• You could argue that my list of PS1/2 fighters is worth too much money.

    Dic 19 2014, 22:09

    It's so someone like Soulja Boy buys them all. I will eventually. But you drop $2000 on that, at one time? You're going to have an arcade. It's my version of iced-out chains. I don't need jewelry and $200,000 cars.


    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology*
    Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1/2
    Art of Fighting Anthology
    Samurai Shodown Anthology
    Capcom vs. SNK 1/2
    Rival Schools
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 1/2/3
    Tekken 1/2/3/4/5
    Tekken Tag Tournament*
    Guilty Gear X/XX
    Virtua Fighter 2/4
    Soulcalibur II*/III
    King of Fighters 98/02/XI
    Bushido Blade 1/2
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    X-Men: Children of the Atom
    Marvel vs. Capcom 1/2
    Inuyasha: Feudal Combat
    Rumble Roses
    Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament
    Tobal 1/2
    Zero Divide
    Mortal Kombat: Deception
    Evil Zone
    Gundam Battle Assault 1/2/3
    Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi
    Street Fighter EX 1-3
    Digimon Rumble Arena 2
    Bloody Roar
    One Piece Grand Battle series. Especially 2/3/Rush.
    Capcom Fighting Evolution
    Soul Blade
    Darkstalkers 3
    Mortal Kombat 4
    Marvel Super Heroes
    The King of Fighters collection: The Orochi Saga
    Arcana Hear
    Super Dragonball Z
    Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore
    DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi
    King Of Fighters Maximum Impact 1 & 2
    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
    Kengo: Master of Bushido
    Fighting Angels
    Onimusha Blade Warriors
    Spectral Vs Generation
    BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles
    SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos
    World Heroes Anthology
    War of the Monsters

    I'm going to fight as Paul and Anna in Tekken Tag Tournament. That game has too many combos. I don't really want to date Anna. I'm just being bro with CEchat. Gotta unlock people and learn combos. You use 2 fighters at once and press L/R to swap them out. In reality, I'll only have 10 of these games by this time next year. It's a permanent list. The games are in CD-ROM form, so I don't have to worry about batteries. Eventually I'll have a PS2 and a TV dedicated to this collection alone, in my Ohio basement. Probably gonna cost $2000, over 10 years.

    Pretty much giving my brother outrageous amounts of $1/5 bills for beer and weed. Even though I bought the beer, and originally was going to split it for one-hitters. Better get used to it. I have pre-pubescent brothers too. Going to get paid ASAP. 2 jobs at once, soon. I don't give a fuck. He needs it for college. I don't pay rent or food. People talk about sports contracts changing their family for generations. What if I just own the whole thing? Hire them, stocks, etc? Not worried about $10 now. Got paid 20% instead of 15%. Made 2 months of catering (my old job) in 4 days of work. That $10 is just bullshit. I'll probably have $200 worth of blunts at my secluded Charlotte home, so nobody can smell it. Might as well stay here and build a fence. I hate winter weather, but like it occasionally. If all those idiots from high school can make $75,000 (already), I can make $75,000,000 in a 30 year span.

    Hey Emma. Wanna blaze and cuddle? Have a month off from filming? #YOLO2020s90sbaby. It doesn't matter. We had difficult mental activities and I smoked the first weekend of college, hiding from campus police. Waited 20 months in Charlotte. The next time I could have weed? New Year's to Spring Break, not sure when. I just have to vacuum and make sure I can lift the stupid carpet cleaning equipment. I have 10x more spending money from 4 days of work. I might blaze over the summer, but probably not. I'm being rational. Maybe like 20 times a year. It doesn't matter. Might have to kill a fucking terrorist in 18 months, if some shit hits the fan. 9/11 2.0, in 2017? I'm joining for morals and money. Officer training. I have to. My ancestors used to cut people's heads off with swords. Everyone stupid and liberal thinks 9/11 was semi-allowed because of "war against wall street". Bullshit, if they could make money off it, and it was for whatever, they would work there. 4,000 people got exploded, a significant amount being everyday civilians. There's nothing esoteric about it. People blew up people. I'd just kill 8 terrorists and die. I hate Earth other than people like you and my possessions. No more poop or poverty. Just moving upstairs. Probably not, though. I'll probably just have a role like Harrison Ford in Apocalypse Now. Quick 5 minute scene. to scare people about Illuminati. I'm Silent Bob of evil roles. We don't have to smoke and go to the marriage bed. We can build a house for relatively-cheap and hang out in a room without windows, with art everywhere and sound-proofed walls.

    "You're ruining Harry Potter movies for town." ~ PHS class of 07


    "They have to pick a new little girl, re-do the movies, and delete the evidence from Ohio"

    OK. But she's my age so it's fine.

    "I wish you were born in Perrysburg and knew us so one of us could get married to 08"


    I'll probably own SoulCalibur II on all 3 consoles because of bonus characters. (///_v)

    Italics = High Off Wade. AIM CEchat 2007 4eva

    Brothas Just Touched Down & Listen 2 My Mixtapes. NFL, NCAA, Or An Airplane.

    Just make popcorn after you blake if you'z paranoid. Nobody can smell except the back of your eyelids. That's how high I am. Nothing smells, but my eyeballs are buggin

    I know what to do about the barber shop flannel hats, to seem chill. I'll type Give Them 2 Little Kids Or Sumthin in Comic Sans on the wall
  • I used to be mildly transphobic... as an internet gimmick.

    Dic 19 2014, 18:35

    One of my friends from the AIM chat did it. And it was a gimmick on my message board. I've decided that I am over these remarks and plan to be liberal about it. It was a culture shock. The descriptions were in-depth, like of the surgery. I'm a squeamish stoner Republican. Caught me off guard. We can play games online together. One love.
  • Emma...

    Dic 19 2014, 6:08


    You tried to fight the law and the law won. Just be cool.

    If you can play on the fiddle
    How's about a British jig and reel?
    Speaking King's English in quotation
    As railhead towns feel the steel mills rust water froze
    In the generation
    Clear as winter ice
    This is your paradise

    There ain't no need for ya
    There ain't no need for ya
    Go straight to hell boys
    Go straight to hell boys

    ~The Clash "Straight To Hell"

    Vote Welsh 2040. Canadian Exceptionalism.

