sampled by RJD2


Mar 10 2007, 14:54

music sampled by RJD2

Something You Got (Work)

The Gentle Rain (Rain)


Third Child (Two More Dead)

When You Come To The End Of Your Road (Final Frontier [Remix])

Dat Dere (Rain)

Brian Auger & The Trinity feat. Tiger(Let The Good Times Roll Pt. 1)

Brian Eno - 2-1 (June[Remix])

Nigel Blows A Tune (5 Left in the Clip [Rjd2 Remix])

Waterfall(Smoke & Mirrors)

Silent Running (Here's What's Left)

I Didn't Understand (Ghostwriter)

Hey, Hey (The Horror)

Alone Again (Naturally)
Alone Again (Naturally)
(Soul Position)

Black Frost (Work)

21st Century Schizoid Man (Kill 'em All [Remix])

I Still See You (Theme From The Go-Between) (Shot In The Dark)

Universal Mind (F.H.H.)

Lonely at the Top (Sell The World)


Hippo Stomp (the f word [Rjd2 Mix])

Jupiter Child (Smoke & Mirrors)

Concrete Reservation (Two More Dead)

Memories Are Here to Stay (Here's What's Left)

Follow Your Heart(Silver Fox)

I Wish That I Could Talk To You (June [Remix])

A Woman Needs to Be Loved (Find You Out)


William Tell - Overture (Ghostwriter)

Roundabout(Final Frontier)

The Crates

1. Gershon Kingley - 'Hey, Hey' (Used For The Horror)

2. Sly Johnson - 'Concrete Reservation' (Used For 2 More Dead)

3. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - 'Dat Dere' (Used For Rain)

4. David Matthews - 'Silent Running' (Used For Here's What's Left)

5. Astrud Gilberto - 'The Gentle Rain' (Used For Rain)

6. Marion Black - 'Who Knows' (Used For Smoke & Mirrors)

7. O.V. Wright - 'We're Still Together' (Used For Priceless)

8. Evelyn 'Champagne' King - The Show Is Over' (Used For Final Frontier)

9. The Sylvers - 'I'll Never Be Ashamed' (Used For Cut Out To FL)

10. Gerome Ragni, James Rado, Galt Macdermot - 'One Thousand Year-Old Man' (Used For Uprock)

11. Betty Wright - 'Secretary' (Used For Ghostwriter)

12. Brian Auger - 'Tiger' (Used For Let The Good Times Roll)

13. Tyrone Davis - 'A Woman Needs To Be Loved' (Used For Find You Out)

14. Michael Legrand - 'I Still See You' (Used For Shot In The Dark)

15. The Intruders - 'Memories Are Here To Stay' (Used For Here's What's Left)

16. Billy Eckstine - 'Third Child' (Used For Two More Dead)

17. Mongo Santamaria - 'Cold Sweat' (Used For The Chicken Bone Circuit)

18. Pure Essence - 'Third Rock' (Used For Clean Living)

19. The Manhattans - 'Follow Your Heart' (Used For Silver Fox)

20. Astrud Gilberto - 'Manhya De Carnaval' (Used For Ring Finger)


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