• Way To Normal Review

    Ott 28 2008, 1:18

    Way To Normal Review

    I finally wanted to take the opportunity to go over my thoughts of Ben Folds' latest solo outing, Way to Normal.

    Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)- I really wish this wasn't a live recording...I'd like to hear how it would be treated as a studio track. The story is great, and the melody has some real killer moments, but nothing about the song grabs me.

    Dr. Yang- Classic Ben piano in this song...it took me a few listens to get used to just how dirty the bass was in this song, but I eventually got on board. I feel like this would have been a stronger opener for the album.

    The Frown Song- One of my favorites right off the bat. This is a great mix of some new sounds with classic hooks. I can't get enough of the chorus.

    You Don't Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)- It's a good song...and succeeds in a lot of areas. But from two of my favorite artists I expected SO much more. I felt like they weren't even in the same room when their parts were recorded (which now-a-days, they probably weren't).

    Before Cologne- It's pretty, but really? He couldn't fit this into Cologne itself?

    Cologne- A Really pretty song with some great swells of sound and energy....the Piano Orchestra Version which comes later in the Deluxe edition of the album is far superior to this one, which is flat and shallow in comparison.

    Errant Dog- A song I may listen to every now and then for a laugh, but nothing really thrilling about it.

    Free Coffee- I have to give him credit for doing something completely bizarre, but I imagine many people share my negative opinion of this track.

    Bitch Went Nuts- Completely boring piano work here, along with a meh "story"...just too much white noise.

    Brainwascht- Another really weak track which I could have lived without...this is a big dead zone in the album for me.

    Effington- And now the saviors come in here before things to go to hell. Effington took me a few listens to warm up to...But it's fun, clever, and features some beautiful piano in the bridge.

    Kylie From Connecticut- Touching, beautiful and haunting, I love this song. The lull during the bridge (if you can call it that) is so nice, and relaxing.

    Cologne (piano orchestra version)- So much better than the "original"! Love the choir.

    Bitch Went Nutz- Originally from the "Way To Normal Leak", this song is just hysterical in all the right ways. Makes up for the boring "Bitch Went Nuts".

    Overall, I'd give it 3.75/5...there's some A+ tracks in here, but 3 or 4 of the others really bum me out.
  • Obligatory Villagers Review

    Set 12 2007, 20:30

    Obligatory Villagers - Nellie McKay

    With the nature of the internet, the concept of release dates seem to become more and more pointless each year. Albums seem to come out when they're ready to come out. And even though a friend was able to provide my eager little ears with Nellie McKay's latest offering, I still plan to purchase a nice, shiny hardcopy when it plops into stores on September 25th. Hell, I'll buy two if it means giving me good karma.

    It's been a little under a year since Pretty Little Head was released, which is one of the benefits of having PLH sit in limbo so long with Sony for almost two years. Like the first two albums, Obligatory Villagers continues her growth in what is perhaps her most progressive group of songs. However, unlike Get Away From Me, and Pretty Little Head, the new album is very short- just over 30 minutes. (GAFM and PLH both clocked in at around an hour). This new album is so brief, that it's only 10 minutes longer than her EP release for Rumor Has It. Complaining that an album is too short is a strange critique- on one hand, it means the music is very good, and I'd like to hear more...however, on the other hand it's a legitimate complaint that has to do with the overall 'quality' of the album.

    Overall, I think this album takes the biggest jump for her. I remember listening to Get Away From Me, and being shocked because I had never heard anything like it. By contrast, Pretty Little Head seemed to give me nothing new at all- for me, the songs from PLH could live on GAFM and they'd work just fine. OV, on the other hand, seems to take a jump- her first since the debut album- and really gives me something to be excited about. By far, this is her most jazz-inspired record. But thats not to say there isn't a lot of that trademark Nellie McKay eclecticism. Within 9 songs she's still able to jump all over the place.

    The album has a bit of a broadway musical feel- but not as cheesy. The emotions and story telling are excellent and there's even some 'epic' elements. I'm having a hard time telling if it's on purpose, but tracks 2, 3 and 4 all string together perfectly as one big piece.

    1) Mother Of Pearl-
    This tongue-in-cheek send up of feminists mocks men much in the same way I Want To Get Married did on GAFM. Every line is pretty much a punchline. Overall, it's a nice 'standalone' song to start off the album. A nice bouncy uke strums in the background along with the rants of random men. Lots of fun to sing along to.

