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Mag 27 2006, 5:36

All right, in honour of an routine STI test taken today (results on June 1), and one of my favourite Broken Social Scene songs, Cause=Time, and the general catchiness of handclaps in songs (in my catalogue, they always adjust the ratings upwards, and account for raised deleting reconsiderations - but do I really delete anything with handclaps?) I am proposing to create the ultimate Spread the Clap Around playlist. Please infect others with your handclap favourites here - indie rock, top 40, world music, or any other genre.

As usual I'm in the middle of working so I'll be back adjusting this entry - I have a playlist of handclap music at home which I'll post here later tomorrow.

Wait, just off the top of my head:
The Boy With the Arab Strap
Tutti Frutti (a Roma version) - Gadjo Dilo Soundtrack
Jive Talkin' - Saturday Night Fever
Private Eyes
Oh Anna
Gimme Some Money
Living On The Ceiling
The Message
Pe loc
Turn It On
Kelly Watch the Stars
I Fought the Law
The Magnificent Seven


  • oxygensmith

    Duh, right you are, that's the one I was thinking of — I always get their song names turned around.

    Mag 27 2006, 6:11
  • xno

    We R the Handclaps? It may not be a great song, but it does have a deep-voiced man saying I am the bass. Need I say more?

    Mag 27 2006, 6:43
  • mongomoves

    The Clapping Song with Shirley Ellis. Obviously.

    Mag 27 2006, 14:05
  • MrModernRock

    Umm... Duh... Queen - We Will Rock You.

    Mag 28 2006, 0:15
  • oliverpattison

    Erm ... The Clap by the Unicorns Clap Ur Handz by k-os (untitled) 5 by Panda Bear

    Mag 28 2006, 5:27
  • ChadFromCanada

    Stop wastin' my time, you know what I want, or maybe you don't.

    Giu 23 2006, 5:12
  • oxygensmith

    @ ChadFromCanada: Are you listing awesome handclap songs, possibly with the titles Stop Wastin' My Time, You Know What I Want? Are there bands to go with those? :) If anyone cares at all, I forgot to mention, a few days after I made the original post I passed my STI tests, so in a very important sense I won't be spreading the clap around. But I'm still on the lookout for more handclap songs. Fun pyschological by-product of compiling handclap songs: when you are straining to hear handclaps in songs, you will be convinced that you hear them in songs that don't actually have them; e.g. Clap Hands.

    Nov 15 2006, 13:14
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