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Brian Pyle, better known as Ensemble Economique, is one busy guy. His new album Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight just came out on Dekorder, he has a wonderful new video for ‘Everything I Have, I Give To You’ (watch it here), plus there are already some new songs up on his Soundcloud. Last but not least – he made a beautiful mix for us.
Instead of trying to demonstrate how eclectic his musical tastes are, Pyle gives us a pretty balanced mix entirely made up of contemporary music, with the exception of Cocteau Twins. But you can’t make such a dreamy mix without Cocteau Twins, now can you? With some Swedish pop and some recent favorites such as Maria Minerva and Clams Casino thrown in for good measure, this makes for a perfect mix for the winter holiday season. Also, I thought I was crazy when I heard James from Twin Peaks singing that song of his, but it turns out it was sampled in the Foxes in Fiction remix of Raw Moans’ song. Hah! Mix economique:

NC GUEST MIX#43: Ensemble Economique

01. CeoCome With Me
02. Air FranceHold on to Me
03. jj5 minuter
04. Police Academy 6The Chills (feat. Raw Moans)
05. KrushtBack to the Forest
06. Clams CasinoI’m God
07. Dream Boatimissu
08. PhantogramMouthful of Diamonds
09. Blood DiamondsGrins
10. Real MagicNo Things Left
11. Cocteau TwinsCrushed
12. CultsYou Know What I Mean
13. Raw MoansAqua Net (Foxes in Fiction Remix)
14. Maria MinervaRuff Trade
15. CeoLove And Do What You Will

NC GUEST MIX#43: ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Ensemble Economique Tumblr.
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