Music Meme: Soundtrack of My Life


Lug 11 2007, 0:40

1. Put music player on shuffle.
2. Record songs.
3. Don't cheat.

Opening credits: YeLLOW Generation - 扉の向こうへ~FULLMETAL mix~

Waking up: レミオロメン - Stand By Me (sadhads ♥♥)

Average day: NANAMUSICA - くるりくるり (haha my life is gonna be dramaz)

First date: kimura kaela - Weak

Falling in love: 宇多田ヒカル - タイム・リミット

Fight scene: m-flo - The 3rd Impact

Breaking up: 비 - Move On (omg lol)

Getting back together: 中島美嘉 - Venus in The Dark

Secret love: 浜崎あゆみ - appears (Aggressive Extended Mix)

Life's okay: Kinki Kids - ね、がんばるよ。 (XDDDDD! ♥)

Mental breakdown: 동방신기 - Eternal (erm, lol)

Driving: BoA - Song With No Name ~名前のない歌~

Learning a lesson: Yuna Ito - ENDLESS STORY

Deep thought: 浜崎あゆみ - INSPIRE (wat, no korean songs yet? :\)

Flashback: ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI - Chance Comes Knocking.

Partying: 藤木直人 - 七色 (omgg lamee D:)

Happy dance: 堂本光一 - + MILLION but - LOVE (lol whyyy XD)

Regretting: 눈의 여왕 OST - 정규의 죽음 (ooooh perfect! :DD)

Long night alone: BoA - Can't Let Go

Death scene: Fly To The Sky - 습관 (Poison Ivy)


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