    "Those lyrics are offensive!" ~ hater moms

    It's actually a famous song about first generation immigrants in Britain.

    "You act like we're going to Hell?"

    No. I am. Not for sin. For the power of the dead. I'm a psychiatrist about mistakes. I understand white power and Nazi and gangs. I'm very nice. I've felt bloodlust and temptation. Going to smoke MARIJUANA for the first time in 20 months, HEH HEH HEH. Only a one hitter. I'll be geeked to the sheets. I don't want to start blazing, with my job. I used to smoke 8 hours a day. Going to save up a few thousand before I buy sacks. It's a promise to myself. I would never smoke before driving or work. Never have. Walking to class? Yeah buddy. But no, it's for 1 am and the stars. My boss just gave me a $105 check for 5 hours of easy work that I enjoy (for work). He usually pays beginners 15%, but he gave me 20%. @_@ Someone happened to have a little nug and one hitter and wants me to smoke it. I'm giving him 6 of my Bud Lights. He's actually got a deal out of that. I would just get a wicked liquid shit if I drank all 12. $6 of burrz for $2 of weed. I'm barely a punk anymore. Act like a southern frat. An SEC cheerleader tried to sit on my lap when I was 20, playing beer dice. My friends told her to stop. But I root for Big Ten in the bowl games.

    Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run
    East east nineteen ninety ninety nine nine nine nine

    ~ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "East 99"

    Might as well call me The Clash Bones, man. That's my combo deal. Pretty White Bone would be my name. But I can't spit. I can write. And if you can write, you can hire the hood. My parents used to tell us to lock the doors in those neighborhoods. Crack wave was sad. I'm going to leave a case of $40 trendy winter hats at all the barber shops. Kick and chat with them. I chew gum with a small chaw in. Kinda a strange hybrid. I just assimilated. I would never be in Bone Thugs though. I'd be in some electro white guy group. Not a poser. One of my best friends had a stencil graffiti of ODB in his bedroom though. In Clifton Ohio. I want Wu Tang to know that. He had to paint over it when he moved out. But that was legit.

    Emma I'm an expert in English Women Back-Scratches. But I haven't done it yet. I'm not an extremely sexual person. I think sex is weird. I have theories in what it is. Like... yes but also whatever. Why would you do that if you didn't want kids? You obviously would do that, if you didn't want kids... but not when you magically have 80 cousins and 6 siblings. Wow yuck. But marriage, on birth control before/after kids? Yes. I would like that.


    No she kept touching me. Or Perrysburg XC did the plot of Inception and it was a fake memory.


    Just type "fac-" when we're dating. Her page will show up.

    "Taylor Swift is a WHORE."

    She wants to twerk on my dick, is that what you're saying?! no! N-O. She's just a nice person. You think I'm trying to fill up that blank space, hoe? Maybe for you. Maybe for anyone but HER. We're FIGHTING. Thisi s a SIGHT. This isa FIGHT. This is a fight. You know I'm playin'. It's a coincidink. I'm Showtime Lakers, bitch. Just roll with it. There will be better Lakers but the footage won't be grainy. Internet is new. You think this is modern? For now. The audio quality and overall creative process, of my entire canon, is relatively basic. Might as well be 1984 World Trade Center with an Atari 400 computer, compared to 30 years from now. I'm disrespectful Magic Johnson. You're supposed to lay that dish up. I do some fancy slam and fuck up. It's for the Lakers Girls. You'll never get shit like this again. I'm an ignorant thug. I was getting the mail today, looking for Tekken Tag Tournament, and could hear my retarded sister talking to herself from 100 yards away, out of sight. She has bad days at school and does that. I'm weird because of stuff like that. It's my actual life. Being the opposite of her. She has ultra-moralist brain patterns. That's why the stupid PolySci crowd is too moralistic. I don't want to be a house nigga. The funny thing is, I would be friends with Clinton, Bush, and Obama in the dorms. Say they were all on my floor. I would do drugs with them and tell awful jokes. I'm a true moderate, a complete shithead. Do you know what that's like? To hear your 17 year old sister talking before you see her? Knowing all her stupid thoughts being her actual life? Be nice. I'm funny for a reason. All my cousins think she's hilarious.

    T-minus 90 minutes... bake session. I won't type anything. Music tiem. Kinda drunk right now.

    I'm so high that I had a panic attack and enjoyed it

    OK, you had sedatives and cold champagne
    They say that must be the price of fame
    It's not a joke if you can choke on the thought of it
    You're not my friend to defend if you're loving it
    So Kurt I heard that you squeezed somebody's hand
    It doesn't hurt if you think about your fans

    Kiro TV - they've got their visions again
    Like it's Oxygen
    Kiro TV - they've got their visions again
    Want your heroes dead

    (Don't hurt, if you think of the fans)

    OK, they got your file down in the CIA
    They say you're worse than Manson for the US of A
    It's not grief if you can see through the source of it
    It's only true if you're bruised by the force of it
    So Kurt I heard that you opened up your eyes
    They call it work but it don't make it civilized

    Kiro TV - they've got their visions again
    Like it's Oxygen
    Kiro TV - they've got their visions again
    Want your heroes dead

    ~Sneaker Pimps "Kiro TV"
  • I have a poor grasp on what I can earn and how much things cost.

