• Health and Progress

    Mag 24 2009, 3:27

    It's amazing what ending something can do. I mean how debilitating smoking was to my lungs and energy and caffeine to my thinking and energy. I feel kind of shitty in my lungs and still groggy but I feel blood coming back to my body and a little more motivated to get some more things done. I had to sleep 12 hours, though, and have been squeezing naps here and there the last couple of days but I think it's necessary. I will be doing a Gilad workout on FitTV soon so that will keep the motivation and energy levels ultra good. I already took a shower today so I will have to take another one tonight. I don't like taking more than one shower a day due to natural body oils but that's gotta happen today.

    I will be making some Chicken Fried rice tonight afterwards. It isn't exactly homemade since I have a mix but I do have eggs, chicken and green onion that I will add. And I have to steam the rice. Anyway, I know I could make a homemade version if I wanted to but I choose not to.

    Listening to Pere Ubu. He sounds like Lizzy Mercier and Pil but maybe a little more raw. My station is a work of art as you all think the same of yours. It is so nice to hear a station and actually enjoy every song that is coming out. Goddamn amazing. We are finally in the future and lucky to live in such a time.

    Anyway, trying to keep my journal as updated as possible and keeping my ability to write on good terms. Maybe I'll be able to write a book in the future. hahaha I haven't decided if I will get too personal on this but we will see.
  • Keep up the good Write

    Mag 23 2009, 8:21

    Hopefully I'm getting over certain things being hard work (like writing a blog) and will be able to do these things more regularly. In the process become more expressive. It is kind of like being in school in that while I was in school it made me more of a learner and doer (as redundant as that sounds). I mean that I could do more outside of school life, too, so hopefully I will do more in my outside, too. That is my major insecurity is that I don't do enough. I'm sure that is a big factor in a lot of people's lives but for me it seems to have been on autopilot that way of thinking and I want to shake it off. Little by little.

    Writing means different things to people and I like to express my opinion with some of my writing but I am never a hateful person so it is really difficult for me to write about something in the negative unless an action or what they say provokes that. When it comes to music, I'm much more open to sounds and even the overly commercial. I used to give my sister a hard time for loving Jewel so damn much but I guess girls like her need someone like jewel to give them some comfort. So in that way, I am less a jerk about that kind of taste. I'm trying to understand my brother, too, but I think his music is mostly influenced by the music he listens to while stoned. That is unfortunate but I must admit that I got into some music the same way (Pink Floyd). I will never give into the indulgence that is Phish, though, and he is a huge fan. Not that they are bad but i can't get into that flow.

    As I said earlier, I have been sick but I am feeling a little better. I need to learn to limit myself on the computer, though, and I hope I can break the bad habit of doing searches and getting tons more of information about everything. Internet really fulfills the ADD I have in finding new and cool things but it is bad at limiting the other things I could be doing that would be more productive, like exercise. In time...At least I'm becoming more aware of it.
  • Pain Glorious Pain

    Mag 22 2009, 22:12

    I've been sick as a dog since last night. I quit smoking and drinking caffeinated products a couple of days ago and my body is returning the favor. My chest is tight and my head has began its withdrawal pound. That is why to me that caffeine is a horrible drug. Being legal justifies it in some weird way but it really puts me in a deal of pain mentally and now the withdrawals are a sign of what it has been doing. I know I'm in the minority but it really inhabits my getting things done by making me do just stupid shit for longer periods of time without any thought to do something else. Not always, but mostly.

    Anyway, I know I will overcome this eventually, just a few more days and some time to clear my lungs of the shit.

    So I'm listening to Puffy and have been a fan since 2004. That's all good but their last two albums have sounded like Avril Lavigne on most of their songs and that is shit. There is some of the cool production and melody changes that are found in the pre-Splurge era but I think they're trying to keep their market limited to little girls that watch their cartoon on Cartoon Network, which is unfortunate. I hope they make a drastic change on their next one.

    I will keep this short so I can get some more stuff done in my life.
  • Tired and Busy

    Mag 16 2009, 21:07

    Another short night. Up until 3:30 am at my friend's Richard's house. Playing video games....AGAIN!! Then waking up at 930 which is kind of a drag. His mom was in town and I hadn't seen her in about 3 years so that was nice to catch up.

    Getting a bonus of two new housemates today. Both with dogs. I hope it works out. One is my brother and I hope he has his shit together. I think he will if I keep on him. He doesn't like to be tested very much, though, so that might be a problem. At least I'll get some income from the rentals.

    I can't believe I hadn't added the Polysics already. Frantic, Japanese, Devo-like electronics. Very cool. Sometimes they can be tedious but also are good at being original and having some great melodies and sounds.

    The weather is nice but I don't feel like going outside due to my sleepiness. I'll just listen to the radio and watch youtube. I need to watch the latest Real Time with Bill Maher. I'll probably play some Perfect World, too, which may or may not be a good idea. I do seriously need the rest and return to a normal schedule but we shall see.

    I've looked into other internet radio sites and I think the only competition that Last.fm. would have is BlueBeat only because of BlueBeat's massive library and the ability to add both albums AND playlists into the mix. Unfortunately, I think there is a malware contained within Bluebeat's software and I think the interface and ease of use isn't as great as Last.fm. I should be an expert since I was a member of Yahoo!'s Launchcast since 2003. They were great when I first got into internet radio but I found that they had a limit of artists and albums. Not nearly as extensive and broadranged as Last.fm.

    Anyways, that is my day in a nutshell. I will keep it easy and hopefully nothing too crazy comes out of having 2 dogs in the house.
  • My Myspace

    Mag 14 2009, 16:04

    I think this is a more likeable format for me to write rather than Myspace. I do Twitter because it's easy but since this is playing my favorite songs all the damn time, I feel a better affinity for this site.

    The Noodlesnake page is becoming more eclectic thanks to the recommendation page. I just found out you can cancel the repeated recommendations which is a relief and makes it able to show me more music. I tell you that it is ultra-varied.

    I'm wondering if I should use this blog to blog about everything or just music. I guess I will let my fingers decide that one. Usually I don't have the attention span to continually blog about stuff as seen on my Myspace which has about 2 blogs a year. Twitter, on the other hand, just let's me blurt out small doses of stuff at a time.

    I should mention that I'm not a terrible writer. I was good at getting 10 page reports done in a couple of days and getting A's but either I need a lot of pressure to get something done or I need to be on the other extreme and feel at total ease to write. When I think that it is a 'have to do' kind of thing, my imagination won't have the freedom to pour out. My mind will be overrun with the 'have to do' aspect. That sucks but my brain has been trained like that. Hopefully it will break.

    As for my current listening trends, I have been delving more and more into Arabic pop which has that different than western melodic system that I'm finding appealing. Electro Japanese is always appealing and I think I'm delving into psychedelic, German pre-krautrock stuff. I am surprised at how little I have in Latin music but hopefully that will change.

    I really like the ability to add Comedy to my radio since it enhances the listening experience by adding laughter to my day. Right now Harland Williams is on with his off-beat humor, which cracks me up. I've been getting into Norm MacDonald and watching his various appearances on talk shows where he is about the perfect guest.

    With that, I will close this current blog. That was an easy blog and hope to write with such laxness in the future. Peace.