So basically, I love music.


Mag 3 2007, 23:37

So basically, I saw this on some random person's Last.Fm and decided I could be creative and do it too. I have selected my top ten artists and listed:

a) The first time I heard them
b) The song that got be hooked
c) Which albums of theirs I own
d) What song of theirs I am playing nonstop now.

Enjoy, homefries.

1) The Beatles
a--God only knows.
b--Probably something catchy, like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
c--Beatles 1, The Beatles 1962-1966, The Beatles 1967-1970, The White Album, A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Let It Be, Love, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band
d--"Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds"--cliche, yet I am obsessed.

2) John Lennon
a--Once again, I'm not sure.
b--Not sure again.
c--The John Lennon Collection, Imagine, The U.S. versus John Lennon
d--John Sinclair

3) Iron And Wine
a--Such great heights
b--"Such Great Heights"
c--Our Endless Numbered Days, Creek Drank the Cradle
d--Red Dust

4) The Decemberists
a--Leslie Anne Levine
b--July, July!
c--Picaresque, Castaways and Cutouts, Her Majesty
d--16 Military Wives

5) Kanye West
a--All Falls Down
b--Jesus Walks
c--The College Dropout, Late Registration
d--The New Workout Plan

6) Regina Spektor
c--Begin to Hope, Soviet Kitch

7) Sufjan Stevens
c--Illinois, Seven Swans
d--Come On, Feel The Illinoise!

8) allison krauss
a--When you say nothing at all
b--My Ain True Love
c--Lonely Runs Both Ways
d--Looking In The Eyes Of Love

9) Billie Holiday
a--Strange Fruit
b--Strange Fruit
d--I'll Be Seeing You

10) Belle and Sebastian
a--Dear Catastrophe Waitress
b--Funny Little Frog
d--If You're Feeling Sinister

Of course, there are plenty of musicians I have not included that I hold very dearly. But this was way more time consuming than I had hoped. :D Follow my lead.


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