.08 Listen to this! [#2]


Ago 13 2007, 21:13

As a continuation of my first journal entry ever on here, here are the songs I can't stop listening to lately:

- Back to Black (I've pretty much been addicted to Amy Winehouse lately [no pun intended]; say what you will.)
- Do Me a Favour
- My Eyes
- Honeybear
- Escape The Nest
- I Can't Decide
- Terror!
- Talking With Fireworks/Here, It Never Snowed
- What Ever Happened?

I pretty much demand that you give all of those songs a listen. I feel an album review coming up, as well; I'm just not sure which album I want to review yet.


  • got_edge

    Remind me to check out the new Editors ;D

    Ago 20 2007, 2:27
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