stories was a little too long winded. Reoccuring Dreams was a bad way to end an otherwise near perfect album (Zen Arcade) and The Baby Song just plain sucked but otherwise I love these guys. It does make me sad they don't get along even now but what can you do?

6. Misfits: I refuse to listen to anything by them that is post- Glenn Danzig. That stuff just sucks.

7. Dead Kennedys: I couldn't really get into their last album ( Bedtime for Democracy) and I find that I really have to be in the mood for them to listen to them for long periods of time.

8. Lady Gaga: I'm not a big fan of her latest album and new direction. I feel like she is ripping off the 80s way too blatantly and the songs just lack something. She never was a revolutionary artist but her earlier stuff was just a lot more fun.

9. Pixies: They border a little bit on being overhyped but that's not their fault. Not saying they don't deserve accolades because they do but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. The acclaim actually turned me off from really listening to them for years.

10. Bruce Springsteen: This is actually kinda hard because I can't really think of much. Not because he's perfect it's just that there isn't much that really stands out. I can't say I've liked every song of his I've heard.

11. Black Flag: I don't like everything they ever did. I'm not a huge fan of the early early stuff (it seems like it's almost cooler to some people to say that you are which is also really annoying). I also don't love a lot of their later stuff. I respect that they were branching out and there is a lot among that material that is good but I feel at times they kinda overdid it.

12. Die Kreuzen: I haven't listened to them much recently. They were a band I discovered, loved and then kinda burned out on. Plus, their later stuff got to be kinda boring.

13. Meat Puppets: Another artist I've kinda burned out on. I still enjoy them occasion but not as much as I once did. Also, I really don't like their first album.

14. The Smiths: I loved them more when I was 15 because they are perfect for teenage angst and alienation. I still enjoy them on occasion but go through fazes. Sometimes they can seem mildly ridiculous with their melancholy.

15. The Replacements: I'm not a big fan of their earlier stuff. Punk really didn't suit them at all.

16. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: I really liked them a lot at one point but then I kinda just got sick of them. I still haven't quite recovered from that yet but I am sure I will, they do have some really great stuff.

17. Brian Borcherdt: I haven't gotten into his most recent stuff as much but I suspect that is more me being lazy and not indicative of the quality of the music.

18. Metallica: They can get annoying in a way I can't completely put my finger on. I really enjoy a lot of the earlier stuff and even some of the later stuff (although I haven't gotten into much from the last few albums) but I find they can get to be so overplayed.

19. Pavement: Another band that's good but rather overhyped. They deserve acclaim because they're good but sometimes it goes overboard. Also, I've bought a lot of their expanded versions of albums and replaced my originals only to discover that all I ever really loved were the original albums anyway. That kinda sucks.

20. Mariah Carey: She's quite inconsistent, especially since she became more independent (or whatever) in the mid/late 90s. Some albums are great and others are just dismal. And when they're bad they're really quite bad (Charmbracelet) or that the very least boring as hell (E=MC2). The worst part is it always makes me sad when she puts out a bad album because despite her ups and downs I'm always rooting for her.


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