    2) Oversure-
    The 'real' start of the album, you immediately enter the world of Obligatory Villagers. The full horn section makes you feel like you've just turned on some old late night TV show from the 60's. The song becomes a bit spastic after the opening, but it's still fun. A lot of the song smells of jazz and is a lot of fun to listen to. It's rare to hear a song of the genre in this pop music age.

    3) Gin Rummy-
    Starts off as a super-relaxed ditty....the lyrics speed up a little bit as you reach the chorus, but overall a really relaxed piece. There's a little bit of a 'Chicago' (the band) feel every now and then. Musically a very simple piece, lyrically not-so-much.

    4) Livin'-
    The last of the 'opening' songs (as I like to call them). This is just a giant, drunk irish singing song. Not much more to it. It's only 25 seconds long, so it's OK.

    5) Identity Theft-
    Tons of lyrics to follow in this one. A sort-of Caribbean feel, with the typical McKay twists. I think the chorus in the song is more interesting than the other elements.

    6) Galleon-
    A ridiculous amount of fun. This song is ALL over the place and is actually has some rock elements to it. Guitars provide most of the backing. There's a lot of energy during the whole thing and is just fun.

    7) Pollitan-
    A laid back piece. For some reason, I immediately associate this song with James Bond....dunno exactly why. It's very cool, though. A slight latino rhythm.

    8) Testify-
    Perhaps the most fun song. It goes all over the place and initially confused the hell out of me. I really don't know what else to say.

    9) Zombiie- Not sure if this should be the song to close the album. When she performed it live, she had the backing track played on a computer while she sang and performed the zomie dance. In that setting, it's a ton of fun. As a regular song, it's not too bad, but I don't think it's strong enough to end the album. It doesn't leave the right taste in your mouth. Considering the vibe of Pollitan, I think Zombie would have worked better as the second-to-last with Testify being the last.

    Overall a very strong album.
  • Ben Folds Wins...Technically

    Lug 29 2007, 16:06

    I would just like to point out, that in day-to-day listening, I make no real distinction between the songs of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five.

    If one were to do the math, my Ben Folds/Five statistics would put him in second place on my charts (above Nellie McKay, by about 300-400 songs). I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm conflicted.

    When it comes down to it- I find it important to recognize the two as different and thus should be tracked on my charts as such- But it's not fair to have him sitting down there at third (no offense, Nellie McKay...you know I love you).
  • I Like Fastball.

    Dic 17 2006, 8:01

    I like Fastball. However, I've yet to see them live, and I only follow their "news" a little bit.

    I never really got into their first album, Make Your Mama Proud. In many ways, it's VERY different from what Fastball became. Like most people (I guess), I first heard of them in the summer of 1998 when their hit album All the Pain Money Can Buy came out. Great album. For many years, that was my only connection with them. Finally, in 2003 I downloaded The Harsh Light of Day, their 2000 album, from iTunes. While it's not my favorite of theirs, it has some outstanding songs. This album will forever define my freshman year in college. A year later, I picked up Painting The Corners: The Best of Fastball. It was with this compilation that I finally started to appreciate some "Make Your Mama Proud-era" songs more. Their last album, Keep Your Wig On was quite possibly their best work. It's honest, good, "americana" rock. That was in 2004.

    For a number of reasons, I was in the mind-set that it would be Fastball's last album. Their website went stagnant for months and either Tony or Miles (I can't remember which) was diagnosed with Hepatitis (I think). Also, either Tony or Miles (whoever didn't have Hep.) started playing in another band (I don't know the name). As you can see, I'm poorly informed on the specifics.

    But I don't think it was out of line for me to think Fastball might be over. It was a little depressing, but they had gone through a really good run and had ended on a GREAT album.

    Finally, a few months ago, a notice was posted on their site, fastballmusic.com, that they had a new site: fastballtheband.com. That was the first glimmer of hope. Frankly, I was (And am) confused why they would switch domain names. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the old name. It wasn't confusing. But who cares.

    For a while, the new site seemed to act as sort of a tome for Fastball information (Even if the band was done, that doesn't mean they still wouldn't get residuals if their albums sold well...so why not promote them?) They posted a few video-interviews and kept up on band member news. However, it became pretty clear that the band was still very much active in one area: gigs. In 2005 and 2006 they played over 30 shows (though about 90% of them were in their home state of Texas). Interesting. They also had a rather ambiguous release Live from Jupiter Records, that I never got.

