• High on Fire + Orange Sunshine at the Morlock Gallery, The Hague, June 7th 2008

    Giu 11 2008, 9:23

    Sat 7 Jun – High on Fire, Orange Sunshine

    It was only a couple of days ago I found out High on Fire were playing a place in The Hague I had never heard off before. Immediately I had to think of a connection to Orange Sunshine, and my instinct turned out to be right - which is also good for a change. It started late. Orange Sunshine didn't go on until 22.45 or something but we knew that so we hadn't been waiting that long really. The few beers had been consumed when Orange Sunshine went on. There wasn't a stage to speak of, but they took place, at the head of the room, in front of the speakers, and started to test the backline. Orange Sunshine has been Holland's finest power trio in the classic sense for years, and they're getting better every show it seems. Drummer Guy Tavarez also handles vocal duties and he does that in an excellent, raw authentic way in the line of many great blues screamers before him. The bluesy bass lines work hyponotic and the guitar has this classic Randy Holden tone. They perform original work as well as a handful of covers. Yesterday they did Rock Me Baby at least and also Gimme Shelter, as well as some more classics. Now that I think of it, they could have played Hey Mama from Bo Diddley - would have fit. The sound was perfect, the place was packed, hot, sweaty and steamy and the beer tempo went up steep. Around midnight High on Fire hit the stage and started with their epic and hynnotic opening tune of which I can't recall the name right now. Just the fact that High on Fire were playing this fine punk rock squat and people were almost bumping into Pike felt great - it's how it's supposed to go. Needless to say Pike was grinning from ear to ear, slamming out the thunder of his nine stringer. They played for an hour and half or so, and played their best songs off every album. From the top of my head Baghdad, 10.000 Years, Blood From Zion, BBW, Devilution, Eyes and Teeth, Hung, Drawn and Quartere and a handful of songs from Death Is This Communion were all present.

    It was a fine night with good beer and great people. I found out it was actually Guy's place where they played. It has a few halls where bands can play, a bar, a garden, just really nice. I think he has a studio in there, so overall a great place with a nice atmosphere and friendly people. It was also good to see High on Fire playing there on which was actually their day off, and it clearly showed they were very much into this which is good. I really like the band but I wasn't so enthustiastic about their latest album. Personally I prefer the first two albums over the other two, that style just fits me better, and I like George Rice's playing (I believe that's what their first bassist was named).

    Also I'd like to give a little bit more attention to Orange Sunshine. They're one of Roadburn's house bands and have shared stages with a shit load of great bands over the years, most recently with Church of Misery and also with Earthless on their latest U.S. tour I believe, during which they also played SXSW. Back in the nineties Guy opened for the Melvins once with his band Sunwheel and got Buzzo's approcal afterwards, he told me some years ago. He was also one of the first guys who got those AmRep bands to play in Holland, was one of the key figures who started the whole acid techno scene in The Hague in the nineties, and has one of the finest Sunn amp collections you'll ever see! So in short, a true cult band and worth to check out, although there albums are nothing like their obsessed and insane live shows! Check them at http://www.myspace.com/orangesunshinerocks.

  • New Melvins album, European tour in the Fall

    Feb 13 2008, 11:38

    Awesomely awesome news straight from the Big Bizzo MySpace. The upcoming Melvins album has a title and there's a European tour planned for the fall. We're getting spoiled.

    I know it's late, but it's high time we get everyone on the same page for the upcoming year in Big Business.

    Right now I am sitting in a recording studio in Hollywood as Jared is doubling his bass parts on a new Melvins record. Check out the photos in our photos. It has a name, and we'll be spilling the beans on that one shortly. Everything seems to be going as planned, so expect some freaky deep cuts on this one. Toshi Kasai is at the control thing, doing stuff you and I probably will never understand. Dale is starting a fire outside, signaling the first bbq of the year is about to be underway. Once this is wrapped up, The Biz will be finishing up our latest batch of songs and hopefully recording this spring. Our touring schedule for the year is still being figured out, but we know this: the Melvins and Big Business are touring Europe in the fall. We'll post more info as it comes in. We have high hopes that some special plans we've been planning for years will come to fruition in 2008. Come fly with us.

