• Slow to start, but a great gig

    Nov 8 2011, 17:37

    Mon 7 Nov – Throwing Muses at Òran Mór in Glasgow.

    The gig started slowly, with an excessively self-conscious set from Faroe Islander Teitur as support act. Lovely guitar and melodies, but the songwriting was often trite and made me wish for his next album.

    Kristin Hersh, Bernard Georges, and David Narcizo then took the stage and set out with a ferocious barrage of sound, more 50 Foot Wave than Throwing Muses. The bass in the venue was initially loose and uncoupled, often swamping the precision drum work of Narcizo and Hersh's vocals. About half-way into the set the sound seemed to improve, allowing the intricate and energetic basslines woven by Georges to properly mesh with the rest of the sound. Hersh earlier couldn't stop giggling during Hate My Way, but after explaining "anyone can cheer up... even if it takes 25 years", she seemed to loosen up, the songs became more intricate, and the band clicked into a higher gear. Closer Fish was sublime, the intervening years adding depth of texture and a sureness of touch to the gawky and quirky track that began their recording career.
  • Three guitars for one gig

    Lug 6 2010, 14:58

    Wed 3 Mar – YMD! presents First Aid Kit

    An acoustic version of Ghost Town was a highlight. Alas, no Jagadamba, You Might despite several requests, and two guitar strings snapped. Thanks to the person who was prepared to lend Klara a guitar! Solid overall, even with a borrowed instrument. Supporting act Message To Bears was excellent in parts, with good performances from the band: reminiscent of early Archive, but some of the songs could do with tightening up.