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  • spiro-agnew

    24 Set 12:14 Rispondi
  • themotorway

    also check your messages

    21 Set 19:22 Rispondi
  • themotorway

    hey nick, what's your blog?

    21 Set 19:22 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    Hey friend! I didn't think you were dissing me, I was just 'clarifying' what I meant. You should start your blog up again! Let me know if you do, so that I can read it! I like your favorite smiley face, that's the Big Eyes Smug Mouth face. Mine is the Dopey & Coy Face. Oh! It's exciting that your friend moved, I think it's good to experience new places, but I haven't moved in 13 years (!). Maybe you'll move over there one day!?! Possible, possible. The most likely reason for me to move will be work/grad school. For work, it is possible that I would move to LA/SD counties in Southern California - they have geology/env jobs I am interested in. For grad school, cool Ppl I want to work w/under are in Pennsylvania or Minnesota USA, London UK, and there's a vGr8 person in Rio de Janeiro but I don't know Portuguese, and I don;t; think I'll be able to master it in one year. Also I have no idea what I'm doing in general ever ;0).Anyway, I still have a tumblr but I'm kind of apathetic about it.

    31 Ago 7:14 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    Do you still blog? I miss yr casually-cool blog.

    28 Ago 6:20 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    Hey friend! I don't think "I'm anything" either. I'm certain that I am nothing. ;0) <-- this is my new favorite smiley face, by the way. I didn't used to use smiley faces, but now I do. This is how I know that I'm Certainly Nothing. Haha! I like the way other's describe your appearance, although I'm not sure what a communist dresses like. I don't mean that I'm dead because I dress a certain way, I mean that dress is an offshoot of spiritual-death on the inside. I've never dressed 'punk', whatever that means! But there's something really endearing about people who dress the part! I think it's sweet. Ah! That's great that you got to see Swans! Do you like the new album? Are you looking forward to any other shows? Are you making anything these days?

    28 Ago 6:06 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    Anyway, what I mean is that his metal appearance probably means he's living a metal lifestyle and retaining a metal outlook. I WANT TO RETAIN SIMILAR ZEST FOREVER. Sometimes I lose zest, cus y'know lots of jobs are Spirit-Killers, but usually I'm still free after I get out of work. Blah blah.

    17 Lug 21:46 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    Related: The other day, I saw a guy in his middle-age life stage who was SUPER METAL. Metal hair, metal shirt, metal pants. All around metal. I want to remain ponk in my middle-age life stage. I feel like that requires ~*~strength~*~* against social pressures, and IDK if I have that. I've been pretty business casual lately. HAHAHA.

    17 Lug 21:44 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    Friend! Sorry for taking so long to reply. I've been dead-but-not-dead, ya dig? YA DIG?!?! I do, so I can plant my veggies, but then they die. I have the black thumb. Actually my tomatoes are doing well :-). Wow! -30! That's amazing, I've never experienced that kind of weather. I can see how that could inhibit your comfort, especially if it's windy too! It's mostly warm/hot in California, so I have the opposite problem. I get Browner&Browner and am sweaty whenever I arrive to work (bikes!). I guess that meal is pretty healthy, but you should know that I'm not healthy -at all- except for the fact that I eat a lot of vegetables. Naked Raygun! HELL YEAH! Do you ever listen to super-punk while at work? I do, and I feel like a weirdo/poser on both sides. Not professional, not punk. I told my friend that when we wake up we should ask ourselves, "Am I still punk?". If the answer is yes - we can SURVIVE/STRIVE! If it's no, might as well be DED.

    17 Lug 21:40 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    (1/2) Yes! I finally listened to SCG, and I liked them very much. Although I haven't listened to them again since the first time. slushy crap!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds so fun! You know what I was thinking? I like how you relate to snow, because you've lived with snow for a long time, so you can h9 snow, but I can only love and admire snow because I don't know it at all. I like relationships in which you can sort of h8 something about the one you love. Seems more real in a sense. Anyway, thank you! I've been taking pretty good care. I've been swimming a lot, which feels very good, I enjoy floating. PS I have a new meal that I eat almost everyday, want to hear about it? It's delicious, u can try it out!

    2 Giu 19:13 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    (2/2) Watch, Watch THIS. On the weekend, cook a big ol pot of peruvian beans (these are creamier than other beans, so they make for good texture), this way you have beans ready for lunch everyday. Make sure to store them in their cooking water so they wont go bad. For lunch, take 3/4 cup of beans, drain the bean-water-juice-liquid-stuff, rinse with water, and place the 3/4 cup beans in a container. THEN!!!!!!! Add 3 leaves of raw tuscany kale, massaged (to remove bitterness), and thinly sliced (this is my fav vegetable - but it's very xpensive & i can only buy it at the health food store, every1 is rich there). Then U can add other vegetables, I usually don't cus I'm la-z, but if I do I add yellow bell pepper or zucchini, raw. THENnNnNN if u're insufficient protein on the daily like me, u can add liquid aminos. Otherwise, just top with seeds (like pepitas), & tofu or a boca patty. AND SALSA. It's the best food ever, I never get tired of it. Do you have life recommendations for me?

    2 Giu 19:12 Rispondi
  • themotorway


    5 Mag 20:16 Rispondi
  • georg_cantor

    I hope you made lotsa spaghetti

    23 Apr 21:10 Rispondi
  • themotorway

    they cover VU songs, but the lyrics are about pizza. look em up, its pretty funny. & thanks for the skewl motivation~ ..i have to write a moral treatise for my ethics class i still haven't even started...i'm the worst with procrastinating!

    30 Mar 4:16 Rispondi
  • themotorway


    27 Mar 21:30 Rispondi
  • themotorway

    yo! nm...was gonna go to this nick cave thing at the institute of contemporary art 2nite buttt i'm behind w/school shit so i decided to stay home & focus on that & spring cleaning...i can do that next week anyway. how are u? i've actually been in dorkd a lot lately. u should come on down :). have u heard the band the pizza undergriund macaulay culkin is in yet? seeing them in pumped.

    27 Mar 21:29 Rispondi
  • poopinyourbutt

    Hi friend! Great to hear from you! What have you been up to as of late? Does the change in weather cause a change in mood in you? It's raining in SCal, very rare, also vnecessary because the region is in an extended drought. I love the rain, the sound is soothing, the smell of wet soil reminds me of a song, which reminds me of Mexico. The only shitty thing is impervious surface, and all the water that drains off, not replenishing aquifers. Overall, I'm in a good mood these past few days; the weather helps! Also, I'm trying to figure out gradschool. That's my whole life right now - rain, moody, gradschool. JK, but that's the recap if you're running out the door, with a piece of toast in your mouth, and just need the bulletpoints. Also, my friend loves The Bachelor, so we started watching it, and it's the worst show on television. You should watch it some day, if you want to laugh&h9 at the same time. TAKE HXC CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the HARDEST care possible!

    27 Mar 5:34 Rispondi
  • georg_cantor

    My beard is looking magnificent, my hair is looking spectacular my motha fuckin platonism is on another level

    24 Feb 22:29 Rispondi
  • georg_cantor

    Hello I am Gottlob Frege, the man who made platonism cool again

    13 Feb 14:09 Rispondi
  • georg_cantor

    Give me some PLATONISM

    11 Feb 15:15 Rispondi
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