    We love you so much right now.

    Check out Toshi's weblog at http://toshimanaki.blogspot.com/ for photos and updates, in Japanese only. For the record, Toshi is the guy the Melvins are recording the album with.
  • The Melvins at Film Festival Rotterdam

    Nov 7 2007, 15:55

    See below. For the non-English speaking, and retarded, the Melvins will be performing the soundtrack they composed for Cameron Jamie movies.


    De Amerikaanse band The Melvins zal op het Internationale Filmfestival Rotterdam een optreden geven. De groep werd opgericht in het begin van de jaren 80 in Aberdeen. Inderdaad ook de thuisbasis voor Nirvana. Tevens waren The Melvins ook van grote invloed op die band.

    De band speelt op het Filmfestival de door hen gecomponeerde soundtrack bij drie films van de Amerikaanse regisseur en kunstenaar Cameron Jamie.
    De band speelde in april dit jaar nog in de popzalen Vera , Patronaat en AB (Brussel). Daarnaast was het gezelschap te gast op het Roadburn Festival in Tilburg en het Domino-festival te Brussel.

    Hun laatste album (A)Senile Animal komt uit 2006. In de twee jaar daarvoor werkte zij samen met Dead Kennedies-zanger Jello Biafra aan de albums genaamd Never Breath What You Can’t See en Sieg Howdy!.

    Wanneer The Melvins precies op het filmfestival spelen is nog niet bekend.
  • ZXZW festival, 22 & 23 September @ Tilburg, The Netherlands

    Set 25 2007, 7:22

    Last weekend my gf and I were in Tilburg once again; the Dutch city that also the Roadburn festival. This time it was time for another indoor festival, namely ZXZW (Zuid Bij Zuidwest, indeed, Dutch for SXSW). This 3rd edition was once again very successful. It's quite amazing how a festival that focuses on independent art in the broadest meaning of the term (music, dance, film, art), is able to get such a high quality & quantity (120 acts!) line up, and still manages not to raise the already ridiculously low ticket prices: 10 euro! Bands were performing all over the city: venues, bars, theaters, squats and even outside, or in the case of some bands, just anywhere they could set up.

    We got there on Saturday and caught Grey Daturas first. Improv, noise and drones are the keywords here. Apparently they performed without their bassist for this gig, and instead the Belgian one man project Fear Falls Burning took his place. All sets at ZXZW lasted for about half an hour and this one was no exception. I was happy to see them as I contacted their booking agent some time ago and informed them about this festival, as well as some other places they could play in Holland. Unfortunately they didn't have their master piece Dead In The Woods with them, but it will be reissued on Throne Records in about month.

    After the show we went to see Crippled Black Phoenix, a project started by Justin Greaves (Iron Monkey, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Electric Wizard). In this band he plays guitar instead of drums. I had high expectations of this and although I think this band has a lot of potential, it didn't really meet my expectations. Union Town, a Dutch punk rock band, was up next. I only caught the last two songs, but one was a Rites of Spring cover, so I was pleased anyway! The Despised, a punk band from Atlanta who I had seen and meet the night before in an Amsterdam squat, was next, but I couldn't be bothered waiting for that. I wished them good luck anyway and my gf + I took a cab back as we were both still recovering from the hangover caused by a good old punk show from the night before.

