Hottest 100 2010


Gen 18 2011, 11:25

In no particular order...

Lions In Cages - Wolf Gang
An infectious sing along by UK indie act who are on the verge of releasing their eagerly-awaited debut album.

Dog (feat. Lisa Mitchell) - Andy Bull
Upbeat song about depression. Sounds weird but they pull it off beautifully. At first listen thought it was entirely sung by Mitchell, then discovered the truly unique vocal talents of Andy Bull.

Rock It - Little Red
My favourite for the number one position. You won't meet anyone who doesn't like this song. Little Red are looking for a wider audience after their retro-style pop debut.

Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) - The Wombats
The indie kids are moving into the electro-pop world with an instant dance floor hit. The fact that this brings with it their long-awaited sophomore album deserves it of a spot in my top 10.

Radar Detector- Darwin Deez
The quirkiest new band of 2010 goes to Darwin Deez. These stoner hipsters had a few worthy tracks but the wackiness of the video clip for this one gets it over the line.

The High Road- Broken Bells
Everything Danger Mouse touches turns to gold. His collaboration with James Mercer (The Shins) proved a hit, as well as giving long-suffering Shins fans a nice break from their wait.

Giving up the Gun- Vampire Weekend
Hard to find a standout from Contra. Ended up going with the song that filled me with the best memories from seeing Vampire Weekend at Groove In The Moo.

Damn Defensive- The Boat People
Out of nowhere, the gem from the Queenslanders reminded me a bit of Pinback. Not sure how I missed their first two albums.

Young Blood- The Naked and Famous
Synthy anthem that looks to be launching this little known Kiwi band into the stratosphere. My girlfriend says they are going to be big. I tend to agree.

Wild At Heart- Birds of Tokyo
An old school classic Birds sing along that somewhat made it onto their latest more mature offering.

Notable mentions:

Pumped up kicks - foster to the people
Colours - Grouplove
The Suburbs, Ready to Start, Modern Man - Arcade Fire
Falling Away - Big Scary
Fool's Day - Blur
Time To Wander- Gypsy & The Cat

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