new stuff, and APAP 2009


Gen 29 2009, 1:00

- picked up new Andrew Bird... I thought it was supposed to be instrumental? First impression: better than Armchair
- picked up a real copy of new The Bird and the Bee (even though I've had a leaked copy since xmas). I still love these guys. Especially enough to pay $$.
- Just downloaded David Binney's new album, gonna digest that tonight.. it features Craig Taborn, Scott Colley, and Brian Blade... killer.
- finally have some tracks from Christian McBride's new group Inside Straight.. looking forward to this group touring!!!
- replaced my Nick Drake burns with Fruit Tree box set
- Got final copies of Brian Patneaude's new release feat. Mike Moreno. The art is hip and it sounds great too! Nothing like that new album smell, fresh from the manufacturer!
- recorded a little sax for Ashley Pond's upcoming release
- Janelle Monae rips off Sesame Street (exhibit A: - exhibit B: )
- Article comparing Barack Obama, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane imagery from one of my favorite design blogs:
- Dana Leong is an interesting artist who walked up to me at APAP
- New Watts CD and Marco Benevento CD that I'm working are excellent. Both of their shows at APAP were pretty spectacular.
- Other shows at APAP included Sarah Morrow, Christian Scott, Eliane Elias, Tim Ries, Karrin Allyson, Erin Bode, Dave Holland Octet, Aaron Parks w/Mike Moreno, a number of globalfest shows.
- I tried to post a picture to facebook from each APAP show I was at. Success was limited by a number of factors that compounded each other. For starters, the iPhone camera's poor quality; the time it takes to upload on the "Edge" network; Apple prohibiting iPhone apps from running silently in the background - with the exception of email; facebook not accepting photo uploads by email anymore; facebook making you use their app for photo uploads. Basically it isn't practical - you can't close the application before the photo is done uploading or it will cancel the upload when you put your iPhone to "sleep." Sometimes the uploads would take longer than my power settings timed out the device and put it to sleep automatically, so I would have to tap the screen every 10 seconds or so until it was done uploading. It was a buzzkill - who wants to be at a concert staring at their phone waiting for a photo to upload so they can close the application and put the phone back in their pocket. Not only was it personally distracting, but i've found it distracting when I've been at shows and there's THAT GUY in front of me who won't get off his phone.


  • rockxcasbah

    FYI, the second disc of the special edition Andrew Bird album is the instrumental album you are referring to. The first disc (and only disc of the regular edition) is with vocals.

    Feb 17 2009, 4:00
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