    Dic 18 2014, 19:36

    It doesn't matter if I'm smart or popular or funny. I need $400 for a PS4 and £2000 for my international business program. Figure I'll go to the UK, 3 years from now, since I don't speak other languages. I'll probably get hired by a trendy restaurant and start making $125 a day. I hate stuff like student loans and car payments. I always like, over-think that. So I don't earn or spend at all. I'll probably have $/£100,000 in the bank (in 2017) from some troll ass shit I typed in 2011. Whatever. It doesn't make sense to me. If I was a billionaire, I'd just do it about million dollar businesses. I have some idea in my mind that I always revert to. Nobody's perfect. I probably have mild, non-inhibiting autism. Don't make fun of people. I was never anti-social or anything. But I remember being 14, 17, 20, 23 years old. You weren't there. You read my written word and like me or hate me. So be it. Some young Americans think you have to do music, movies, or sports to be famous. Whatever. I'm a literary inventor. Barely good at writing, but my creativity is important. My parents would probably give me $3000 for the £2000, if I had a 3.5 GPA. i'm really anal about stuff. But my wad of $20, post-holiday shopping, is still in the shoe-box. Not buying the PS4 until summer. All the games will be cheaper then. Going to get a tan for the first time in years. Carpet Cleaning + Restaurant jobs, hopefully. Younger women probably think I'm hot. I think I'm a boring moron. Some English woman will probably meet me in the 3 week program, then force me to move back 6 months later. I'm not stupid about the world. Douchebags are. I could probably be a CEO in England but not America. I might as well be South African, how I act. Americans are used to it. I'm highly-functioning but don't assert myself.

    I know who's chasing freedom and who's chasing socialism. This isn't some neo-con rant. I'm all about some forms of internet piracy, taking your time with education, immigration reform, feminism, drug legalization... but no. That's something I would think about, being a psycho on LSD. Sober? I'd rather go clean carpets for 5 hours, make $75 for some normal labor. I'm not a rich person. I need 2 jobs. Going back to school. I want all the amenities. But if you want to chase socialism, you're going to have to do what European countries do... and I don't know what those are. They're not bad people. But... like.... Norway and America are apples to oranges. They don't have psychedelic, violent media. Their national stations are local stations. English is the most influential language on the planet, as far as effecting other languages. America has the #1 dollar and the #1 military. You're going to have to pussy-foot around in a different way. Sorry. Apples to oranges. America has congested freeways and tons of open land. This is an interesting predicament. Farms aside, why does the #1 country have so much boring, usable space? Because I'm going to teach you how to fuck shit up and make $100,000. You just have to work with engineers on planned communities and mass transit. Like New York City, on a smaller scale. Cars are a nuisance but there's logical reasons to use one daily. That's for 200 years from now. Give me 20. The same fools believe in abortion as a form of population control. That's not a pro-choice staple. That's... pushing it. They're just beta males with more opinions than character. It's rare for someone making ~$15/hour to enjoy work. I don't really have any expenses. Just do it 100 times and I can buy hella shit. I'm socialist within my own family. Maybe you should stop arguing with them and live in a room with worldly possessions, until you have $10,000 for rent.

    I talk about video games quite a bit. I don't take them seriously, and have played 10% of the great games. I don't get how those kids shit out food and afford the $80 rare PS1 games. I was just... going to buy them when I was a father / working adult without kids. As a collection, not some arms race against the invisible neckbeard enemy. Probably wouldn't even play them seriously. Whatever. I have a huge list, somewhere on the blog. That's like opening up shop. I can sell them in 50 years to collectors. I'll probably reach a compromise and collect certain series... Fire Emblem, Suikoden. I don't need to play the other 50 games that are similar, for 30 hours each. Just 5, over the course of 20 years. I'm still a person like my uncles. Never mind. I'll just buy all the fighting games. It's like the arcade. That's all. I don't need the anime princess shit taking $500/year from my wife's clothing. I'd rather see real cleavage. I play 1 of those every 2 years. They're cool in some ways... but how 'bout no. Just going to skip all the Final Fantasys after 6 and get 15. 7-9 are good. So is 10. But... put them on one disc for me. 15 has a car. They used to be medieval. Starting from scratch with PS4. Going to get my own Wii U and get all the Wii/Wii U games. My family is getting one but I can't buy everything. I'll get my own when I move out. Nintendo consoles are cheap and barely break. 2016 probably.

    My old headphones mysteriously broke when the cleaning people were here. Must have stepped on them? IDK. I usually keep my door shut, but let them in since I was at work. A Hispanic or black woman would never do that. Sometimes they're... uh... rural white women. No idea. I have $3000 worth of books and games on the shelf, but could only sell them for $500 on eBay. Mainly from my education and family. It's something someone like that would do. They're not allowed around me, headphones or not. They're not fancy new headphones, so I didn't report it. Not sure. Just going to let this one slide. I'm male Emma Watson. It's only going to get worse when I have money. No house parties. I have my brother's 3DS on my desk. I'll probably have like 10 things like that in a drawer, and a cigar case full of Catholic prayer cards. Oak furniture and leather chairs. Nobody goes in there except friends, family, and employees. We can't have the fat bitch getting furious. I did harder school than her and put my reputation on the line daily. Those 10 handheld gaming devices are worth anywhere from $10-150. I'm allowed to do that. Your 19 ACT is not an excuse. Poor people are usually smarter than that. They probably smoked brown weed out of crack pipes and had abortions. Well. i don't want 10 of them in my office. Too many wires for recharging them. I'll just keep 2 of them there. The new ones.

    "That's not work!"

    I'm self-employed. I have a job with a boss but I plan to be self-employed. If my profession is music promotion, I have to pass the time while listening. I've done thousands of hours of work, some on this blog, with 0 safety net. Not fiscal assurance. Nothing was promised to me. I did this work for the sake of my schooling, which was arete. It's probably because I had Japanese shit and a keyboard attached to my laptop. Uhh... I need those. Less than $15 each. I'm going to community college next month. Go away. It's a great game and I'm waiting for the disc in the mail (have the case and manual, got those for free). And... I would break my laptop if I typed on the real keyboard. She probably thought she was sticking it to the man, or something. Wow. I was an English major at university. Christ. At the same time, I was vacuuming someone's bedroom for carpet cleaning, and there was a drawer on panties open. I just kept my nose down and got out of there in 4 minutes. She was probably being like that x 10000. You'd think a broken item in the room would warrant a note from the person who broke it. That's why I'm suspicious. You'd be surprised how easily something colorful (with words and artistic) could rattle an idiot. I take pride in my bookshelf, which has 2 shelves. I take pride in my cheap equipment yielding global prowess. Nothing I own is expensive, other than a few articles of clothing. It's called thrift.

