• Hard Core

    Gen 26 2013, 21:56

    I like hard core music.
    I like hard core sex.
    I like hard core movies.
    I like hard core drunkenness.
    I like hard core debate.
    I like hard core books.
    I like hard core pictures.
    I like hard core dancing.
    I like hard core loving.
    I like hard core shit.
    I like hard core.
    So fuck you all.
    Fuck off. Die.
  • The void in my brain hurts

    Apr 15 2012, 21:44

    When you drink, drink, drink, and then stop. I don't mean the alcoholic nausea.
    Everything's so nice and mellow and purple and dear. And then suddenly it's nothing. For no apparent reason.
    Dance and the music stops. Clatter disappears. Everybody's sleepy, drunk or half drunk. Going home.
    I've come to realize that The Pogues help a lot in these situations. Even though they sometimes drive you to drinking too. They are perfect for filling those alcoholic holes in the mind.
  • What I've been realizing lately

    Mar 26 2012, 20:18

    卐 卍 -> they're kissing!
  • Totalitarian government of

    Nov 16 2010, 15:51

    Well, where to start?
    First to say, I'm not a nazi nor a communist. The only reason why I like their images or stuff is because I am amused with it and I love WW2. One more thing - when I see those gray stars where the images of artists should be, I get a sudden urge to upload an image of the artist.
    The other day, I got muted by (meaning I couldn't write anything anywhere on, only send private messages. Then I got this PM:

    ''First warning: Violation of Community Guidelines and Terms of Use

    Excerpt from the Community Guidelines:
    Be respectful to each other. Do not vent your frustrations at other members, whether through your comments or material you post on the site. There is zero tolerance for predatory behaviour, disparaging or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, propaganda, racial hatred, offensive cultural behaviour, vulgar or obscene content, or other inappropriate behaviour or the revealing of other members' personal information.

    You keep uploading forbidden pictures with swastikas or NSDAP emblems either as avatar, in your About Me or on profile pages that have to be removed by moderators. If you continue to violate these guidelines and the Terms of Use (6. Acceptable Use), you will be muted for more than seven days and/or your account will be banned.

    Hans-Jürgen Bardenhagen Global Moderator''

    Apparently the reason was that I uploaded an avatar consisting af a red star and a swastika in it (well, maybe that's wrong in some kinda view, but for me it was just paradox fun, nothing more), that I uploaded a picture for this artist - Adolf Hitler, which they deleted afterwards, even though there have been a picture there for like forever, and there is a picture now which they didn't delete(yet!), and one more reason is that I uploaded this picture -

    in my About me section, even though they didn't delete it, I deleted it myself . And infact, this isn't the nazi swastika anyway.

    And I don't understand a lot of things here. If this ''artist's'' - Adolf Hitler pictures are forbidden, why isn't there the same thing with this ''artist'' - Mao Zedong, who killed much more people than the first one? Or this ''artist'' - Benito Mussolini, who was also fascist? And what about these ''artists'' - Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco, and other genocide-loving dictators? This is double-standard.
    Not that I love Hitler or something, but how can swastika be banned, but a red star, under which rule was killed many more people than under the swastika, not? That doesn't make sense. Only if everyone here were jews. Or opposite from heterosexual. I hope I won't get banned or something because of writing this journal, but I would like it to be fair, which is not. And another thing, a simple picture of Adolf Hitler is banned, even though it is in educational purposes, and his pictures can be found everywhere on the net. Nonsense. And interesting that he mentiones the swastika symbol, but says nothing about a red star. Like Stalin, Mao, Tito and other didn't kill anybody or done anything evil.
  • Gabber bullets up your ass!

    Gen 18 2009, 11:25

    Some gay people were going around listening to Slayer.

    Some ungay people were going around listening to Justin Timberlake.

    Ungay people wanted to fight gay people because they were gay. Gay people wanted to fight ungay people for listening to music.

    I took my home-made ''Extreme Terror'' minigun and Killed 'em All.