    Then, this past week, a short, but promising notice was posted on the site:

    Tony Scalzo has recently shed some light on plans for the band to record some new tunes possibly in early 2007, for what looks to be an indie release later in the year. The band may choose to record just a few songs, possibly for an EP release, or go the distance and give the world what would be it's fifth studio LP

    Well, isn't that fun?
  • Pretty Little Head Review

    Nov 6 2006, 19:43

    So, I suppose it's time to finally give a track-by-track review of Pretty Little Head

    I've had the album in some form since last January...but finally got my hands on the REAL, final-release version last week. The new non-sony version has all 23 tracks and some re-arrangements from the original track listing.

    So, on to Nellie McKay's latest...

    Cupcake- A very nice, upbeat opener about gay marriage. There's some really great, classic McKay word play in this track. Not my favorite melody, but really sing-along-able.

    Pink Chandelier- An abstract, calm, quick, whispy song. Nice to relax too...but not much to sing too. I have no idea what it's about.

    There You Are In Me- After 10 months, this might be my favorite track. It's got amazing contrast...the nice, classic piano opening followed by the angry nellie bashes in the chorus. Really cool lyrics and damn fun to sing to.

    Yodel- Yodeling, eh? Not a bad song, if it weren't for the actual yodeling.

    The Big One- This was the first song I heard from this album (Not counting Columbia is Bleeding which was leaked years ago)...it was posted on her (then) official (sony) site as a stream. I remember liking it, but thinking it was so weird. But when you compare it to songs like Sari, it's not that different. Great bridge in this one.

    G.E.S- I don't know what G.E.S. stands for, but it's a cool song- very similar to Pink Chandelier...quick and smokey.

    I Will Be There- Very cool song...so loungy. I'd love to hear her do more in this style. Really nice chorus.

    The Down Low- Another fun Nellie song. Very sing-able. Bouncy, too.

    Long & Lazy River- I can't believe she wrote this song. It's so smooth and classic. This is one of those tracks that shows she's wise beyond her years in terms of song-writing.

    I Am Nothing- A great song for the middle of the album (still Disc 1)....it's fun to TRY to sing along with this one. But it's hard to pull off.

    Bee Charmer- A duet with Cyndi Lauper...Not my favorite, but definitely a fun song. Last.FM friend DAC545 has been a fan of this song since the beginning and has a Journal about it.

    Swept Away- A like this song! Fantastic way to end the first disc. Chorus: For society shimmy shimmy shimmy and you go, oh no.

    Real Life- A perfect song to keep the energy going after switching to disc 2. This WAS going to be the first single if released under Sony...here, watch the video:

    Tipperary- A litttttle bland for me.

    Gladd- A nice slow song...relaxing and interesting.

    Food- Originally called Food in the house...this song was floating around in live bootlegs for a few years. I think this was written around the time she was writing all her songs in foreign languages (though, this is in English). Fun fun song.

    We Had It Right- The second duet on the album...this time with k.d. lang...I like this one better than Bee Charmer. Nellie originally wanted to do this with Bob Dylan, but he obviously declined. In live performances, Nellie will often sing this mocking Dylan.

    Columbia is Bleeding- This song has been around forever (at least for me)- The 'demo' of this was posted on her now defunct NellieMcKay.net site. It took me forever to actually listen to the lyrics to the song. But it's good stuff. There was an even earlier version of this (with a video) posted on PeTA's website (Nellie's a big PeTA supporter)
    Here, watch:

    And just for Nellie, here's a link for why she wrote the song.

    Lali Est Parisseux- Originally called 'French Song', this was a part of her collection of foreign language songs. Despite not really knowing what it means, I love it. I translated it online once- but didn't get too far.
    Other foreign songs she did:
    Mein Auto Zooms (German Song) (Unreleased)
    Early live performance of 'French Song'
    Gumba Sporca (Italian Song) (Live, Unreleased)
    Do Kodema Doa (Japanese Song) (Live, Unreleased)

    Happy Flower- It's happy, and I can't complain! I think it's a great song to keep the pace moving in the final stretch of the album

    Mama & Me- Great lyrics! Who else would rhyme embryo with Nintendo? Good mood to it.

    Pounce- You CANNOT dislike this song...hell, it's only a minute long!

    Old Enough- A nice cap to a nice, long album. It seems very reflective. It's rather short, too.

    Overall, I'd give this album 4.5 out of 5 stars. It's a VERY good collection of VERY good songs...lots of contrast throughout the tracks, but they all still feel like once big piece.
  • Release Party

    Nov 1 2006, 20:06

    31 Oct – Nellie McKay

    I had the honor and pleasure of being able to go to the release party last night for Nellie McKay's new album (Pretty Little Head). (See this forum posting for how I got to go).

