Kate Bush - Aerial


Gen 2 2006, 12:25

24 years ago, while driving with a friend on a day trip to Vermont, I was introduced to Kate Bush for the first time. The album was The Whole Story. I attempted to be kind to my friend and listen to the entire tape, but after 15 minutes, I decided that Kate Bush was not for me. And so, the tape was removed and we listened to something else for the rest of the trip. Three days latter, I called my friend up and asked her about the artist that I had banned from the tape player. She laughed at me, but knew I would come around to liking Kate Bush. Off to the store I went to get my own copy of The Whole Story - I was hooked. Within a month, I had purchased every album that Kate had released.

Yesterday, I discovered Kate's newest album, Aerial. After 13 years since her last release, her latest is greatly welcomed. One of the most breath taking listening experiences ever. Who else do you of that could write a song about Pi and get away with it? (besides They Might Be Giants)

This is a great album to start out the Year 2006 with!!


  • Vedran86

    I agree with you, Aerial is excellent album.

    Set 3 2008, 20:53
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