    Everyone probably thought I was full of shit. So I'm going to double-major (essentially) in English (completed, sort of) and International Business (soon). I just left school when I only had 1/4th of a 400 level English class left. So that's unofficial, but doesn't matter. That was for education, not degrees. I was going to do whatever for a job, while trying to write. Fine, be a scenester whore and get your stupid job. I'll work in global commerce and effective immigration/assimilation. I know which nerds are argumentative, violent, snarky, hypocritical...they want me to call them a slur or something. Wrong. Not going to do that. Just going to ignore them. I know what's wrong with types of people, people those nerds would laugh at, and call a cuss word. They don't understand what people expect from them. They were exposed to perception at the wrong age, and nobody fixed their perceptions. Then they were gradually assimilated into adult life and set illogical priorities. Fuck off, nerd. I'm not an idiot. You're more racist than I am. You could apply this to other things. You're not expected to be a Victoria's Secret model (they're not any hotter than other normal women). You're not expected to be in charge of campus PolySci (the campus isn't the planet). You're not expected to _______. Just.... don't. I don't let on parts of my personality in certain situations. You're just a liberal bigot. You're not expected to butt heads with me. I would turn your brain into mush, at this blog azz shit.

    >Doesn't watch movies for 10 years
    >Immediately becomes anal about seeing 1-2 per day, keeping track

    I don't think I have "autism" but I have a similar trait. I was the opposite of autistic in other ways, though. I usually understand who dislikes me, and why. It's not very polite. I'm Rude Boy for a reason. Hour 18 without tobacco. Brother is MIA. No car. Good. Maybe I'll get some on Saturday.

    I wasn't on any campus newspaper, nor did I attempt to. Figured there was One Of Those Guys on the staff, older than me. Who doesn't know how to Let People Speak. They ran something racist once. My professor commented on it. Whatever.
  • Emma I trust your judgment.

    Dic 17 2014, 19:19

    I've honestly been with an attractive woman before. She was my friend for 6 months, then she went to the retreat I was leading. Not like "oh nice boobs, nice ass, hot". Like... the same as you. We might not be 100% compatible. This was 2009-2010. We hooked up twice. No oral or coitus. She wouldn't take her bra off. That would have been... uh... lucky at the time. But we touched. I might be 75% compatible with her and 100% with you. Or the opposite. I intentionally don't talk to her, so I'm not a douche. She might have other things in mind, since she's smart and funny and probably feminist. She's been single on Facebook since she moved to Europe. It was the last woman I kissed. Everyone wants to be the dream stud but you have to set priorities. You don't get to be the punk cowboy and fuck around. Different women have different dreams. I trust your judgement with men, in movies or whatever. It's you. Not me. I know we don't know each other. Just figured... I would... be nice. It's very easy to be hedonistic in certain environments. Some women were nice to me at the next college, but I just got stoned all day and worked on writing/music promotion. This is honest. I've had minimal sexual history... but she's kinda really hot. We might get married. We're from the same suburbs, met 3 hours southwest, then didn't pursue it. You would probably like her as a person. But... don't yank out her weave over the NFL player. It's not really a big deal, if you have or haven't done less or more than I have. It's just food for thought. She could be famous if she wasn't a retard. She's a spaz. She could be a trainwreck Princess if I was P Willy and she was Kate Midz. That's a good way of thinking of it. You should probably hate Betsy more, but we never even talked. Mary just speaks Czech and German and hikes places with friends. Makes a mean artistic website but throws up chardonnay and jack daniels. Don't want to be a weirdo and call her a firecracker. Whatever. We were talking in the middle of campus and... girls like that gave me a weird look. It's just attractive skinny/pale sophomores. It's not taboo. It made me feel better at the time, since I did coitus once with a fucking psycho poser hoe. I honestly haven't had intimate contact since 2010. Got some love in class but never asked them to coffee. I used to buy the hot girl shit like apples and carrots at the dining hall, since she was an erratic mess vegetarian without a meal plan. She had other boyfriends but I kinda... interfered. She got in trouble for taking a handful of salad, since there were no tongs. You can be old lady friends and smoke cigs in Austria, bitching out 20 year olds for being whores. Bye.

    "Friends? How'd that happen?"

    Good question. Met her the beginning of sophomore year through Kevin, my roommate. We're tight. We've done psychedelics together. He knew it was my pubes on the toilet seat because they were auburn (what a sleuth). Had a class with Lauren freshmen year, but we never talked.... our PolySci intro class. I remember her because we were the only 2 who got the same political party thing on some chart. She's nice. I had classes with Carrie and Liz for English, my new major. All 4 of them lived a few doors down from my buddy Al. Dayton is a carefully-managed large school where people actually know each other. We basically did our own thing but tended to smoke bowls in their dorms, since it was safe there. Went to parties like 5 times, with various people. I'm not really part of the clique but know who everyone is. 99% harmless. Mary and I were just frisky bunny rabbits put in the same cage. We let out our aggression, then I turned semi-schizo and had a meltdown, 2 weeks later. We didn't really touch each other's adult bodies. It was kinda a girlfriend but not exactly. My other girlfriends were either prude or total psyche-ward hoes. I've barely done anything, all age 19-20. Then I turned into the 1980s black vest guy, acted like an airhead, and committed logical fallacies about my surroundings until I moved to Charlotte and sobered up. Pretty much your favorite thing. Idiot British guy who makes mistakes and gets frustrated. In retrospect I understand my errors. It's called Bipolar II disorder. I was an unofficial concussion victim because random younger girls kept laughing at me. I got a ride home from Elio's and some cute/petite English/Swedish (ish) girl put her boob on my arm, in the backseat. I was ultra baked, and moved my arm. She just squished it back on there, Emma. That was junior year and I took a vow of chastity. It was a 4 minute drive. I usually walked.

