songs i never get tired of.


Mag 1 2009, 17:32

I was listening to one of my ipod playlists and theres a few songs i always go back and listen to over and over again that I can't seem to get sick of. For me thats a big deal, because I suffer from hardcore musical ADHD, but here are those songs.

1. Better Than Sex by Halifax - Theres a couple of songs by them that I could listen to on repeat for days on end but this one definitely tops the list.
2. Snow In Hollywood by Halifax - I'm biased?
3. I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 by Avenged Sevenfold - After four years of being a diehard for this band, its rare that I'll listen to them anymore, but if I do its this song. It's easily the most beautifully tragic song ever made.
4. Only One by Yellowcard - I'm a sucker for songs with depth, but this one brings back memories and has a tendency to make me cry. Seeing it live is like a spiritual experience...they need to get back together! :[
5. The Way She Moves by Forever the Sickest Kids - I'm also a sucker for happy music! I love stuff that makes me wanna dance. I know, they're kind of a 14 year old girl band, but so are half of my favorite bands. Obviously I dont care.
6. Stay Young by We the Kings - I didnt get the title tattooed on my wrists for no that fuckin hurt. If you get tats on your wrists....ask the artists how many needles theyre using. If its anything under seven be prepared to hurt like a bitch for 2 weeks.
7. Convalescence by Darkest Hour - Wow, drastic change in genre, but this song is melodic and addictive. Only song by them I can truly stand.
8. An Ocean Between Us by As I Lay Dying - This whole album is unbelievable. Its one of two metal albums I can listen to thoroughly without skipping over songs, but this song in particular is incredible and I highly recommend it.

Thats really about all. Music ADHD.


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