• paulsahner

    Ok, for some reason I've become a COMPLETE moron in journaling- How come all my defined albums and tracks are screwing up?

    Lug 31 2006, 2:47
  • paulsahner

    Ok, fixed- sorta.

    Lug 31 2006, 3:02
  • melsh

    I was highly impressed with how fabulously the folk songs were scored in A Mighty Wind. I should have expected as much from the rough group of individuals who give us other great Guest movies, but it was nonetheless a welcome surpise. I got hooked easily. I've heard only one song by this band I saw on some latenight show called Morningwood. I believe the song was 'Take Off Your Clothes'. Addictive. Rather powerful and vibrant female vocalist. I don't usually fall into the newer music because I don't keep in touch with radio (indie or otherwise).. so, if you haven't heard them, might be worth a listen.

    Lug 31 2006, 6:22
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