    "Firecrotch" ~ Ohio

    Nah bro. It's brown by the stalk, on the happy trail, my legs, and my arm pits. Just part of them are red. I'm like multi-colored pussy, bro. A pussycat with a 20 cm dick. Average girth. I've heard that from y'all since junior high, to my face. Good luck, faggot. Nice try. Try harder. I never work out and have sinewy muscle mass. #SwoleTeam will be in Predator 6, after working out for 15 years. Going to get Iron Man's suit on my right arm, 100 minutes in, and stab Predator through the chest. I'll write the script. Don't have to be a bodybuilder. Just kinda swole with abs and long arms. I'm the anti-Arnold... I'm Arnold to Germans, instead of Americans. Skinny is in with types of women. Always has been. Don't interfere with my mating, or business. I'll kill you. It only takes one bullet and all your weightlifting is gone. I'm a federal agent. Just kidding. I don't feel like acting. Maybe someone will teach me how. I can write scripts like that, though. Budget vs. Box Office is so easy that it's retarded. You just need some wit, and connections. Everyone does thug films on $300,000. 10 years later, they write Inception and The Dark Knight. Nolan's first budget was 4 digits and it's a stellar 70 minute film.

    "You won't have movie ideas"

    Young Acerbic, Leo, Phanuel, Electronic Ladyland, Dragon Fire are the big ones, year 3 or 4 of plotting/planning. Ask your girlfriend to find them. Since you can't read and she's thirsty. All those porno bitches have millions of friends. They'll take cum on the face from an XFL player, for $55,000 salary. Yuck. I'm not into bodily fluids. Too risky. I date good girls or funny ones.

    "Because you spend all day thinking about it."

    I've actually never done anything like that. Just started writing novels, lyrics, jokes... because of strange thought patterns, which are an indirect result of my mindset about this machine. I don't "try to think things up", is what I'm trying to say. It's a natural progression of my genius.

    Young Acerbic --> Lyric based, just being bored and trying

    Leo --> Novel started in 2010, easy summer b-list comedy

    Phanuel --> Extreme existential angst and dabbling in sci-fi / conspiracy. Going to tell someone else to write a graphic novel, I can't write it.

    Electronic Ladyland --> Wanted a time piece, had some jokes

    Dragon Fire --> Early notebook sketches in 2009, way before the blog

    None of them are ready and it could be another 5, 10, 15 years.
    We'll get married in London and some of my family can have a vacation. Wow can you imagine who would show up?! I've always wanted to be in English tabloids but not American. But they'll blow me up too. It's your fault.

    "She won't marry you!"

    *jerks head to the side, tweaking out*


    I don't really take myself seriously. I've seen improvisational piano, read difficult novels, watched expert dialogues in film. This is just my Secret Base. I'm top-notch but not at everything. The Youtube, the journal, the twitter. I'm a product of my environment. Lebron recently met the British Royals. I can be like that. I'm a bridge between cultures. Japanese video games, LA actors, etc. I'm just in my laboratory doing 3 things a day. is it rocket science? No, it's comedy and compilation. I don't need people being dicks about my flirting. Y'all burn through rubbers and plan-B like it's a bag of M&Ms. I'm doing my best and being a cult icon.


    I'm not that talented. Remember Dante in the first Devil May Cry? Just a demon hunter. I'm an expert reptilian.

    "You spelled judgement wrong."

    I was being formal. It's the English spelling.
  • Bimonthly Film Diary entry #5.

    Dic 17 2014, 2:34

    Eraserhead (12/1)
    District B13 (12/3)
    Memento (12/5)
    Insomnia [2002] (12/7)
    Dr. No
    Batman Begins (12/9)
    The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (12/12)
    The Prestige (12/13)
    The Most Hated Family In America
    Inception (12/16)

    Series completed: none

    Director Spotlight: Christopher Nolan (Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, Inception)

    Best movies: Following, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, Inception

    Christopher Nolan is a blockbuster genius with a few tricks up his sleeve. But don’t misconstrue this as some try-hard film buff’s attempt at seeming deep. They’re Hollywood blockbusters with a gag. That’s why they’re good. I like Hollywood. But I’m not some idiot neckbeard trying to seem like a savant. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t (watch them). I’m admittedly behind on all the popular films. And Fistful of Quarters is a quality video game documentary, one of my serious hobbies. All 3 are highly recommended.

    Worst Movie: Dr. No

    Sue me. It doesn’t age well. It wasn’t horrible, but the other movies are marginally better. James Bond has always been a player, but they forced the deck too hard, in the first one, based off timeless spy novels. Just corny and campy. I’d give it a 7/10, but this entry only has good films.

    Current total: 108 films in 79 days.


    My new lifetime goal is to make a Back To The Future / Angels In The Outfield / Inception spoof Youtube video with Christopher Lloyd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Emma I'll delete the coincidence if you don't wear #SwoleTeam panties.

    Dic 17 2014, 0:16

    It's not about me. I'm gangly.

    I'm not from London and Paris. I have to smoke blunts on East 1999 and St. Clair. I'm the prep school punk from up the road. We're going to open Cleveland Lumberjacks NHL, and that's a white person sport, but we have to be real. South Euclid til the apocalypse. Forest Green and Brown, some flannel accents on the jersey. I moved to the white area when I was 4 or 5. I can assure you, they're worse than east-side blacks. Cleveland Steamer retractable roof arena, 32,000 seats, biggest hockey arena on the planet. Use the Q until we can. The Q would be the 3rd largest in the world (for some reason, you can look up the list on wikipedia, the minor league team uses half the seats), we just don't have a team. Change the Browns helmets to C, B, or CB. Brown with vintage script in Orange. Hand out trendy winter hats at the barber shop. I'm not faking. They're not from my area but they're from my metro. Have to be Jesus Christ Jerry Jones. I smoked marijuana until I lost the ability to do math in my head. Paul's not hurting anyone. We can move to London though. I like London. I'll hang out with chavs and Jamaicans, setting up record labels and radio stations. You can live anywhere in the world if you never die. You have to be timeless. You're halfway there and I'm a quarter. You wouldn't like Ohio, but we can get a 19th century mansion and renovate it when we're in our 60s. Live in Europe until then, or NYC/LA. Ohio was a power state in the 19th century but there was a diaspora and urban decline.

