Book of Dreams


Set 26 2007, 1:59

The title of this mix, Book of Dreams, is taken from a book by Jack Kerouac. I tried to make this mix dream-like, having pieces of music float from one into another and fade out then back in again later as often happens with dreams. The music overall is very quiet with both ambient and acoustic elements present with a heavy reliance on strings (violin, cello). There is multi-level mixing and several field recordings, both Quiet American and a couple of my own, that whisper and play in the background like voices and distant sounds in dreams. The jpeg “score” for this mix is included in the Cover Art and Score Zip file in the post above.


1. Peter Gabriel - The Nest That Sailed the Sky
2. Talkdemonic - Verite
3. RF - Ladder in Place
4. Roger Eno & Plumbline - With Insight
5. Voices of Alex
6. Eluvium - All The Sails
7. Stars of the Lid - The Artificial Pine Arch Song
8. Biosphere - Dissolving Clouds
9. nrvnet Field Recording
10. Various Quiet American Field Recordings
11. Underworld - Please Help Me
12. Solyaris - IPromisethatOneDayEverything
13. Vir Unis & Chris Short - Monastery of The South
14. Sylvain Chauveau - Ocre
15. Cepia - Malcesine
16. Alio Die - Suspended Feathers
17. 12 Monkeys OST - Dreamers Awake
18. Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso -Prison Song
19. Sylvain Chauveau - Le brasier de tristesse
20. Slowbow - Elegy
21. Mountains - Hundred Acre
22. Sydney M - Chords Echo 2
23. Mountains - Paper Windmill
24. Vidna Obmana - Float through Nights
25. FRANCESCO PALADINO & OPIUM - Me, the Sky Sleeping
26. Alio Die - Ruins Garden Drones
27. A Produce - The Far Shore
28. Clickits - Nibblah
29. RF - On the Bus That I Had Chosen
30. David Byrne - Canal Life
31. Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd - Neil's Theme2
32. Lisa Gerrard - Empty Water
33. Peter Gabriel - The Nest That Sailed the Sky

Downloads (right click, save link as):

MP3 [67:38m] (95 mb)

Cover Art & Score (zip)


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