Recommendation #66 [Richard Dorfmeisters Private Collection G-Stone Master Series]


Mar 6 2011, 12:52

Yet another DJ compilation series? Not quite. The G-Stone Master Series features neither hot new remixes nor a compendium of club hits.

It doesn't even provide you with a DJ mix tape for your personal stereo. Instead it lets you in on some secret all-time favorite tracks of Peter Kruder, Richard Dorfmeister and the likes. Obscure pop songs, classics and experimental instrumentals you may not have heard of - it´s all there for you to explore, to find out what´s special about these tracks and why they've come to be so important for the artistic expression of the G-Stone artists themselves. This is No. 2 in the G-Stone Master Series, more to follow.

There is something magical about these tunes, they stay fresh with every listen. They often bring to my mind the smile of a child. Children have the ability to see things with a freshness, an ability that fades with age, but while it‘s there it has be one of the most powerful images in the universe. Hope you enjoy these classic bedroom tracks! (Richard Dorfmeister)

Richard Dorfmeisters Private Collection G-Stone Master Series

1. Vladimir Cosma - Promenade sentimentale (2:31)
2. Mark Almond - New York State Of Mind Return To The City (3:07)
3. Michael Franks - When The Cookie Jar Is Empty (5:03)
4. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Brazil (9:35)
5. Peter Green - Slabo Day (4:59)
6. Santana - Aquamarine (5:29)
7. Nick Drake - Three Hours (6:10)
8. Erasmo Carlos Os Supernovas - Cachaca Mechanica (3:26)
9. Michel Colombier - L`heritier (2:39)
10. Vinicius de Moraes - Berimbau (2:34)
11. Eugen Cicero - Prélude in E Minor Op 28 No 4 (7:02)
12. David Essex - Rock On (Album Version) (3:16)
13. Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma (instr.) (3:31)
14. The Singers Unlimited The Oscar Peterson Trio - The Shadow Of Your Smile (4:30)
15. Kruder & Dorfmeister - AYJAY (5:33)
16. John Lee Hooker - Harry’s Philosophy (2:44)
17. Harry Stojka - Bau No Wos Au (2:06)