    There's always hot 35 year old moms in my house, Emma. Buying clothes from my 50 year old mom. So. I'm not stupid about you. I could always disregard you and chase after 25 year old future-moms. But you're just so pretty. And I like your accent. And if book 3 Hermoine saw me now? She would cast a spell on older "bitches" and say "Cuntalicus". It would turn her into a guidette mixed with a weeabo. Guidettes and weeabos can be fine on their own, but you must never combine these American subcultures. But book 3 Hermoine is gross to me. I don't even like you quite as much in the last movie (haven't seen it, age 18?). I didn't like the short hair either (age 20?), but I didn't like that on other people too. Just playin'.

    "Why are you so weird online?"

    I went to SMCHS (SoCal HS) and a French/Italian lady created me with her vagina in the year 1000. But my great^20 grandma didn't have internet. We're pros. By doing LSD 3 times, I bridged the gender gap, and became an Italian-American girl. They're not weird. It's 90% reactionary. We know about some drama and infer the rest. I'm not even weird, in person. I'm charming enough, when I try to be, but I tend to mutter. British men muttering isn't cultural. It's genetic.

    People should fall in love with their eyes closed. Just close your eyes. Don't look and it's magic.
    ~ Andy Warhol

    (p.s. you're doomed)
  • I didn't type the satire, my generation rants, genetic rants, racist rants....

    Dic 16 2014, 0:46

    ... to be on the front of the page. I typed them so they were in the middle later. I've done this about 20 times. Think about it. I don't care about daily shit. I try to recycle the major ideas every few months. I want those to be on the front. But some of the controversial content, albeit petty, should be on page 87. I haven't read past 10 pages in months. I don't think about it. It's the progression of a satirical polemic. Please do not be offended unless you're offensive. Then you can go die in a hole. Stop calling me "gay" or "pussy". You have Mental Illnesses. Yeah you have 50 pounds on me. I have $1,000,000,000 worth of content and 2 1/2 inches... on you and your honky dick.

    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Humor --> Attempted
    Irony --> Dry, but obvious
    Exaggeration --> Mainly the political topics, NWO, President, etc
    Ridicule --> Very obvious

    To expose or criticize --> Yes

    Stupidity and vices --> including myself.

    You can't really argue that I'm violent, sexist, racist, or anything... if you look at my Twitter and Youtube, which have modest amounts of hits. This is literary satire during the early stages of global internet and a juncture in our cultural heritage.

    Last.fm journal --> Written word
    Youtube playlists/mixtapes --> Music/songs
    Twitter --> Generally other people's art, retweeted

    There is some overlap between these 3 sites, but I am adamant on continually doing the exact same thing, as long as I see fit, through fame or obscurity.

    Please don't be offended. I'm a very standoffish, tolerant person. I just felt like cussing and being violent, as comedy and/or satire. Read the blog for awhile, and deduct why I would do such a controversial thing. There's a picture of Putin disguised as a tourist, 5 feet from Reagan in Moscow. That was not as long ago as you think.

    I am very grateful for internet because it exasperated my strengths and illuminated my weaknesses.


    Going to traumatize my girlfriend in 2015/16. I'm single now.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    The Evil Within
    The Last Of Us: Remastered
    Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Street Fighter V
    Tekken 7
    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
    Grand Theft Auto V/Online
    Final Fantasy XV
    Dragon Age: Inquisition

    So stoked. Probably going to get posters and stuff too. Get a sports game or two. She's going to think I'm a weirdo. These games are normal but... women in Charlotte don't know that. I barely drive cars or generate income. I'll probably become impulsive. Maybe I should befriend the guys at the used game store. New Years Resolution is to YOLO by acting normal. Need $1000 before I buy the $400 PS4. Probably going to have that by February or March. Not getting many carpet cleaning hours but I can be the boy toy at the $100/night restaurant in the ritzy area (I'm 25, tall, and sober). You gotta get a good base. Then, in 2017/18, they're all $10-20, and you can have a huge collection.

    "Why do you have 3 copies of Street Fighter V?"

    "They always do that. It's how they update it for competitive play."

    "That's stupid!"

    I hate it when douches have $40,000 in the bank from a relative. One of my unnamed best friends has that, only less. He had all the games. But he's nice and already teaches at University of Dayton. He's allowed. He would just buy funny shit. Don't buy a PS4 to be modern. I actually care about all 10 of those games, for personal reasons. It'll cost like $450. But then I'll wear out the system and spend another $450 on 20 more games. I'm actually going to keep the retro consoles hooked up. I might buy the Dreamcast, Saturn, and original Xbox. It's a hipster thing, for shithead electro DJ culture. It's my version of STUPID HIPSTER SHIT. (I am a type of hipster) I remember being a freshman in high school when Halo and Madden were new. Those are good games that I own, but they would talk feigned-ebonics about it. Kinda a weird area of Cleveland for my generation (but not past ones). Those games are all $3 now. You can buy the disc alone for $0.01 on Amazon. I don't believe in that. They were being tools. All my Gamecube games are worth $10-40. You have to be aware of the market. I wasn't at the time, but am now. That's the point of buying Dreamcast/Saturn/PS1 games. They're like under-printed comics. I think they're interesting, but not amazing. It's good for a shelf. I am Baron Paul Welsh of Cleveland Ohio. This is my unofficial coup. Look up eBay actions of PS2/Xbox games, for 10 minutes. You'll see bundles of 30 games for $25, but they have like 12 sports games, worth pennies. This is what bros used to buy for $50, religiously. I'm Michael Jordan of creative non-fiction. Novels aren't my writing. You see the Bengals idea below this post. Will I ever set foot in Cincinnati again? Probably not for awhile. But they might like the idea and send me $1,000,000 worth of gear, stocks, and thanks. I'm worth 2 1/2 rookie contracts, to that organization. For being an artist. It would be empowering to their players. I'm not "white power" like the blog alluded to. Some guy just got life in prison for killing a black in Mississippi, for "white power", drunk and chasing him down. I'm trolling them. I hope the stadium erupts for Steelers @ Bengals, the first time 2 of the best jerseys in the NFL square off. Image in a crucial part of the league. Seahawks, Broncos, Colts, Patriots. This is #swag. There was an Attractive Woman in my Spanish class. We worked 45 minutes together in the library on some bullshit. She wore a Bengals shirt once. She was a normal looking girl... probably German and Italian and French. But she would love the powder/electric blue. It would make the shirt fashionable. Last day in St. Ed's. "he won't get any girls in California" ~ fat guy. Objectively wrong, I had 2 normal/attractive girlfriends. Nice try, JV scrub. Try harder. I cuddled with class of 05 (06's age, I was 07 as 08's age), 3 days after the comment. Hotter than women he can get, but it was an ancient family friend. I actually never instigate and have a very small sexual/sensual history. But... like.... no, dude. Playboy without even forcing it, without money or wheels. No comment. It's not polite to talk about here. I've already explained, a few pages back. I'm entertaining for the royals. I've had to turn women down, more times than I remember. Am I overwhelmingly attractive? Not really. It's contextual. No comment. Not my problem. Sex is best to save for meaning. I would never be like "psh. I turn bitches down". My message board would elaborate on the unintentional humor. Just like... pushing girls off my dick at Tim's (Dayton dive bar), or my "friend"'s hot ex being too thirsty after fucking him 50 times. Are these attractive women, to the fat guy? Yes. He would try to sit on my face and slit my throat (she's a c-cup blonde with a normal face, about 5'4'' 115). That's why I'm prone to avoid all contact with Ohio. I can drag the hoes but not throw the punch. I don't really want to talk about this. It's not a huge deal.