    The next day, Sunday, brought a broad scala of interesting bands I had never heard before, but seemed all worth it. The day started with Beehoover from Germany but they were a bit too boring for my tastes. Next was Planet AIDS, a Dutch doom outfit who were supposed to play ultra slow doom in the vein of Khanate, but damn were they lame. Sure, the down tuned guitars were there, the smoke, the vibrations, but it wasn't the real deal by far, and totally 'impassionate' to me. When I figured I would have clicked this band away already if this would've been MySpace, I decided to leave the room, before it got too embarrassing. We went outside for a short walk and bumped into an 'acoustic' noise performance by 'Kapotte Muziek' (Broken Music) in a street surrounded by cafe's on both sides. The noises were created by wood on wood, metal on metal, plastic, stones, as if the performers were exploring each sound of the object. It fascinated me right away, as well as the priceless responses from the passengers.

    Then we witnessed a performance of Blowfly on the main square of Tilburg. Wikipedia writes this about him: "Reid started off writing songs for artists including Betty Wright, Sam & Dave, Gwen McRae and KC & the Sunshine Band. He also recorded a few hits of his own in the 60's including "Nobody But You Babe" under his real name and a Blowfly song called "Rap Dirty" in 1965. Many hip hop fans consider "Rap Dirty" as the first rap song because in he talks in rhyme and it has rap (slang for talk) in the title." Funny enough, his latest album 'Blowfly's Punk Rock Party' was released on Jello's Alternative Tentacles, from which he played 'Should I Lay This Big Fat Ho' and 'R. Kelly in Cambodia'. Lots of fun! But I really wanted to see the Lewd , apparently a legendary Dutch noiserock outfit who even released a split with zeni Geva back in the days, so definitely a must see for me, and hey proved me so right! This was a one-show reunion only, and their first performance in a decade, but you wouldn't tell! They had the pounding drums like Swans/Godflesh, a nasty sloppy bass sound, evil and gnarly guitar noises and vocals that reminded me as well as our beloved Buzzo and Lee Dorrian (In Teeth of Lions mostly) at the same time. This band had a very high Eggnog quality, which should make it clear why I loved every minute as this. http://www.myspace.com/llewd CLICK!


    Pooh, after this we headed to a small bar to see the Get Hustle, I only witnessed the last fifteen minutes or so of their set, but goddamn, they made a good impact! No guitars here, just an old piano with lots of effect pedals attached, that could make it sound both like a beautiful piano, as well as an ultra heavy distorted bass guitar. The drummer sounded primitive but had a good feeling for odd timing and totally knew how to torture his kit. The front woman was pretty amazing though, but my better half thought she was horrible! Good singer, good dancer, ugly tattoos, rock! Oh yeah! Before The Get Hustle we caught a short performance by a US outfit called the Temple of Bon Matin. Quotation from the ZXZW website: 'The music primal and grating, feedback soaked loops of pure sonic comfort. The best description "Merzbow meets L.A. Guns" or "America's High Rise".' But then 'unplugged' and outside in the streets!

    Ok, Shit and Sine next. Two drummers on stage, two guys making noise, and nine drummers lined up in front of the stage playing along with the beat, asinpsired by bands like Butthole Surfers and Boredoms and what else. The rule was to play one straight beat, no fills, no extra's. And so they did. Very special experience. The two bass guitars sounded brutally good, heavy and repetitive, the riff they played reminded me a lot of Mainliner's Mellow Out record, which means it was brutally loud and awesome! I wanted to watch the whole set, or jam, so I missed a good part of Träd, Gräs och Stenar, which apparently is Swedish for 'Trees, Grass and Stones'! Oh yeah, in between we caught a bit of one of the many Monotonix performances of that day. Anyway, Trees, Stones & Grass. I knew they had at least one member of Pärson Sound in the band, who are a totally obscure and awesome 60's/70's Swedish band who are of course the one and only true pioneers in minimalistic, droney and freaky folk music! It was so good, and they were so old but sounded so fresh! Really amazing! Some of the songs they played were written 150 years ago, according to their oldest member (the guy on the right in the picture)! And next time I'm certainly not gonna miss Heavy Metal Bowling!