    Under normal (Non-Nellie) circumstances, this would have been a really fun party ...free drinks and food, lots of great people, random halloween costumes, music....good stuff. But I got to meet Nellie...so that made it even better.

    Now, I've been to several (4?) performances of hers before (The best one, by the way...definitly Irving Plaza in 2004(5?) ) am I'm really glad that last night wasn't really like that- it was MUCH more a party that happened to have Nellie and a piano in the room. She played a few songs of hers (with accompaniment from her friends and audience) and did a lot of covers and sing-alongs that included TONS of people doing skat(?) while they passed the mic around. I really wish I had moved up front to join-in, but I'm just too shy I guess. Either way, it was tremendous fun.

    I got to talk to a bunch of really cool people- some from the fansite. Everyone was very nice.

    I talked to Nellie several times- got a few pictures (which I'm currently waiting on...they're not on my own camera). The costume I wore last night was a nod to a costume Nellie wore once after a performance of Three Penny Opera
    Click for Picture
    I got the same mask and had a ukulele...and had a cape, which was the best I could do on short notice. She thought it was very funny- I got several pictures of me and her in costume.

    Nellie was very friendly to everyone last night- she knew most of the people in the room and was introducing everyone to each other and kept trying to get games to happen. Even for the people she didn't know (like me and my friends), she talked and listened to us as if we had known her for years. Truly gracious.

    At the end of the night I talked to her a little bit before I had to leave and gave her a congratulatory poster (for breaking away from Columbia/Sony and for finally releasing the album).

    Overall, it was a TON of fun.
  • Barenaked Ladies Are Pissed

    Set 4 2006, 18:48

    If I were in Barenaked Ladies, I would be pissed at iTunes right now. In the past two weeks, iTunes has accidently switched their new album Barenaked Ladies Are Me from "Pre-Sale" to "Buy Now" twice. First, the standard 9.99 and bonus track editions. And now, this week the FULL Digital Deluxe version (Containing 29 songs, 16 of which aren't due to be "officially" released on CD until next year- on the album "Are Men").

    As I type this, the Deluxe Edition is STILL available on the U.S. iTunes store:
    iTunes link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=185435126&s=143441
    Normally, I would think BNL is doing everything they can to get it pulled so no more leaks occur- However after the first time, Steve Page made this comment on their Podcast:
    Some of you already heard it because I guess it's been leaked a bunch of times. Isn't that just perfect? But again, I'm not stressing. I'm not Flea from the Chili Peppers freakin' out about people hearing his record because at the end of the day I know that if you got it early it's 'cause you wanted it. It's 'cause you were looking forward to it. I just hope that you liked it as much as we like it.

    Maybe they're just playing this one cool? Who knows.

    Either way- I had to download it. I have the actual CD on pre-order, and will not be canceling that (It comes with a free live CD, I want that!).

    With 29 songs, it's really hard to do a review, but I guess I'll try.

    In general: I love the album, I think it's in my top 3 BNL albums- where in the top 3, I don't know. It's got a REALLY good "americana" sound to it- a lot of simple acoustic/country work- Reminds me of the folkish sound from Gordon. I felt like their latest work was getting to forced and electric...It's really nice to hear banjo's and accordions on the album.

    God, how am I going to break down 29 songs? Hmm. Ok, let's try this...

    (None of these tracks will be linked to Last.FM because the album isn't even on the site yet)

    I feel like Kevin wrote this song- But I can't be sure because I don't have any liner notes. It's really pretty and has some nice Banjo work. This is a "wind down" song for sure.

    Bank Job
    I don't know if it's the melody or the lyrics that lure me to this song- But I just love the story it tells

    Sound of Your Voice
    A song originally sung by Kevin. On the album, steve takes the wheel and rightfully so, I think. This is a powerful song. A little cheesy, but it works.

    The first single off the album. The best part is the bridge, I don't know if I really dig the song, though. Music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTqdPJLTdOk

    A really pretty little guitar song- it's got the kind of chord progression that I just love...Little minor things stuck here and there. Cool bridge!

    Bull in a China Shop I heard this song back in 2004 at a concert when they played it live. I never thought it would see the light of day- I'm SO used to hearing it on bootlegs, it's hard to "review" it. Good song, though.

    Everything Had Changed
    One of those nice simple "americana" songs- Some bajo and accordion. Love it. Another good bridge! What the hell is with them and bridges?