    The force runs strong in your family....pass on what you have learned...
    ~ Yoda

    You can say shit about skinny and ginger but you can't do shit about my 5th century kingdom. I know who I can FUCK, idiot. Don't want to. Asceticism is the key to our brotherhood's power. I said 5th. But 10th? 15th? I descend from some mean ass motherfuckers. We were Darwinists and cultural bigots. We killed people. We sought after things. I'm just the nerdy punk with a keyboard. Be careful. Everything on the blog makes sense to me. Perfect sense. Owning 20 cheap machines with goofy games is a very normal extension of my larger personality. They're the goofiest machines on the planet, for $50-400 each. I know about shit. Homes in London, Berlin, Paris. They had little toy merry-go-rounds in the center of a library, for some little girl to play with. This is my version of such (almost ostentatious) amusement. I'm also Irish Catholic and French, who are also poor. But at some point someone was a Christian and left his heraldry in Europe, for the sake of spreading his family to the globe, and the sake of meritocracy. I'm rebuilding their legacy. Some of my friends were slaves, black and white. It's time to create a billion dollar grid and hire them for amusing/enlightening professions. The Kingdoms are gone. But if you put pur 101 homes together, in America, it would be an eclectic castle, the finest in the world for art and technology. That remains my network and could be yours too. My bedroom is the ickle dorm room, of the finest student. I hate sleep. Someone once said that sleep is the cousin of death. I seek something that isn't easy. Sleep gets in the way, but sleep schedules are important to my life.

    Going to buy a new PS2 controller today. This $7 machine will replace the off-brand controller I've been using, which rumbles like an earthquake when it's supposed to shake softly. This cheap plastic and metal will provide extreme euphoria. The original controller broke, but I got it for free with a $10 console. Gonna finally pick up Kingdom Hearts and Lord of the Rings: Third Age. Maybe Resident Evil Outbreak and Wild Arms

    Got some hours tomorrow. So I can waste $50 instead of $30 at Video Game World. I think my boss is drinking. My mom answered the phone and thought so.

    FUCK WE GOT IN A FENDER BENDER BEFORE THE VIDEO GAME STORE. whatever I got one present and a paycheck in Friday. I can go on Saturday. No charges. It was stop-and-go, but we had to sit there 40 minutes with the police. Also, I don't care if police seem mean to you, after today. They're cold enough about $25 fines. It causes 20 minutes of paperwork and he has to do stuff at his computer. Don't condone violence. That's 20 days of paperwork, every time you apply gangster mentality to the public sphere. Sorry. I have profane and violent lyrics but you really have to rationalize the exact legal process. That entire system is designed to thwart certain things. Some people misunderstand and get caught up in The Valley Of Death. It's not the people on the news, in my blog's argument. It's everyone I've ever complained about. If he's going 50 MPH and t-bones someone, he gets manslaughter, and loses months or years of money/time. It's his fault for being a dumbass. My brother just looked at the GPS map for 2 seconds and hit someone at 7 MPH. The cop questioned when he said "5 MPH", and that was in a distinct authoritative tone. That's not racist if it happens to a black. It happens on that road daily, though. We just got a blender for my parents. No alcohol involved. There's always hot women at the Target. Wonder why. Maybe I'm isolated and my standards are lower. But I think Charlotte has a good gene pool. I honestly didn't give one of them any credit. She wanted me to swoop her and moved closed in the aisle. She was probably 16. She's a hoe. I fuck with some hoes but not others. She might have been fine. But that's schmalegal and super awk. I was wearing $300 worth of clothes... button up, zip-up sweater, semi-expensive jeans, and Air Force Ones. I just wanted to look nice. It's not my problem, Ohio. Move here too, I guess. Faggot. I'm the same as Kate Middleton in 2 ways, but not 2 others (currently). Washed my balls and feet extra well, dabbed some deoderant on my neck. I'm going to go to bed at 8:45. I like to wake up at 5:30 if I have work at 8:00. So I can... enjoy my morning. By the way... some guys on my message board comment on their clothes, how much they cost. I'm the opposite of them. My mom is into fashion so I get 3-5 items per year. Add that x 10 years and some random Marshalls/Target/Goodwill shopping and you have crates of clothes on your bloody bedroom floor. I never think about clothes, but I'm fortunate. I would never touch my phone if I was driving. My brother doesn't text, but was being careless. I don't even like phones. I just need one for work. Mine is missing, going on 7 weeks.

