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Set 22 2009, 20:14

What song did you hear first?
What song made you fall in love with this band/artist?
What song is your current favourite?

1. - The Decemberists

First Song: We Both Go Down Together
Fell in love with: 16 Military Wives
Current Favourite: Red Right Ankle

2. - The Beatles

First Song: Yellow Submarine? I can't remember...
Fell in love with: Here Comes the Sun
Current Favourite: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

3. - Radiohead

First Song: 2+2=5
Fell in love with: Fake Plastic Trees
Current Favourite: Let Down

4. - Arcade Fire

First Song: Rebellion (Lies)
Fell in love with: Rebellion (Lies)
Current Favourite: Rebellion (Lies)


5. - Franz Ferdinand

First Song: The Dark of the Matinée
Fell in love with: Take Me Out
Current Favourite: Ulysses

6. - Placebo

First Song: Pure Morning
Fell in love with: Every You Every Me
Current Favourite: Follow the Cops Back Home

7. - Depeche Mode

First Song: It's No Good
Fell in love with: Enjoy the Silence
Current Favourite: Enjoy the Silence

8. - Muse

First Song: Time Is Running Out
Fell in love with: Butterflies and Hurricanes
Current Favourite: Butterflies and Hurricanes

9. - Belle and Sebastian

First Song: White Collar Boy
Fell in love with: Act of the Apostle II
Current Favourite: Expectations

10. - Green Day

First Song: American Idiot
Fell in love with: Holiday
Current Favourite: American Eulogy

11. - Vetusta Morla

First Song: Un día en el mundo
Fell in love with: Copenhage
Current Favourite: Saharabbey Road

12. - Arctic Monkeys

First Song: I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Fell in love with: Mardy Bum
Current Favourite: Fluorescent Adolescent

13. - Love of Lesbian

First Song: Donde solíamos gritar
Fell in love with: Club de fans de John Boy
Current Favourite: Me Amo xD

14. - Coldplay

First Song: The Scientist
Fell in love with: The Scientist
Current Favourite: Everything's Not Lost

15. - Manel

Fell in love with: Ai, Dolors

Esto no hace falta, pero de todas formas, nomino a: egurr, Itziar_A, loky_88, NancyCallahan88 y santxez.


  • santxez

    jajajaja Ya sabes que me encantan tus listas y cada vez me gustan mas, tu me introdujiste en la mayoria, y de lo ultimo, Arcade Fire, que cada vez esta mas arriba ^^

    Set 22 2009, 22:45
  • NancyCallahan88

    ¡No! ¡Me niego! Bastante tengo con los meme's de mi blog "oficial" como para andar poniendo un montón de cancioncillas... Si acaso en añgún momento que me aburra muuuuuu(...)uuucho lo haré ;-P P.D.: ¿La primera canción que escuhaste de Muse fue 'Time Is Running Out'? ¬¬"

    Set 24 2009, 21:24
  • pH_7

    Pues sí, es la primera que escuché, es lo que hay, ¿Te parece mal o qué? xD

    Set 24 2009, 21:28
  • NancyCallahan88

    Sí, me parece muy mal... xD

    Set 25 2009, 20:50
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