Mar 6 2007, 7:52

    is one of the greatest live shows ever


    just saw them for the 2nd time.
    Austin- Emo's

    Explosions in the Sky

    Nov 15 2006, 8:41

    it was an amazing show
    but someone stole a fucking distortion pedal off the stage..

    what a douche.
  • The Rapture

    Nov 13 2006, 5:06

    The Presets opened for The Rapture
    austin, tx at Emo's
    November 8th 2006
    it was basically a dance party.

  • 9.10

    Set 13 2005, 6:10

    last show i went to was Youth Brigade on saturday night. with openers:
    the ghouls- from Philly
    blackstar brigade
    krumbums- who are fucking amazing street punk
    and then complete control who is another amazing local band[ central texas area]

    and then youth brigade. amazing show. great pit. a fight broke out between some skins and punx. the lead of complete control had one of the guys in a headlock. it was crazyness. the music stopped. and im pretty sure they finished the fight outside. those skins were annoying as hell though. ive seen them at other when Street dogs- from boston i think..opened for some band. they were there in the pit..just going insane.

    next show coming up- The Horrorpops.
    and the the Dead Pets from the UK
    and then i think a ska show- ska is dead tour
    and then against me!
    and then the adicts