    Peterborough and the Kawarthas
    Sorry Jim...I just can't get into it. You hit it out of the park with In the Drink...But not with this one. It's a little too weird.

    Maybe You're Right
    I really like the horns in this. The end is GREAT. A little bit ELO/Polyphonic Spree-ish.

    Take it Back
    I hear Coldplay in the piano here. This is apparently a throwback from Everything to Everyone. It's about airport security. Cool. Great lyrics: "Long lines and warning signs/think of all the lives saved by plastic knives/ it's naive but make believe that we will never lose if we remove our shoes"

    A creepy Kevin-sung song. I don't know how I feel about it.

    Rule the World With Love
    Great pop song. Lots of fun. Classic BNL.

    Wind It Up
    A BNL rock song (Interpret that as you will). Definite air guitar material. It's cool. Dunno if it's something I like. But it's fun and uplifting. GREAT BRIDGE/CHORUS.

    Kevin! I really like Kevin, I really do. He's my favorite in the band But I think I prefer him singing in Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle This is a good song, just not one of my favorites. Maybe I'll appreciate it more later-on.

    Something You'll Never Find
    Catchy! I find myself pretending to sing along to it already. It's got horns! Pretty cool.

    One and Only
    A song with a really weird tempo. I kept skipping it, but I find it getting stuck in my head. I need to listen to this more in the future, because I typically love Ed-sung songs.

    Angry People
    A VERY classic BNL formula: UPBEAT song with subversive lyrics about mobs and angry demonstrators.

    Down to earth
    Great lyrics. I'd like to hear this song without the dirty guitar. Dunno how I feel about the end of the chorus where he says "Via Satellite"

    Another song I had heard in 2004 from one of their live bootlegs. It's a really nice song.

    Running Out of Ink
    In one of their Podcasts, Steve described this as a classic "Steve Page Song"...and I think it is. A really cool sounding piece. I like it a lot, and for no real reason. It hits my ears the right way. Another friggin cool bridge- sounds like the Kinks or something. I have no idea.

    Half a Heart
    This song has been floating around forever- I don't know if I have heard it until recently, but I remember hearing OF it years ago. It's nice to see it finally get released. It's not my favorite- but it's a sweet song.

    Maybe Not
    A lot of BNL songs seem to start the way this one does. I can't explain it. But it's very non-specific. Solid song, but not a standout.

    I Can I Will I Do
    This one has been around since Everything to Everyone- I remember them talking about it in a video about E2e:
    That being said, I don't dig this. Maybe I will? I dunno. It's boring to me. The end is groovy, but that's it.

    Fun and Games
    I've been listening to live versions of this song for 3 months now- I love it. Great political lyrics that straight to the point. Cool tune.

    The New Sad
    I don't know what this means. It's a nice song. Not too special to me, but nice.

    I like this song, but I can't stop comparing it to the theme song from TV Funhouse (the Comedy Central version). I just CANNOT get it out of my head!!!!

    Another Spin
    More Kevin! I'm pretty sure he wrote this one. It sounds like a Thin Buckle song.

    What a Letdown
    Another song I heard in 2004- They changed the timing a little bit in the final recording. I like it- NICE rock feel. Great lyrics. Ed did a real nice job in this one.

    Why Say Anything Nice?
    A good song to wrap up the second "disc" (Barenaked Ladies Are Men). The lyrics feel a little forced and dramatic. But it's a good, solid song. Love the horns. It's nice to hear that.

    There, that's all 29 songs, I think! Wow. Right now Maybe You're Right is taking my top spot.
  • Summer Music Crap

    Lug 31 2006, 2:42

    I really haven't come across a whole lot of music in the last few months.

    In reality, I've added about 260 songs to my library since I left school- But not many of them have become breakout albums or anything.

    There are a few exceptions, of course.

    Most recent is Kevin Hearn's latest outing with his band Thin Buckle, The Miracle Mile. KH&TB (As I will confusingly abbreviate them) have a really unique sound as they stray back and forth between genres on their albums. This latest one is MUCH smoother, in my option, than previous outings. While older tracks like War Pigs were covered in a really interesting way, I don't think it's quite true to what the band is. Hearn, himself has a "weak" voice (and I don't mean that as I detrimental statement), and I think this new album plays to that nicely. The songs are mellow, heart-felt and sweet. They remind me of a little bit of Neil Young or Jackson Brown...Just classic song-writing. Currently, the album is only available (online) from the Canadian iTunes Music Store. If you're in the United States (or Elsewhere), you'll have to order it from Kevin directly. I'd say it's worth while- It's just another addition to a great catalog of albums from KH&TB