    Fuck it. Just going to get one game and a new controller. Instead of five games. I should have $250 in cash, after Christmas and 1 more paycheck. Shopping's done. Only need $1000, then I can buy a $400 PS4 and a few games. Need to have some lee-way. Student loans can't bother me for another 2-3 years. Starting a night class and an online class on January 12th. Getting a 24'' TV for Xmas. I'll probably have like $15,000 by August, honestly. Going to have 1 1/2 jobs and no rent/food/car payments. lol. Fuck you, Ohio. I should just replay Dragon Quest VIII for 70 hours. The anime red-head has giant tits with cleavage. She's being a warrior. She was wearing some fancy dress with her rich parents, then leaves on the adventure with you in revealing clothes. LOL Japan. I actually like the voice acting more than anything. Funny British accents.

    Did it with no hands now she call me Young Bluetooth
    Errybody searching for your boy like Blue's Clues

    ~Big Sean

    He ran my license through the machine. No warrants. I did some thinking about that. Been off the grid for a year or two, no phone no court no anything. The doctor was checking my balls for enlarged veins and he asked me about my recent quarrels, so it must have been on my medical/psychological profile. Now I just have to be legal for 60 years, instead of Starting Fights and Selling Drugs.

    "Why?" ~ Emma Watson

    > Jumped on my sister's ass at a mixer and sneered at me about it on Monday.
    > Bullied a 5th grader FOR HAVING special needs, claimed to be mafia, seen driving on my street where I have an actual retarded sister (unlike the 5th grader, who had a brother I'm friends with)
    > Sexual gesture at teacher's butt (checking for underwear) , being Arab wigger, made fun of my genetics, forged court cases about counterfeiting money.
    > Made fun of my genetics.
    > Vandalized a family's home, punched me for no reason and started laughing.

    5 different people, 4 of them are associated with each other, 3 of the 4 are currently alive. I get cheaper kilos than them. Whatever. Drugs are bad m'kay. Fucking wanksters.
  • Tired of Ohio NFL teams having the worst jerseys/colors/helmets ever?

    Dic 14 2014, 22:13

    Overhaul. First, simply. This is blasphemy but we should nix the Browns orange helmets. Go with brown helmets and a cursive, old-school "B" on the helmet, in orange. Like a classic MLB logo. Could look really sharp. The Steelers and Ravens are sharp. This makes us nasty. Jerseys are generally the same. You could keep the orange helmets. It's just a culture change. Go with the logo either way.

    Bengals can push it to the limit. Go with electric blue. Same helmet, new colors. Electric blue, powder blue stripes. I went to UC for 3 years. Those hot undergrads will wear the new colors. It would look sexy. Makes the whole AFC North the same as the rest of the NFL.

    Bengals helmet:

    Electric & powder blue:
  • Just watched the Westboro Baptist Church documentary.

    Dic 14 2014, 22:12


    Louis Theroux did a great job of being inquisitive and straight-faced at once. I would never know how to do that. It's sad because there's watered-down versions of the daughters. They would probably like me, or my friends, and some evil grandpa would kill me. LOL America. Whatever. It's very short. You can find it for free on Youtube. Princess Diana? They had her on a sign and Louis got offended. They kinda like, chose random celebrities and made retarded signs about Hell.

    Hopefully I get on a sign someday. Maybe I'll be assassinated like JFK. People are schizos about the Catholic church.

    Taylor I got Tekken Tag Tournament with a total trick. I ordered Tekken 5 for $8 and it got TTT by accident. So they refunded it, but the game didn't work. So I ordered one without a case for 25 cents. Since I have the case and manual. This is relevant. We can't get married. I typed Bad Stuff. And Emma is literally my waifu. But you would think my collection was cool. It's well-known shit by 1% of the population for $10-40 each. Tekken is known, but it's like, other stuff + Tekken. This is relevant. I can train your son(s) for $10,000 a year. They will play all the cool 90s bro games. You teach them music at the same time? Auto-famous. Coolest EDM jockeys ever. So. Don't get thirsty. I'm a hoe. Someone made a topic on my board saying "Taylor Swift has the best Hollywood connections ever". It was apparently 15 pictures of you with semi-huge stars. But I didn't click them, given the context of my writing. It would have been creepster shit. I'll just take his word for it. You're connected. You can get ratchet Irish guys with your connections. Let me train your son. He'll have shaggy blonde hair. I can give him the real drug/sex talks. Playstation 1 and 2 are the keys to bro nirvana. I'm actually really drunk for this paragraph but not the above ones.

    Remember the old PS2 Fight Club list. Here's the bonus ones

    Inuyasha: Feudal Combat
    Rumble Roses
    Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament
    Tobal 1/2
    Zero Divide
    Mortal Kombat: Deception
    Evil Zone
    Gundam Battle Assault1/2/3
    Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi
    Street Fighter EX 1-3
    Digimon Rumble Arena 2
    Bloody Roar
    One Piece Grand Battle series. Especially 2/3/Rush.
    Capcom Fighting Evolution

    They're not necessarily amazing. Some are awful. But this is the bonus list. Scroll down for the good stuff, California. Use your dad's CEO money to be diligent bros. I'm an expert in trolling 14 year old blonde kids. I am their ancient ancestor, who accidentally survived on the western-most European islands.


    I dunno. Want to get coffee?

    "No genetic talk please"

    It's a motif. We just got frisky with Swedish blondes and Austrian brunettes. But on the British Isles, lanky gingers are carefully controlled by British women, as their boy toys.

    My mom is such a pushover now. I didn't get any of the consoles in the 1990s. My first was an N64 in 2001, obsolete. But that's fine. I had Pokemanz on Game Boy Color. She asked me if we should fix the Wii for Xmas. I mentioned the Wii U, and within 5 minutes, since ordered it for $300, for my siblings. So? 5 minutes compared to 12 years? DEPRIVED. That's where you come in, Taylor. I need to sell your autographed stuff and buy all the games. I'm a loser famous. It was right after I gave her the money for Amazon shipping TTT. She doesn't want me buying games. Whatever. PS4 on my August birthday, a present to myself. I'll just not tell her and keep it in my room. It'll be like $550 with 5 games. I'm a grown man. She doesn't care when I buy them, but I keep ordering on her account and giving her $5-15 in cash. She thinks it's for kids. She doesn't know that I'm going through my fighting/horror game phase. Going to buy them all.

    Oh you'd rather do lunch? OK we can do lunch. Coffee is too... on-the-go for someone like yourself.