    Träd, Gräs och Stenar

    Some bands I didn't see: Psychic TV, The Haters, John Wiese, The Locust, Knut, Monno and Todd. But no regrets!

    Awesome festival! Yesterday was maybe one of my favorite festival days ever!

    OK! The End!
  • Liars. Live at Desmet Studios. Amsterdam. Yesterday. This year. This life.

    Ago 16 2007, 14:07

    Wed 15 Aug – Liars

    Went to see the Liars yesterday. They played a show in Amsterdam at a small studio for VPRO; a Dutch broadcasting company. The show was for free, all you had to do was put yourself on a guest list before it was full, I think there was room for about hundred people. A recording of this will most likely be available on the VPRO website soon, in either audio or video.

    Ok, me and the Liars. We go along quite well, and the more time we spend together, the better we get to know, understand and appreciate each other. The Liars are the sort of fellows that actually might end up as my friends. Maybe even close friends. How close, I'm not sure yet. I had hung out with them before, but it was rather small talk and we both felt a small distance in between us. Still, it was all natural, and there wasn't anything either that made me dislike the guys, so we just kept being friendly with each other.

    So yesterday I saw them playing live for the first time. In the beginning, the singer was flirting a bit with his shtick, but fortunately for the both of us, he dropped that gimmick after the first few songs. The band was with four members, and not three, as I had thought. The Liars aren't virtuoso's in any way. Or they simply refuse to show. They're more interested in sound textures and choosing the right combination of noise and drums. Yes, drums. The drums play an important role in their music. One of their albums was even dedicated to it, 'Dream's Not Dead', really! Maybe they should team up with Yamantaka Eye sometime and play drums, that'd be cool.
    After a while I got really moved by their music. And it was inspiring! I can do this! It's not so much about technique and the capacity of playing, but more about the right mind set and spirituality between members. Music like this requires practice and dedication, and not necessarily a guitar teacher who tells you how to play a C Major chord (boring!).

    After the encore I drank the rest of the singer's beer. It was good beer, Grolsch, and I figured he left it for me. I didn't smoke the rest of his cigarette, which he had also left for me, as I don't like Camel so much as I like Grolsch beer. The variaties of beer at the bar was even more spectacular. I drank La Chouffe all night long which is the main reason I feel slightly hungover today.

    The Liars and I have become quite good friends since yesterday, and I feel I understand them better now. They're good people. Check them out once if you can. They're an obvious obstinate and experimental band. All of their albums are very different from each other, they like to experiment and are not afraid to change their sound, or move from New York to Berlin.

  • Generic

    Lug 27 2007, 21:56

    I'll be playing Flipper covers Saturday August 4 in Leiden, Holland. I play bass for a short while now and this is the gonna be the first time I perform to an audience. But it's Flipper so it's going to be alright. I love the fact I don't even have to stay sober. Songs we're gonna be playing are Way Of The World, Ever, Sacrifice, Love Canal, Ha Ha Ha, Sex Bomb, and maybe Life.
  • Roadburn 2007 webcasts

    Apr 28 2007, 15:22

  • Go vote, stop the pollution at Last.fm! + Mary Bell

    Apr 27 2007, 9:08

    We're trying to put up the right picture, but apparently Last.fm will display the latest proposed image if there haven't been received enough YES votes yet for a picture of the specific band.

    The band in this matter is Mary Bell, a sludge band from the Netherlands and have an album out on Trabuc Records. Check 'em out on MySpace right here: http://myspace.com/sludgebastards

    Voting takes place here:

    This would be the picture you vote YES for, not the other one. Thanks in advance.
  • Big Business are located in LA now.

    Feb 21 2007, 17:06

    Big Business are located in LA now. Hot.
  • Melvins in Wire Magazine, December 2006

    Dic 31 2006, 13:49

    Yep; Melvins; Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and currently Jared Warren, Coady Willis of Big Business.

    And I was so kind to scan it all for you! Check it out at Flickr!