    I was watching the movie A Might Wind the other night, and was remembering how impressive the music was- So I went and got the soundtrack from iTunes...Boy was it worth it. Putting the humor of some of the lyrics aside, the technical quality of the songs is really impressive (way the yank the humanity out of it, right?) But, I'm serious. You'd think songs in a joke movie would be half-baked, but they're anything but. There's about 4-5 songs that are heavily highlighted in the movie, but the album itself has about 12- All of them really nice. Probably one of the most recognizable, A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow by the fictional Mitch & Mickey is a really touching love song that is simple and well-crafted. I can't get enough of it, though I'm sure that time will come. Some lesser-known tracks include Blood On The Coal, One More Time and The Ballad Of Bobby And June (all of which I recommend listening to if Last.FM links these correctly)

    Now, Barenaked Ladies...
    In a little over a month, their new album, Barenaked Ladies Are Me is due out in the U.S. Their first two singles have been released: Easy and Wind It Up. That's where things stop being simple. They've recorded about 29 songs, and are planning to release everything- No B-Sides, no U.K.-only releases...Nothing weird, just everything getting out of the fans. I'm not sure of the official order, but as of right now, there's the main BLAM album, a live version (that you can get by pre-ordering), and extra tracks will be released online. These "secondary" tracks will get released officially early in 2007 on Barenaked Ladies Are Men

    I also highly recommend the Barenaked Ladies Podcast (which you can find via iTunes): They're in the habit of playing large chunks of new songs, and old demos of other songs. Cool stuff- nothing boring.

    I also got a hold of this older release of Everything to Everyone which is entirely Instrumental...Something they did back in 2003 to promote some sort of karaoke thing...Either way, it's fun to listen to.

    And finally (in BNL land)- they've been releasing their new singles as mixable-versions that you can download from their myspace or main site...People have been submitting their own versions to http://stems.barenakedladies.com. Check it out.

    I'm still diggin The Dresden Dolls, but I've yet to expand my collection beyond the seven or so tracks that I started out with.

    I also got a hold some more Nellie McKay tracks by way of the unofficial fan forum- I now have her complete demos (both the 6 and 12 track ones). I always love hearing original concepts behind songs. That being said, I don't like the band that has been touring with her for the past year or so- While I can appreciate her becoming more popular and junk, if I wanted to her full version of the song, I'd listen to the album. When I go to see her live, I want to hear her, the piano, and what she heard when she wrote the song. I've been lucky the past few times- No band.

    I also got the Over The Hedge soundtrack because it's heavy on the Ben Folds, but I really haven't listened to it much. I dunno, it's too childish.

    Other artists I started listening to (a little bit) this summer:
    Apollo Sunshine
    Belle & Sebastian
    Broken Social Scene
    The Moldy Peaches
    The New Pornographers
    of Montreal

    Artists I wish would come out with more stuff:
    Tegan & Sara
    Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
  • 2.1% Emo

    Mag 24 2006, 2:46

    Scientific stuff is fun! Based on the instruction posted here:

    I was able to determine that based on my top 10 artists, I am only 2.1% emo. That's good news considering that with the right combination of clothes, shoes and glasses, I think I can exude some sort of emo-ness by mistake.

    I think the shocker is how many people tagged The Beatles as emo!

    There are also instructions here:
    On how to check how "Mainstream" you are.

    My result? 29.9% mainstream.
  • 7 Songs

    Mag 15 2006, 6:25

    I've been listened to the same 7 songs all day. That can't be healthy, can it?

    Last night I came across Girl Anachronism in the SXSW 2006 music sampler...and kept listening to it- partially for the hypnotic beat / piano patterns- but also because I was fascinated by the lyrics and performance. I will usually take me weeks to start to listen to lyrics in a song...But these hit me right away. Also, the video for it rocks.

    I decided I needed to find out more on the Dresden Dolls. I really like what I read- I don't know if they're the type of live act I'd go to...Though it would probably be damn entertaining. I sifted through the offerings on iTunes and ended up with 6 more of their songs today:

    Modern Moonlight
    Sex Changes
    Mandy Goes to Med School
    My Alcoholic Friends
    Coin-Operated Boy
    Dirty Business

    I guess this really proves how much of a sucker I am for piano-rock. I don't care. If I can get into the rest of the music, I'm sure eventually they'll end up around Ben Folds, Nellie McKay and the others on my charts. But who knows. I've already found that I don't particularly care for Coin-Operated Boy- So I can go either way on this group.